Friday, April 8, 2011

SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (River Witch), Two Band Breakups, And Woods Of Ypres News!!

Hey guys, it's time for another news post, in this 30th straight day of new postings! Today's a mix of good news and bad news, including two band breakups, the latest Woods of Ypres news, and kicking things off, a SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!! Here's what you need to know!

I apologize for this being later than you'd assume, but it was only just announced yesterday. Sault Michigan hard rockers River Witch will hit The Merchant's Bar in Sault Michigan TOMORROW NIGHT for a short notice concert! The news came courtesy of this Facebook event page by The Merchant's Bar, which noted that drummer Ivan Schliska works there (I never knew that) and there will be drink specials as well! With that said, the band has not promoted the show on their Facebook page, but in all fairness, they don't frequently update it. A 9:00 PM start time is listed for this show, there is no announced cover charge, and you must be 21 to attend tomorrow night. Check the above links for more details! I still don't know much about River Witch's sound, but they sound like a good and entertaining hard rock band, so give them a chance and check them out tomorrow night if you're in the area! Stay tuned for River Witch news and notes if they come in!

Next up, here's some bad news, as two notable area bands have broken up. One of these bands is Sault Ontario hard rock trio Browbeat 101, which is really surprising given their new lineup's chemistry and the recent news we've heard from them. Frontman Dutch Vanderploeg announced the breakup on his personal Facebook page on Wednesday, thanking James White and Johnny Belanger and saying that they were "done forever". When I talked to Dutch yesterday about the breakup, he told me that it's partly due to some recent medical issues that have impaired his singing, and partly due to musical differences with the other members. There was more said, but I won't go in-depth publically unless band members do. Though the idea of a new singer was briefly explored, Dutch is looking to join a new band instead of fronting one, a concept he appears to have drifted away from. With the breakup, it looks like their concert at The Vibe Lounge next month is now cancelled, and coincidentally, Dutch's Knownaym solo project's page has also been deleted. Their MySpace page is still online, but knowing past trends of deleting pages to update new lineups, it might not be long for this world.

Despite numerous lineup changes and lengthy breaks, Browbeat (101)/Social Play were always a great and catchy hard rock band, and it was always fun seeing them live! Dutch had big plans for Browbeat, and it's too bad he's throwing in the towel, as there's definitely an audience for his solo work! I'd love to see him post some old Browbeat songs online just for archival sake, as he really is a good songwriter and musician, but who knows. I'll miss Browbeat, and I'd be there to see them if a reunion ever happened! Best of luck to Dutch, James, Johnny, and all former members in the future, we'll be watching!

The other newly broken up band is Sault Michigan metal quartet Hammerspace, which is also very surprising given their recent local prominence! Just a year after their MySpace page was launched, frontman John Bergeron announced on their Facebook page that the band was "dead in the water". He elaborated by saying that "everyone is moving on to different things right now" and a reunion may happen in the future when "all of our heads are on straight". This should shut the door on their planned April shows (sorry I never saw them until now), including their downstate concert in Topinabee. This is really surprising, especially with their frequent area concerts over the past few months, and they really seemed like a promising local band! I enjoyed their posted demos, no matter who was singing, and they seemed to have everything thought out for a successful local future, but hey, if life's getting in the way like it sounds, it's best to take care of that first. Hopefully Hammerspace reunite down the road, I know they'd pick up where they left off! Check out the above links for more from Hammerspace, and best of luck to John, Justin, Paul, Tim, and the other former members in the future!

How about we close with some good news for today? Best not to end this post on a down note, and we'll cap things off with Woods of Ypres! Part 3 of their Barrie tour vlog is now online, having been uploaded onto frontman David Gold's YouTube channel on Wednesday, and if you enjoyed the live concert clips from Part 2, then good news: There's much more here! Only the last 33 seconds of this video don't involve the concert itself in some fashion, so there's loads of performance footage to rock out to here! The last 30 seconds only really feature the band making it to their hotel post-concert, with more from there presumably starting their Toronto vlog when it's posted. Check it out below for over 9 minutes of new concert footage, and I have much more on Woods of Ypres to share in the near future!

That's all for tonight, but I'll see you tonight at one of the bars for a concert, still debating on which one. Stay tuned for my review tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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