Tuesday, October 22, 2013

YouTube Channel Profile Series: mlibz, Candianchic29, and Tyler Gibson's Channels

For the first time in 8 months, we're looking at 3 separate YouTube channels in this month's YouTube Channel Profile installment! As the first channel we selected only had 3 similar videos, and the second had one total, it led to this situation, but there's some solid stuff within, so no worries! As usual, this monthly feature post looks at 1-3 YouTube channels (all randomly selected) to profile their content, information, and reasons to subscribe, and this month's profiles cover a lot of bases, so read on below for each of these 3 mini-profiles!
mlibz's Channel (http://www.youtube.com/mlibz)

Owner: Toast/Galactic Alignment guitarist Mike Libertoski, who's also known from past work in bands like Swayze Train and The Slackjawed Rats, among other projects

Channel Timeline: Launched on June 20th, 2011; Videos uploaded on January 18th, 2012

Channel Summary: The most recent active YouTube channel from this very talented Sault Michigan metal guitarist, this follows an earlier channel that featured a mix of audio & video recordings from the late 2000s. The new account was 100% focused on live performance videos of him playing along with progressive metal songs circa January 2012, including The Faceless' "Legions of the Serpent", a portion of Beneath the Massacre's "Lithium Overdose", and his most popular cover, Animals As Leaders' "The Price of Everything & The Value of Nothing", which is embedded below. I've always found Mike Libertoski to be one of the more talented local metal guitarists of recent memory, and these covers (despite some rough patches) show his skill at progressive metal & more complicated structures! If you like Mike's videos on this channel, check out his Galactic Alignment work, but note that this channel hasn't been actively used since the featured videos were uploaded.

Canadianchic29's Channel (http://www.youtube.com/canadianchic29)

Owner: YouTube user Canadianchic29 (real name unknown, but she may have been 29 at the time of the channel's creation)

Channel Timeline: Launched on December 3rd, 2006; Only video posted on December 18th, 2009

Channel Summary: Though Canadianchic29 launched this channel almost 7 years ago, she only uploaded one video there, that being of Sault Ontario metal cover trio Caveman Morrison covering Metallica's "Seek & Destroy" at The Rockstar Bar in December 2009. Featuring the band's 2009-2010 lineup (including singer/guitarist Tym Morrison, then-bassist Rick "Styles" White, and his former Frightlight bandmate Jeff "Shrek Ogre" Richards on drums), this is a well played cover with a solid heavy bite & nice melodic chorus vocals, but the video is tilted sideways on three separate occasions, including for most of the video's first minute, and I'm not sure why. That aside, this is a nice quality video from early in Caveman Morrison's local resurgence, and the deep red lighting & Christmas tree help give this a nice Christmas ambiance if you come across it during the holiday season! (Note again though that Canadianchic29 hasn't visibly used this channel since at least 2010.)

Tyler Gibson (http://www.youtube.com/tyler44gibson)

Owner: Former T.E.N. guitarist/programmer Tyler Gibson

Channel Timeline: Launched on March 17th, 2010; Videos uploaded between May 2011 & May 2013

Channel Summary: Effectively the official YouTube channel for the defunct 2011 comedy metal band T.E.N., Tyler Gibson (who may be a relative of Crucify the Whore's Ringsnaps Gibson) posted three demo original tracks there, two during their run, and one (a solo guitar track named "It's Your Mother, But Better") coming posthumously in May of this year. The included songs (including an unfinished intro named "Yeah") don't retain much of the earlier comedy influences, with only the most popular video "My Movie" (which is embedded below) featuring vocals from singer Eric Welker, but parts of these songs were likely on some demo discs distributed in 2011. There is something to these demos, particularly in terms of Tyler's guitar work, but the unfinished nature of them leaves a lot of questions as to what could have been. Hopefully Tyler revisits his music in the future, and he does still use his YouTube channel, so subscribe just in case!

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! Next month in this series, we'll return to a single channel model, as through completely random selection, I've chosen former Sue Inside frontman Shane Lipsit-Fraser's YouTube channel for our November 2013 profile! Though all of his videos are from after the band's relocation to Southern Ontario, there's some solid performances within, so watch out for this profile on or around November 22nd, and stay tuned for a packed new news post later today! Thanks everyone!

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