Thursday, April 12, 2012

More New Videos & Fallout From The David Gold Memorial Concerts!!

As promised, we've got even more coverage and fallout from the David Gold memorial concerts this past weekend today, including new videos from both the Sault Ste. Marie and Torotno shows and a review from one of them, so read on below for all of the newest stuff from that very special weekend!

We'll start with new videos from the Ypres Metal Fest at The Canadian Nightclub from this past Saturday, starting with two from YouTube user LauraLeeLouise's channel! Laura was among the lucky few to attend both the local & Toronto tribute shows in Woods of Ypres frontman David Gold's memory, and of her five videos from the two concerts, a couple of them are from Saturday night in the Soo, starting with this one from Woods of Ypres' members Joel Violette & Rae Amitay's set! Though the video is incomplete, Laura shot the last song from the Woods' alumni's set that night, where Rae sung "A Meeting Place & Time" with Joel on the keyboard, and I'm extremely glad that someone filmed this song, even if only the first part! Rae completely surprised me this weekend with her singing ability, and she and Joel definitely turned this black metal epic into a touching ballad with success! Fitting how it ended their set locally too, seeing as it was the last song Woods of Ypres ever played at a local concert last March. I'm stil curious to hear the full performance again, but kudos to Laura for filming this, and check it out below!

The other video that Laura filmed at the Ypres Metal Fest on Saturday was from local metal standouts Garden of Bedlam's set, though not of their Woods of Ypres cover. Instead, she filmed a brief snippet of the end of their original song "Torment" from a side stage angle, and though the band are on form, Laura's camera handles heavier music worse than softer material, and it sounds very staticy. Good video quality though, so check out this new Garden of Bedlam video below, and stay tuned for more from her videos at the end of this post!

The rest of the new videos from the Ypres Metal Fest are from Gypsy Chief Goliath guitarist Sean Hamilton's YouTube channel, and he posted four videos from the Windsor stoner metal band's set this past Saturday! All are from a mounted camera behind the stage to the band's left, and only drummer Adam Saitti is well lit, but these are interesting videos from a unique angle! The videos are of Gypsy Chief Goliath's Woods of Ypres cover "Suicide Cargoload (Drag That Weight)" and their original songs "Elephant" (preceded by their set opening jam), "The Return", and "St. Coven's Tavern", so click the above links to check them out! These sound good and show off their sludgy metal skills well, though the audio quality isn't perfect, and a tinny washed out sound is sometimes noticeable. Still, these are solid new videos, so check them out at the above links, and because of it's length, check out Gypsy Chief Goliath playing "Elephant" (and jamming prior to it) in the Sault below!

The rest of the news today comes from the David Gold memorial concert/"Woods V" CD release show in Toronto last week, which has seen a lot of videos and photos lately! Laura Wiebe from reviewed the Toronto event for an article on Monday which you can read at this location. Concise but well written, and it echoes many of David's own messages, so give it a look at the above links! As for new videos, one comes from the same channel that posted the Woods alumni's "Shards of Love" cover in the Soo yesterday, and it's of Gypsy Chief Goliath playing "Suicide Cargoload" in Toronto, so click here to check it out! Slight audio distortion, but the video quality's nice! Also, YouTube user ImpaledBman got 8 videos from the Toronto show, featuring most of the bands, though Gypsy Chief Goliath, Hallows Die, Empyrean Plague, Sixes & Sevens, and the Bolero members aren't featured. Decent video quality, though there is some blur and shakiness issues. Still, these are solid for extra Toronto videos, so click here to see them! The other new Toronto videos come from the aforementioned Laura Lee Louise's YouTube channel, and they include nice quality videos from Gypsy Chief Goliath & Musk Ox's sets, and also, video of a very special guest's speech that night!

Though video of this is already online via the 77 minute video of all of the Toronto Woods of Ypres covers, I wanted to give it special emphasis now that it's online by itself, as this is David Gold's mom Esther's speech to fans at the Toronto tribute show last week! She got lots of time to talk about her love for her children and how her family is adjusting without David, along with giving thanks to Woods of Ypres supporters & David's friends and the organizers & bands at the memorial concert. She also took time to emphasize that we should all find true love and someone to love, connecting David's beliefs to that sentiment, and you can tell how genuine it was in Esther's voice. She also added hopes to make the Toronto memorial show an annual event (possibly outdoors next year around David's birthday), and you guys should definitely check this video out below! From what I know, Esther's sounds like a great mother and ambassador for her son's music, and kudos to her for her eloquent speech and thoughts! Check out the video below, and much more from Toronto at the above links!

That's all for now, but stay tuned either tonight or early tomorrow for weekend concert previews! Thanks everyone!

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