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YouTube Channel Profile Series: Shaneuf's Channel

In our second post of the day, we have this month's YouTube Channel Profile for you guys! As usual, this monthly feature series looks at 1-3 randomly chosen YouTube channels that have at least a 50% focus on videos on or about local metal/hard rock artists and events, so you guys can learn more about them and be encouraged to check out and subscribe to them on YouTube! This month's selection focuses on a band that may be familiar to some readers from their late 2000s local tenure, so read on below for this month's profile, and check out this weekend's Sault Michigan concert previews in the post below this one!
Shaneuf's Channel (

Owner: Former Sue Inside singer/guitarist Shane Lipsit-Fraser, most recently in the London acoustic rock band Dalliers

Channel Timeline: Launched on September 22nd, 2007; Videos posted from November 2009 through February 2012

Channel Summary: Effectively the official YouTube channel for two-time local battle of the bands veterans Sue Inside, Shane Fraser has posted videos of him and fellow band members playing original Sue Inside material since shortly after their 2007 debut, but all of their local-era postings (including some live local concert media) have been deleted over time for unannounced reasons. Currently, Shane's channel features 15 performance clips credited to Sue Inside from after the band's 2009 relocation to Oil Springs, though the majority are of Shane playing solo acoustic versions of their songs. The channel's lone non-Sue Inside video is of bassist Adam Veen's alter-ego Dr. Jeremiah Rabishi playing his original acoustic song "General Store" from October 2011, with Shane on guitar.

Why Should You Watch: I recommend checking out Shane's channel as it's the best surviving source for Sue Inside videos, as they were a unique and creative band that were about two years ahead of their time based on their extreme metal sound, even if we only saw them as a duo! That being said, none of Shane's surviving videos come from their local tenure (or even feature drummer Jeff Vogel), and few sound similar to that era, but there's some unplugged and jam talent within even still! Note however that Sue Inside fell inactive last year, and there have been no visible signs of life there since, in case that changes your mind on subscribing.

 Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

Sue Inside - Lost Cave of Corpses: Shane's five earliest surviving & last two YouTube uploads are of him playing solo acoustic versions of Sue Inside songs, including "Falling" & "Let Us Out" from February 2012. To share here, I picked one of the first 5, as they're a bit more creative in lyrical content & themes, and being from November 2009, were closest to their local tenure. To have been featured on a "Living Room Sessions" album that I don't think ever came out, these 5 songs (with such interesting names as "Return to the City of Cheese" & "Hogtail Juice") are all naturally performed in his living room. I picked "Lost Cave of Corpses" based on it's length and creative guitar work (including some percussion slaps), though note that the window lighting makes him very dark, and his vocals are very quiet when used. Still, Shane has real guitar talent and creativity at acoustic songs, even if it was a big departure from his local work!

Skeleton Sunrise by Sue Inside: The most viewed (and longest) of Shane's Sue Inside videos, this clip is one of six jam session videos that he posted between November 2009 & March 2010 featuring him, bassist Adam Veen (on guitar or drums), and on the last three, guest one-skin drummer Craig MacDonald. These were part of a Monday night jam session series during Sue Inside's early Oil Springs tenure, and the music tends to be pretty good, with Adam's deeper singing voice often outshining Shane's in an unplugged setting! Note that the videos with Craig (like "New Jersey") are longer & a bit more serious, but the ones of just Shane & Adam have more of a loose & fun vibe, including "You Will Never Know", which has both Shane's aggressive metal screaming vocals & Adam behind a normal drumkit! For actual live footage of Shane & Adam in concert during the band's last months, visit Adam's YouTube channel.

Sue Inside - Hermit: In January 2011, Shane experimented with some post-production and camera filters for two generally black & white videos that he posted on YouTube, including the solo acoustic versions of Sue Inside's "Green Curry Chicken" and "Hermit", two instrumental songs from the middle of their Oil Springs run. The former is mostly a performance video (almost looking like newsprint with its filter), while "Hermit" is a full on music video, with Shane portraying the title character in a dark and somewhat eerie piece that ends with him speaking to the camera, though what he says is very hard to hear, then fast forwarded. The song itself is fairly repetitive and minimalistic, but the video has a nice atmosphere that would have been cool to see again!

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profile! As for our last entry in this series for 2013, we'll be looking at two channels for the first time in 8 months, as the first channel we randomly picked only had 2 videos from the same concert, so I picked another to fill it out. With that said, we'll be looking at the YouTube channels of user BurgandyHill (featuring two videos of Bring The Fallen from their first show & battle of the bands win in 2009) and veteran local drummer Vinnie Milosevich (featuring videos from two of his old local metal band Hollow's concerts), so watch out for all of this on or around December 22nd! I'll also note that BurgandyHill's videos are ironically from the last of the two local battles that Sue Inside was in... the joys of random selection! That's all for today, but in case there's no new news post tomorrow, I'll see you guys at The Moose Lodge on Sunday night for Biipiigwan! Thanks everyone!

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