Monday, April 1, 2019

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

Happy April Fools Day, everyone! No pranks today, just a post full of new local videos from Sault Ontario-era metal acts, so let's begin with some new live concert footage, starting with local power rock quintet Re:Born's headlining show at Soo Blaster this past weekend! While some photos are floating around on personal Facebook accounts, the guys only shared this video to their Facebook page on Saturday, where you can see the band (minus Frank) covering Guns N' Roses' "My Michelle" to end their set. Along with the music, this gives us a chance to see the band setup for concerts at Soo Blaster, including that the sports bar & nightclub's concert area is named the Soo Lounge. Not a terribly original name, but it gets the point across! Lots of freedom to get on the floor too, as new singer Elly McWatters and bassist Fred Dunn took full advantage of. The stationary camera captures the stage and band well across the board, but how do Re:Born themselves sound here?

While two guitarists would help, the song comes through nicely, and Elly's voice more than holds up on this early GNR classic! Her stage presence has definitely softened compared to Re:Born's jam videos with her, and hopefully there's more to come from this show and beyond! I just wish more than 2 people are on the floor within view of the camera. Give it a look below, and stay tuned for more from Re:Born!

Next up, here's a new video of a band joining Re:Born at the Atomic MusicFest in Elliot Lake this summer, namely local Tool tribute band Parabol, who shared this video of them covering "H." at The Rockstar Bar on March 23rd onto their Facebook page the following day! The visual quality itself is good, and the cover seems faithful, but the audio is somewhat muddled, and the video was unfortunately uploaded sideways, so you may have to turn your head or lock your device rotation for best results. Check it out below!

We'll close today with the lastest from local experimental/metal solo musician Chase Wigmore's solo project, starting with a new free EP from his Facebook page, and it's a concept piece about.... turkeys?! With Chase, anything is possible! Despite an opening voice-over saying this would run for a half hour, the "EP" is just over 11 minutes long, and it features techno and experimental compositions with spoke word voice-over, sound effects, keyboard performances, creative sampling, a bit of extreme metal 4 minutes in, and yes, turkey gobbling. It's the turkey music event of 2019, and worth checking out, so give it a listen below!

Finally, here's the latest from new local death/trance metal solo project Black Cloud, who resurfaced after 2 months away from public updates last month, so what's new in their camp? Along with a new logo (designed by Chase), the Peytan Andreola-led project shared this new self-titled demo track onto their Soundcloud page, which is definitely in an unfinished state, but could have promise if built on! Guitar is steady, but Peytan's vocals are almost inaudible here. As for videos, Peytan posted two new videos to his YouTube channel in the past few days featuring Black Cloud original demos, including "Death March" (a doomier instrumental) and, as embedded below, the above self-titled song. There's room to grow here, especially regarding adding extra instruments and boosting his vocals, but I'm curious to see where Black Cloud go from here, and you can check them out for yourself above and below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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