Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cinderella Concert Fallout, Including A News Article & Videos!!

Hey guys, here's one more post for your Saturday, and if you've been hoping for Cinderella concert fallout, then good news! I have a bunch of videos from the show that I've found on YouTube, and a news article I sadly didn't see until after the show, so that's the focus! I have lots more news to share tomorrow, so stay tuned for those as well, and check out my posts from earlier today for our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles, a SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for TONIGHT at The Bird, and all of the latest SMS March Mayhem updates! Now, it's Cinderella time, as here are the new videos!

First, YouTube user ccs62111 uploaded 3 videos from Cinderella's headlining set at The Dreammakers Theater at Kewadin Casino from Thursday night onto their YouTube channel yesterday, so here's what you should know! The videos are of Cinderella playing their songs "Coming Home", "Heartbreak Station", and "Somebody Save Me", and click on each link to check them out! The filming's good, and the ccs62111 had a good spot closer to the stage on the left hand side. The video quality can be slightly blurry at points, and the stage's darkness combined with that doesn't help when it is, but these are good videos! The band sounds good, about how you'd expect Cinderella to sound at this point in their careers, and Tom Keifer's voice is holding up well despite his vocal issues that he's been battling with! I should note that only the "Coming Home" video is of the song in full, the others don't even crack two minutes in length, and if you're looking for more aggressive and heavy tracks, "Somebody Save Me" will be your preference. Good stuff all around, check the above links for more, including another local concert video that I plan on featuring on the SMS in the future! Because it's the longest of the three videos from this channel, here's Cinderella playing "Coming Home" from Thursday night!

Also uploading concert footage from the Cinderella concert is YouTube user dfunker76, who you may remember as an uploader of videos from Staind & ZZ Top's Kewadin Casino concerts! Three Cinderella videos were posted on their channel yesterday, and they include full videos of Cinderella playing "Shake Me", "Nobody's Fool", and "Somebody Save Me"! The videos aren't "titled" to reflect the songs, but I did my research. The footage was shot further back in the crowd than ccs62111's videos, so there's often crowd members in the way of the lower third of the screen, but the footage doesn't go blurry at all and is more centered on the stage. The audio quality's fairly good too! I like these more than dfunker76's Staind videos for quality as the user is closer to the stage this time, and the songs sound good either way! Give these a look at the above links, and here's Cinderella seemingly channeling AC/DC in their performance of "Shake Me" from Thursday night!

Finally for videos, here's a single Cinderella video from YouTube user bizzass25, who finally posted a video to their channel almost four years after launching it! This is of Cinderella's classic power ballad "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)", and ironically, this is from the right side of the stage, completing the trifecta of Cinderella concert camera angles! I think this is the best quality footage from the show, I hope bizzass25 has more videos to share! Everything's clear and visible, it's in HD, and the camera's filming from a nice close spot, so definitely give this one a look if you're in the market for Cinderella concert video footage! Here's the video of Cinderella playing "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" from Thursday night's show!

Finally for this Cinderella-centric post, here's a (sadly) late news article surrounding this concert, as The Sault Star's Jeffery Ougler wrote an article about Cinderella featuring interview excerpts with frontman Tom Keifer! Fittingly titled "If the shoe fits...", the article was posted eight days ago, and it largely focuses on Tom Keifer's vocal issues dating back to 1991, due to vocal chord paralysis, and the long road to recovery to allow him to sing properly again. I have two problems with this otherwise good article, which describes Tom's struggles with his voice and the band's progress since their late 1980s peak. One, there's no quotation marks to denote when Tom's speaking, which really can throw you off. Any interview written in paragraph form like this should have some distinction between interviewer and interviewee. Maybe it was corrected for print, but I'm not a Sault Star subscriber for me to prove that. As well, very little is said about the show from Thursday night save for a capsule mention at the end, but at least in that respect, the article is timeless and can be discussed post-show! Good article, just pay attention to know who's "talking" and when. Click here to read, and kudos to Tom for getting back out there and sounding good in the process!

That's all for tonight, but stay tuned, as we have some big stories to get to tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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