Thursday, April 14, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Monkey's Uncle & Shit Liver), A New Solo Project, And More!!

Now to get to some news today before we have another double post day tomorrow! Today, we have a new local solo act, some news from Dismembertainment, an some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (including some short notice ones), but remember to check out my Defunct Local Band Profile on Renderware in the post below! Now, to the news, and we'll start with the new local solo act!

Bear Hunters & Skull After Betrayal guitarist Mike Vincent has launched his own solo project! The latest musical project from this prolific artist, Mike plans to record and release original material under his own name through his Reverbnation page, where he plays or programs all instruments! One song is posted so far, which is oddly titled "Cheese". It's an instrumental track, and if you can get past the incredibly repetitive programmed drums, some promising riffing and melodies are present! His recording equipment has improved from some of his earlier projects that he led, and you can tell he has guitar skill, but it does need more work. Mike needs to work on his drum programming so it's not just constant double kicking, which almost drowns out his guitar work, but it's still promising! He's told me that he plans to record some more solo material with "odd" titles to post there, so keep an eye out! I was telling him that he should re-record his old M7K track "Damien's Arrival" on there too, that'd be interesting if it happened. Mike could get some real attention with this solo stuff with some more care and work, I'll be interested to see what comes next! Check the above links for more!

Now for LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, and here's a SHORT NOTICE pair of shows, so take note of these! Sault Michigan hard rock trio Monkey's Uncle are playing a weekend set THIS WEEKEND at Dondee Lanes! I apologize for having these so late, the band actually announced them last month on their MySpace page, and I'm just negligent for missing them. I guess I'm just so used to them not updating it that it's not a common thought for me to check it. Either way, they're back at the Dondee tomorrow & Saturday night for what should be some solid nights of hard rock originals & covers, so consider this a preview as well! Both should have 9:00 PM start times or later, there's no announced cover charge, and you must be 21 to attend either night. Check the above links for more details! It's great to see Monkey's Uncle back at the Dondee, check them out this weekend if you can! Also check their MySpace page out to hear a brand new Monkey's Uncle studio cover song of (oddly enough) Ronan Keating's "This I Promise You"! Well performed and recorded, but a bit out of character. Give it a listen though! For a preview, here's Monkey's Uncle covering Nazareth's "Hair Of The Dog" in early 2008!

The other new show comes from Dismembertainment, and is attached to some exciting news from them: the Rosie metal nights on Thursdays are now weekly! The previous bi-weekly punk nights at The Roosevelt Hotel have since been cancelled, and promoter Typhoid Meaghan has since moved to just simply presenting "punk nights" anywhere locally. Rich Moreland from Dismembertainment has confirmed this news with me as well. Why the change? I won't go into detail from what I've heard out of respect for all parties, but the short notice announcements & largely metal-comprised lineups for the Rosie shows were a discussion point for fans and attendees. As such, Rich is now presenting Dismembertainment promoted metal nights on a weekly basis, starting with Thursday, April 21st, where Shit Liver will take the stage as openers with two bands to be announced! Click here for current details, which are largely no different from other Rosie concerts. Awesome to see Shit Liver back, their grimy crusty metal will go over well! I'm optimistic for these shows, which have quickly expanded from monthly to weekly, and it's been one of my hopes since starting the SMS for a more active metal scene! I just hope that this won't feel watered down or stale in time, as Rich is doing great things for the scene, and he deserves all the support we can give!

Rounding out today's Dismembertainment news are some new show updates! Firstly, Sativa Rose have been added as openers for the Rosie metal night on April 28th! This (I think) is their first ever show at The Roosevelt Hotel, and it will be their first 19+ show with new guitarist Anthony Orazietti, so remember that! They'll be the middle band at this show, between openers Changing Waves (also the first 19+ show for their new bassist Terrence Gomes) and headliners State of Misery! As well, the Isosceles Project concert on May 23rd has been moved from Foggy Notions to The Roosevelt Hotel, as indicated on the Facebook event page and it's accompanying poster. A reason hasn't been publicized, but I imagine it's due to a scheduling conflict, given that Dismembertainment are still lined up for Foggy's on May 13th for the Hallows Die show. Finally, if you're going to the Rosie TONIGHT for the Bring The Fallen-headlined metal night, you'll notice brand new lighting! Rich bought some new professional lighting gear for the Dismembertainment shows, and I've heard very cool things about it, so keep an eye out going forward for the new lights! Things should look a lot brighter, that's for sure! Check all of the above links for more news on upcoming Dismembertainment shows!

That's all for now, but stay tuned tomorrow for our next Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles! That, more news, SMS March Mayhem updates, a Woods of Ypres centric post, and hopefully some Cinderella fallout are all coming up, so be on the lookout! Thanks everyone!

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