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YouTube Channel Profile Series: BadSideMusic's Channel

It's time for another monthly feature post, and this month, it's our 4th YouTube Channel Profile! As we've done the past 3 months, I have randomly selected a YouTube channel from my extensive list of subscribed channels with at least 50% local metal-relevant videos (our own channel excluded) to profile! Once again, we have a channel outlining a prolific and talented local band this month in another solid selection for this series, so what should you know, and why should you check this channel out? Find out below! (Edited on May 10th, 2012)
BadSideMusic's Channel (

Owner: Probably Bad Side guitarist & former local radio DJ Jason Mapes, but I'm not 100% certain. Either way, the channel is credited to the band as a whole.

Channel Timeline: Launched on May 5th, 2008; Videos posted between May 2008 and October 2010

Channel Summary: This is one of two official YouTube channels ran by defunct Sault Michigan hard rockers Bad Side, who were one of the most prominent and successful local hard rock bands of recent years before dissolving in 2010. The BadSideMusic channel features 10 band relevant videos from their last two years together, including video diaries from some of their bigger concert sets, a handful of commercials for some non-Sault Michigan gigs, three music videos, and a live video from their last show at the Milwaukee Summerfest in August 2010. However, most of the videos there were uploaded to their label Vicious Music's channel as well, leaving just three unique videos on the BadSideMusic channel (two commercials & the original version of their "Let It Roll" video.) With the band's demise, this channel hasn't been logged into since the fall of 2010, but their videos live on!

Why Should You Watch: Honestly, aside from the three unique videos mentioned above, the BadSideMusic channel is fairly redundant. You'll probably get more than enough of a Bad Side fix from the Vicious Music channel, which features most of the BadSideMusic videos and an extra 25 videos from both Bad Side & Jason Mapes' solo work. If you had to pick one, go with ViciousMusic, but the BadSideMusic channel is still full of great hard rock songs and happenings from Bad Side's run, so give it (and their other pages) a look at the above links to enjoy some solid bluesy hard rock from their heyday!

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

BAD SIDE - LET IT ROLL (Music Video): Three professionally filmed and edited music videos for Bad Side songs are posted on this channel, and though a remastered version exists, one of the best is still their video for "Let It Roll" from 2007's "Bad Side II"! Featuring a then-blonde Melissa Krahnke on fire with her soulful singing, this is one of Bad Side's better songs, and it effectively merges classic rock and heavier influences, which is where they were at their best! The video is cut from professionally filmed footage of the band playing the song live, and the editing and effects are pretty nice! Bad Side had loads of talent, and this proves it, but don't forget about their many other music videos that the above links can direct you to!

Bad Side on the road with Blue Oyster Cult video diary: On August 17th, 2008, Bad Side made a rare concert appearance in Canada as one of Blue Oyster Cult's opening bands at the Bell Border Jam festival at Runway Park in Sault Ontario! Featuring bassist Rich Blair & live drummer Jonah Brockman in their then-lineup, the band played a memorable set, and about 2 minutes of it can be seen below at the end of the video, however not on a high quality camera. The bulk of the video is of Bad Side's fun and happenings backstage at Bell Border Jam, including fun on the tour bus, interactions with attendees, staff, and other bands, and some live footage of some of the performers, including lots of Blue Oyster Cult's set. Give their video diary a look, and check the above links for commercials & teaser videos for the festival!

BAD SIDE Summer Detroit Tour ad with Dangerous Pursuit: Oddly enough, one of Bad Side's radio commercials is the most viewed video on this YouTube channel, but it shows off Jason's radio voiceover skills well! This commercial was for Bad Side's Detroit-area shows from August 2008 that they played with a Detroit area hard rock band named Dangerous Pursuit and assorted other opening bands. Notably, all three served as CD release parties for their last album "...Bad Things Come In Threes", which is cool! The commercial itself is well edited and features snippets of their song "Call Me If You Want To", so check it out, and click here to see their tour diary video from these three concerts, including some live footage of them & the other bands!

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's YouTube Channel Profile! So, what YouTube channel are we getting a look at next month? I have randomly chosen Garden of Bedlam guitarist Josh Belleau's YouTube channel, which has been inactive since 2008, but features some cool early live performances and assorted other videos, so this should be a good channel to look at! I know we just profiled a Garden of Bedlam-related channel last month, but that's the joys of random selection, and everything's a surprise even to me! Stay tuned for that on or around November 22nd, and I'll see you guys TONIGHT at the Zombie Walk Afterparty and then at The Rockstar Bar! Thanks everyone!

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