Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Videos & Fallout From The David Gold Tribute Concerts!!

Anyone looking for some more news, videos, and fallout from this past weekend's David Gold memorial concerts? Look no further than this post, featuring local news coverage of the Ypres Metal Fest, new photos and videos from Saturday night, and tons of video footage from the Toronto memorial show on Thursday, so read on for all of the latest David Gold tributes, and check out this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles on Lorax & Hands of Betrayal in the post below this one!

SooToday's Donna Hopper posted her review & photos from Saturday's Ypres Metal Fest at The Canadian onto the popular local news site yesterday, and you can check the full article out at this location! Entitled "Sault metal-heads go for Gold", the review itself is short & sweet, but she called it a "stirring and, for many, cathartic show of respect", while calling the tributes to late Woods of Ypres frontman David Gold "fiercely intense, and at times appropriately poignant." Nicely summed up, and she got some great photos too! 34 in total, though all are in black & white, which is oddly fitting. Most of the photos (nine in total) are from Kittie's set, with Garden of Bedlam featured in six photos, Novembers Doom & Redundant in four each, The Bear Hunters & Empyrean Plague in three each, and Shit Liver and the ex-Woods of Ypres members in two each, along with the photo on your right of Woods of Ypres' last two lead guitarists (Bryan Belleau & Joel Violette) posing with David's mother & siblings. No photos of either The Valentine's Day Massacre or the three bands that played after Kittie were included, but no worries, as what we got is great, and fingers crossed that we see more quality photos, reviews, and fallout from the Ypres Metal Fest soon, so check the above links to see and read Donna's review & photos!

Next up, are you curious to see videos from the David Gold memorial concert/"Woods V" CD release party at The Annex Wreck Room in Toronto on Thursday? Then good news, as the Woods of Ypres covers from all 11 bands that night are now online in one 77 minute long YouTube video! Compiled and uploaded onto Toronto black metallers Eclipse Eternal's YouTube channel, the video features the six bands who didn't play in the Soo, along with five that did, but they're all definitely worth checking out! In order, the video features Hallows Die covering "The Northern Cold" (though with no guests), Mississauga black metal band Panzerfaust covering "A Meeting Place & Time", Oshawa black metal quartet Pagan Ritual covering "The Shams of Optimism", Eclipse Eternal covering "Crossing the 45th Parallel", Kittie's rendition of "Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Coal)", Toronto progressive metal act Sixes & Sevens' cover of "You Were The Light", members of Toronto death metal band Bolero covering "Allure of the Earth", Empyrean Plague's version of "Shedding The Deadwood", Ottawa classical duo Musk Ox (with Novembers Doom's Paul Kuhr) playing the Woods song they originally guested on, "You Are Here With Me (In This Sequence Of Dreams)", rounded out by Gypsy Chief Goliath's version of "Suicide Cargoload (Drag That Weight)" & Novembers Doom's cover of "Wet Leather".

Uploaded on Sunday, the video is further from the stage than the local videos we've seen, but the quality's great! The covers we heard locally sound as solid as they did on Saturday, but the Toronto-exclusive black metal bands did great too! I'm particularly intrigued by Sixes & Sevens' cover, which put a Dream Theater-esque spin on the "Woods 4.5" title track. Pretty cool, and unexpected! The Musk Ox/Paul Kuhr collaboration is really touching too, and it'd have been awesome to hear their full set! Most of the songs also feature nice remembrances and comments about David too, so definitely check out the full 77 minute video of the Woods of Ypres covers in Toronto on Thursday below!

Also new from the Toronto concert as of this writing was an additional video of Musk Ox & Paul Kuhr's Woods of Ypres cover via YouTube user ELTONgaryhAZ, so click here to check it out! The audio quality and camera angle is good, but the video is noticeably shakier. Another video posted this morning was of Gypsy Chief Goliath's cover of "Suicide Cargoload" from Toronto by YouTube user saitti1, and though it can be blurry, it's of solid quality, so click here to watch it! While we're on the subject of other new David Gold tribute concert videos, the first two songs from Kittie's set at The Canadian Nightclub on Saturday were posted onto YouTube on Sunday by YouTube user silvervideo! She filmed Kittie playing their songs "I Failed You" and "My Plague", and luckily, she was in the front row and didn't have to contend with the huge crowd on the floor to get a good clear angle of Kittie! The audio can be muffled at parts, but it's a great video showing Kittie at their brutal best, so give it a look below, and if I hear of any more Kittie videos from the mass of fans during their set this past weekend, I'll be sure to have them here!

And finally for now, you remember how I said that I had my fingers crossed that someone shot video of the former Woods of Ypres members & Gypsy Chief Goliath frontman Alex Petrovich's cover of "Shards of Love (Hurt Forever)" on Saturday night? Well, my wish has been granted! A bandmate of Alex's filmed this video and uploaded it to his YouTube channel yesterday, though like the SooToday photos, it's in black & white. It's nicely done as I remember, though the second half's vocal patterns were often different than on the original song. Oddly though, the sounds of the fans on the floor singing along don't sound as loud and prominent as they did live on Saturday. Maybe you had to be there to really feel it, but the video doesn't do it justice. Still, it's awesome to see this video finally, and kudos to the uploader! Now, if only someone has a copy of the Rae Amitay-sung cover of "A Meeting Place & Time", that was really cool and deserves a wider audience. Check out Joel, Rae, Bryan, and Alex's cover of "Shards of Love" below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for a new news post featuring recent non-David Gold tribute concert stories tomorrow, though we'll have much more from them as well soon too! And also, kudos to everyone for checking out our video of Kittie's Woods of Ypres cover on Saturday night, which already has over 1,000 views on YouTube! Thanks everyone!

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