Sunday, April 3, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Browbeat 101) Plus Some New Videos!!

How's about some new videos to close out this weekend? I know I missed the metal show at Foggy's, but I got caught up in homework, and you know how the end of a semester can be for assignments. I'll be back out there on Friday for either Sneaky Pete or Turner Up, and then I'll be at the Sewer Swampstravaganja and Lion Ride on Saturday, so keep an eye out! Now, let's begin with this LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!

Local hard rock trio Browbeat 101 will return to the stage for the first time in two months, and for the first time since adding "101" to their name when they rock The Vibe Lounge (also the first time for there, I think) on Friday, May 13th! The news was broken on the band's MySpace page earlier today. Hopefully the Friday the 13th day of this show doesn't amount to a bad omen for them! No word yet on if there will be a Saturday show as well, but as of right now, it appears to just be a Friday nighter. A 10:00 PM start time is listed, there's no announced cover charge, and you must be 19 to attend. Check the above links for more details! I hope a decent crowd shows up for Browbeat 101 next month, they do deserve it! However, with the day it's falling on and the "patchy" crowd totals I've heard from past metal/hard rock shows there, I really hope things will work out! Regardless, if you want to enjoy some hard rock and metal covers and originals from this talented trio, you know where to be next month! I'll likely be at the Woods of Ypres show that day, but I really hope this show's a hit!

On the subject of Browbeat 101, they have posted a previously unseen jam session video onto their MySpace page, and here it is! It's of their song "The Sound You Need", and it appears to be from the same set-up and camera from the last jam sessions that we've seen on bassist James White's YouTube channel. It's always struck me as a descriptive, sort of "signature" song of theirs, and though it's not their heaviest tune, it's catchy and worth checking out! The new lineup has got a good grasp of it too, check the video out for yourself below, and much more at the above links!

Next up, here's another brand new concert video from March 14th's Buckcherry concert at Kewadin Casino, once again from their set! YouTube user suffocation2 (who uploaded that Papa Roach video last week) has posted an eight minute long video of the band playing their song "Crazy Bitch", and you can check it out below! Compared to the video that Brian H. Myles shot of this very performance, this video has better, non-cell phone quality video but quieter and more reserved audio, so it's a best of both worlds effect, I suppose. If you liked or hated suffocation2's Papa Roach video's quality, the same feeling will apply here too. I think the crowd is slightly more animated in terms of getting in the way of shots, but that's all. Like before, you can tell that Josh Todd's singing is more monotone and tired sounding than on the original studio track, but the band seem to be into the song, so I'll give them that much! Good video, check it out below, and more from the concert at the above links!

And finally, the second edition of Woods of Ypres' tour vlog is now online at frontman David Gold's YouTube channel! Clocking in at around a half hour in length, I won't go into huge detail on them, but I'll tell you guys what to look out for! This one actually uses some new on screen graphics to watch out for, as I assume they're getting more comfortable experimenting with the vlogs before posting. In Part 1 (embedded below), you'll see the band's encounter with a blast beat animal, their exit from Sault Ontario, drivetime shots on the way to Sudbury, the band's Tim Hortons adventures in Blind River and Sudbury (including a lot of rim rolling), and their arrival at the venue for their next concert. Part 2 documents their arrival at The Serbian Hall for the concert and related events before the concert clips begin 1:34 in, and that makes up the remainder of the video. Good quality video too from the show, better angle than what I shot in terms of getting the whole band! Part 3 concludes the live concert clips 45 seconds in, followed by assorted shots post-concert, how they carried their luggage into their Sudbury motel room, what was up with their motel bathroom, the search for a missing Tim Hortons cup, the international bedroom boundaries, their departure for Barrie, and more!

Good stuff with lots of amusements and tons of great live shots (90% of which come from Part 2), so definitely check out all of the above links for those! I'll embed Part 1 here, but check out the rest, and stay tuned for the tour vlog from Barrie when it gets posted online!

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