Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Lower S.E.S.

It's that time again, as it's the third installment of our newest monthly feature, the Defunct Local Band Profile Series! Each month, I hope to profile and discuss a local metal or hard rock band from the scene's past, randomly chosen from our extensive band links. All band choices are made at COMPLETE RANDOM, with no rules against bands for talent, recording quality, prominence, or longevity. As long as they have a freely available internet page, they could be next! This month, we take our first look back at a band from Sault Michigan, and these guys are pretty prominent, so they'll be especially worth looking at! So let's begin this month's profile! (Edited on August 19th, 2013)
Lower S.E.S.

Genre: Groove Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Members: (Members not in their last full lineup in italics. E-mail me at robertfigures@hotmail.com if you know of any omissions or errors to their lineup!)

Micah Masta, vocals
Andy Nash, guitar
Erik Rintamaki (Half A Man, Train Wreck, Set To Random), bass
Mikey Bishop (Half A Man, Dirtbag In A Dress, Summon), drums

Audio/Video: Despite being inactive for 14 years, Lower S.E.S. had a good output of music online for fans to check out until this year. Their MySpace page used to have eight lengthy videos from their mid-1990s heyday, but all were deleted with MySpace's new look and layout, but maybe they'll return in time. Luckily, one of those concert video clips is on YouTube as well, but the MySpace loss is still a bummer. Their self-titled and only EP survives via this YouTube playlist, and luckily, some YouTube videos survive, so here's one of the Lower S.E.S. clips, two songs from their set opening for L.A. Guns in 1996!

Info/Analysis: Lower S.E.S. were active from 1994-1996 in the Sault Michigan music scene, and gained some notable levels of success in the process! They played numerous area shows and events, first making huge waves by winning a major battle of the bands at The Tumble Inn in nearby Eckerman, also later placing at a local "Battle Royal" event. These successes led to gigs where they opened for Warrant, Vince Neil, L.A. Guns, and Slaughter, among others. Studio time won in the above Battle of the Bands helped them record their self-titled debut E.P., though the band broke up shortly after it's release. Some members of Lower S.E.S. are still active in music, notably Erik Rintamaki & Mikey Bishop's current work in Half A Man, and Mikey's extensive black metal drumming output. It's a wonder Lower S.E.S. were only active for about 2 years, because they were a very good metal band! Definite Pantera influence, with hard charging riffs, aggressive vocals, and a definite mosh-worthy style! Erik's bass work is great, and the drumming and vocals stand out well! The lack of solos is too noticeable, and the production on the studio tracks does sound a bit muffled, but they were definitely a talented band who I'd have loved to have seen live had I been around then! Check them out, they have a great sound that is very welcome locally, and take a look at my review of their E.P. from December at this location!
Hope you guys enjoyed this month's defunct local band profile! Our next profile on a Sault Michigan band is pencilled in for December, so be on the lookout for that! But which band will be profiled next month? Well, through completely random selection, I've decided that next month will feature two bands, as I found that the randomly chosen band didn't have enough substantial information or material to warrant it's own post, so I randomly chose another band to go with them! So next month, our Defunct Local Band Profiles will be on... Death Rise, featuring past and present members of D.O.T.H. and Caveman Morrison, and The White Knights, featuring former members of Fitswitch and Fingerbone! Stay tuned for that between October 14th and 20th!

That's all for now, but stay tuned TONIGHT for a short notice LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, a newly discovered local band, and some brand new local metal concert videos! Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow I was 16 in this video.

The Sault Metal Scene said...

Nice, it must take you back! I wish I could have seen them in their heyday, cause they were definitely a very good band!

Mikey Bishop said...

I just started playing drums 3 months before this show.