Friday, October 10, 2014

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: NoXcape

In what might be our last post before The Ripcordz rock The Algonquin TOMORROW NIGHT, we have this month's Defunct Local Band Profile for you guys! In what's becoming too much of a trend recently, I misjudged the amount of extant information for the first band of what we were projecting to be a double band installment (mainly because I admittedly forgot about their earlier run & media under a different name), so to make up for that, this month's planned second band (Starlit Sins) will lead off a double profile next month. We'll address that in a bit, but now, here's this month's profile on an inactive metal, hard rock, or punk band from the area, in this case, a short lived modern rock outfit from the E.U.P. featuring some familiar faces!

Genre: Modern Rock

Hometown: Pickford, Michigan

Donny Newell (Exiled, Absolute), vocals/guitar
Ben Huyck (Absolute, Riot! By Night), guitar
Joey Beairl (Shift, Krosswalk, Kickback), guitar
Bill Spence (Absolute, Riot! By Night), bass
Justin Lawless (Exiled, Absolute), drums
Nick Landreville, vocals
Audio/Video: Though there are technically no NoXcape videos or audio recordings online in a public form, Nick & Ben (under the band's first name MK-Ultra) recorded six studio originals that were posted onto their Reverbnation page in early 2011, which pointed to a nu-metal sound (including some rapped vocals) that likely didn't carry over in full after then-singer Nick Landreville left the band. The songs include "Randy Pausch", "Limboc Resonance", "Tribute", "The Other Side", "Memories", and (as embedded below via a new YouTube upload), "Victim of the Game", so give it a listen below, and hear more at the MK-Ultra Reverbnation page!

Info/Analysis: Formed under the name MK-Ultra circa January 2011, this band soon got to work recording studio material and building a full lineup, who eventually debuted at Dan's Place in Rudyard that August under a new name, NoXcape. Shortly afterwards, singer Nick Landreville left the band and was replaced by Donny Newell, essentially reforming the prior local band Absolute, albeit alongside Shift's Joey Beairl on second guitar. NoXcape played a few extra gigs through the fall at The Satisfied Frog in Sault Michigan, but aside from a cryptic post saying "Ready?" in February 2012, no formal updates followed. NoXcape are believed to have quietly disbanded shortly thereafter, though you can now see Donny & Justin in the active regional hard rock band Exiled. I'm not sure what happened to NoXcape, but given the guys' chemistry and prominence with Absolute, I have to imagine the newer band brought more of the same! Their MK-Ultra sound was admittedly dated given it's rap and funk-metal leanings, but they had good energy on them and played the part well, and hopefully everyone stays active in music!
I hope you guys liked this month's Defunct Local Band Profile! As previously indicated above, November's installment of this series will be a double installment with the short lived Sault Ontario punk band Starlit Sins leading off, but I have an announcement to make regarding our band selections. Due to our addition of punk bands to our band links this summer (of which only one was based in Michigan), our band totals are noticeably larger on the Ontario side of the border, so after 50 bands randomly picked in a 1-1-1-1-1 format for every 5, we'll be returning next month to our original 2-1-3-1-2-1 format for every 10, in order to spread out profiles more evenly. This will drop Sault Michigan bands' frequency in the series from 40% back to 30%, but this way, we won't risk exhausting E.U.P. metal/hard rock bands too quickly, so they'll continue to be a solid presence in the months to come, likely next in December or January!

As for next month's second band, which will begin our first new 2-1-3-1-2-1 cycle, we hope to look at Sault Ontario alternative/punk trio Glunk! (another one of our recent punk band additions), who don't appear to have much surviving info, but I've been wrong on that before. In any event, look for our next defunct profiles (including Starlit Sins) on or around November 10th, and we'll see you guys at The Algonquin Pub TOMORROW NIGHT for The Ripcordz as we celebrate The Rad Zone's 30th birthday! Thanks everyone!

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