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SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Splitshot) And This Weekend's Concert Previews!!

It's time to preview a packed concert weekend! With TEN known metal and hard rock concerts this weekend, there's no shortage of entertaining live music from tonight-Saturday, and that's today's focus! I'll be at three of the shows this weekend, but we'll approach those as we get to them! Now though, it's time for some SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!

Sault Michigan hard rock quintet Splitshot will take the stage THIS WEEKEND for a weekend set at Dondee Lanes! Following their most recent local gigs early last month, the band featuring former Nixxon Dixxon members Chris Hubbard and Kyle Beaumont will rock The Dondee TOMORROW NIGHT & SATURDAY NIGHT with their brand of hard rock tunes! I apologize for the short notice, word on these shows was only posted on Monday, but I didn't hear about them until a Dondee radio ad played on Rock 101 this morning. I need to keep up with their shows better! Apparently, they'll be on at 8:00 PM both nights (a later start time wouldn't surprise me though), there is no announced cover charge, and you must be 21 to attend both shows. For more details, check the above links! Sounds like a fun weekend of music, and though I STILL don't know how they sound (you think they'd have some media posted by now), they should deliver some rocking good music this weekend! I'll have more on Splitshot as I hear it!

Now to the rest of this weekend's concerts, and we'll start at The Roosevelt Hotel TONIGHT for the latest punk night! Well, 1/3rd punk this week, anyway. Itself a short notice announcement, the three bands playing tonight are local death metal bands The Bear Hunters and Skull After Betrayal (both featuring guitarist Mike Vincent) and cello punk trio RedD Monkey! I wouldn't say either of the metal bands are "punk", but hey, music's music, and they'll deliver! Besides, might there be a punk tinge to some of their songs? Time will tell! And RedD Monkey always entertain with their unique brand of punk with a classical twist, so don't skip their set either! I'm not entirely sure of the lineup order, the bands are listed in two orders on the Facebook event page, but thing will rock no matter the time! Everything starts at 9:30 PM or later tonight, there is no cover charge, and you must be 19 to attend! Check the above links for more details! Sounds like a great show, and though I might not be able to go due to school commitments, we'll be able to see these bands on Saturday too, but tonight will be fun! For a preview, here's The Bear Hunters playing their original "Overthrown" last month at The Rosie!

Next up, it's the live debut of Sneaky Pete! The local hard rock quartet featuring Bill Brouillard, Mario Carlucci, Sean Berlinguette, and Mike Oakley will hit the stage for their long awaited first concert tomorrow night at The Rockstar Bar! After a year's worth of anticipation and hype for this talented quartet's debut, how will they sound tomorrow night? We'll surely find out then! I believe their set will comprise mostly of covers, though there could be some original material. They'll be on at 10:30 PM tomorrow night, there will be a 19+ age limit, and there's no advertised cover charge, but have money just in case. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! I'm debating still whether to check them out tomorrow or not, as I fully intend on hitting a Friday night show, but will I be at The Rockstar Bar? Possibly, I'll keep you guys posted! For now, click here for more on Sneaky Pete, and click the info tab for some audio demos from last year!

But what else is going on Friday, and Sautrday for that matter? Well, at The Canadian Nightclub, we have Turner Up! Pushed back two weeks from their original dates there, their shows there on Friday & Saturday will be their first shows at The Canadian since their new lineup debuted, which includes KT Antler and Kyle McKey alongside longtime members Robert Brown and Scott McClurg! I haven't seen any media of the new lineup in action yet, so how will they sound this weekend? Head to The Canadian and find out! Both the Friday and Saturday shows have a 10:30 PM start time, a 19+ age limit, and a likely cover charge of around $3, but bring more just in case. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! I'm debating going to this concert too, as I'm curious to hear Turner Up's new lineup as well, but again, no final decisions have been made! Check the above links for more details, and when videos of the new Turner Up lineup come online, I'll have them here!

One more band is taking the stage for Friday and Saturday nighters, and it's none other than That's Chester! Another classic hard rock band for your weekend concertgoing, That's Chester were rebooked for this weekend at Docks Riverfront Grill instead of next weekend, presumably due to Bone Yard not being able to play next weekend, so get ready for some classic rocking at Docks! An impressive quintet of local music veterans, they put in a good show no matter where, even if all of their recent shows have been at Docks. They should be on at around 11:00 PM, there will be a $4 cover charge, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! Again, this sounds like a good weekend of music, and going to check out That's Chester again could be a Friday concert option! Whether I'm at Docks, The Canadian, or The Rockstar Bar tomorrow night, I'll be somewhere, but definitely consider going to rock out with That's Chester this weekend! Check the above links for more, and for a preview, here's a video of their cover of Deep Purple's "Highway Star"!

Now to the Saturday concerts to close out the weekend previews, and first, it's The Sewer Swampstravaganja! This ALL AGES concert at The Oddfellows Hall on Saturday runs from 3:45 PM to midnight and features no less than ELEVEN BANDS, nine of which have sufficient metal levels for the SMS! I won't go through each band in detail due to the amount, but here's who to look out for in order from the headliners down, with added details where needed. Headlining tomorrow's concert are cello/punk rockers RedD Monkey, and they'll be followed by hardcore quintet As It Stands, extreme metal band WinkStinger, horror punk rockers Frightlight (replacing The Fury), melodic death metal band The Bear Hunters, classic metal quartets Sativa Rose and Late & Loud (replacing SBD), indie rockers The Tenagens, death metal band State of Misery, hardcore quartet Changing Waves, and new death metal rockers Skull After Betrayal (replacing Shit Liver.) How's that for a stacked lineup? Other lineup notes: Bring The Fallen were NOT replaced on the lineup, so there will only be 11 bands, despite their return to the stage just five days later from their "break". Late & Loud, Skull After Betrayal, and the current Frightlight & State of Misery lineups will play their first all ages shows, and Sativa Rose guitarist Anthony Orazietti will make his debut with the band on Saturday as well!

Admission is $5 for this show, everything starts at 3:45 PM with Skull After Betrayal, and each band has a half hour or so from there, and there is NO AGE LIMIT! For full details, and for a full timeline of the scheduled bands, visit the official Facebook event page! So help pay for RedD Monkey's new tour vehicle and/or enjoy this immense amount of local talent on Saturday! Amidst all the lineup changes, a great concert came together, and I'll be there for it! I probably can't stay for the whole show due to the last show we're talking about today, but I'll be there for the bulk of it! Check out all of the above links for more, and for a preview, here's As It Stands playing their song "Conception" at The Oddfellows Hall in December!

Finally, it's Lion Ride's return to Sault Ontario! In their first local concert in over 3 months, they're coincidentally playing the same night as a very large all ages show at The Oddfellows Hall, just like from their last show in December. Ironic, huh? This time, they'll be back at The Rockstar Bar for the first time since 2009 for a night full of their high energy punk influenced metal songs, including selections from their upcoming full length album! It's always great to see them back in town, so definitely consider making it to see them on Saturday! Backing them up once again will be country/punk outfit The Billy Bastards, whose unique hybrid sounds will get fans moving this weekend once again! Sounds good, and not to mention apparent giveaways and sales from clothing line The Escape Movement as well! This show will have a $5 cover charge, you must be 19 to attend, and it all starts at 10:00 PM, possibly later. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! I'll definitely be at this show as well, though I will regrettably have to skip out on at least part of RedD Monkey's set at The Sewer Swampstravaganja to make it. Still, I'll be there, with camera in tow, as I don't wanna miss Lion Ride! Check the above links for more, and for a preview, here's Lion Ride playing their song "Bang Bang" from December's show!

That's all for tonight, but stay tuned for more news tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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