Thursday, December 22, 2011

YouTube Channel Profile Series: joeybeairl, bigphatwilly, and kewadincasinos' Channels

As promised, it's time for our last YouTube Channel Profile of 2011, and for the first time in our newest monthly feature series on the SMS, we're focusing on multiple YouTube channels! The first one I randomly chose to profile this month only had one video, so I added extra channels until we had enough to fill a full post with three featured videos, so it's a triple assault of YouTube channels you guys should know about! Below, you'll find out about what each channel offers, the people connected to them, the videos' qualities and contents, and more, so let's start with our first of three profiles below! (Updated on February 4th, 2013)
joeybeairl's Channel (

Owner: Local metal guitarist & Guitar Studio rock camp director Joey Beairl, best known from bands like NoXcape, Krosswalk, Shift, Kickback, and Wild Fate

Channel Timeline: Launched on October 4th, 2007; Only video posted in September 2008

Channel Summary: Despite his impressive resume, the only video on noted local guitarist Joey Beairl's YouTube channel is not of one of his bands. Instead, it's of the inactive Sault Michigan hard rock quartet Unleashed, who were a product of his local Guitar Studio rock camp, which has produced a number of young local bands! Notably, Unleashed's lineup in this video included Joey's stepson Isaac Terrian on vocals, along with 415E/Highest of Fives bassist Jack Slater on guitar, Maddy Lama on bass, and Tantrym Tyme's Jacob Hotlen on drums. Joey's posted video is of an Unleashed performance at a Guitar Studio concert at The Soo Theater circa September 2008, where Unleashed covered Pop Evil's "Somebody Like You"! It's a good cover, and the members of Unleashed show talent for their young ages, though Isaac's singing isn't too varied, and their stage presences are kinda stiff. That said, they were kids in this video, and you know they've gotten better and more confident since! Nice work from Unleashed overall, and their only video that I know of is worth a look if you like listening to young local talent!

bigphatwilly's Channel (

Owner: YouTube user & likely Sault Ontario resident bigphatwilly (real name unknown, first name likely a form of William)

Channel Timeline: Launched on June 23rd, 2006; Videos posted in September 2010

Channel Summary: Though I know nothing definitive on the identity of bigphatwilly, I do know that Willy was in attendance for Kiss' headlining concert at The Essar Center on August 10th, 2010. He filmed at least two videos there, which were uploaded onto his YouTube channel three weeks later. Though far from the stage & featuring staticy audio, Willy had a nice angle of the action, including a video of frontman Paul Stanley's zipline voyage into the crowd leading up to their performance of "I Was Made For Loving You"! He only captured the first minute of the song, but the video gives a nice glimpse of Paul's flight over the Kiss Army, so it's worth watching on that basis! However, Willy did film a full song at the show, as seen in his video "KISS - Detroit Rock City - Sault Ste. Marie, ON", where the hottest band in the world played one of their signature classics to their fans in the Soo! Same quality as the first video, and the audio really suffers when it gets noisier, but for a good look at Kiss at The Essar Center last year, feel free to lose your mind in "Detroit Rock City"!

kewadincasinos's Channel (

Owner: Nathan Wright, an area web-site administrator & likely a past or present employee of Kewadin Casino and/or related holdings

Channel Timeline: Launched on July 25th, 2007; Only video posted in September 2007

Channel Summary: Presumably launched as an official YouTube channel for Sault Michigan casino/concert venue Kewadin Casino (though later supplanted by a new channel in 2010), Nathan only uploaded one video onto this Kewadin YouTube channel, that being of footage from hard rock legends Kiss' first stop in the Sault area on July 20th, 2007! Entitled "Kiss Live at Kewadin Casinos in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan", the video features three minutes of footage from when Kiss received the key to the city from City Commissioner (and ex-Rock 101 DJ) Ray Bauer, followed by 30 second clips of the band's opening songs ("Detroit Rock City", "Deuce", and "Makin' Love") at that huge outdoor concert. The video quality's nice, and it's great to see legends like Kiss getting some formal recognition from the city during their first local appearance! Though this channel is inactive and not the primary Kewadin YouTube channel anymore, this video is still a must watch for Kiss fans to relive their 2007 show at Kewadin Casino!

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! A bit different than our first bunch of posts in this series, but hey, I expected this knowing the amount of YouTube channels with a minimal amount of local metal-relevant videos. Next month though, we're getting back to normal with a one-channel profile to kick off 2012, as we're gonna look at Sault Ontario hard rock quartet Borderline Divine's old YouTube channel! (Technically, it's Stillbroke's channel, but it hasn't been updated since way before their name change.) Still, there's some interesting stuff there from Stillbroke's last year before activity slowed, so look out for this next YouTube Channel Profile on or around January 22nd!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news, concert previews, and Christmas surprises later today or early tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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