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Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile Updates (November 2013)

As has become the recent trend, we're holding off on a new Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile this month to instead update our past installments of this monthly feature series where we profile bands that, though not from the Soo, have had at least one Saultite in their past or present lineups. With almost 4 years worth of profiles to go through, this should be a long update, so to help cut it down, I'll note that almost all of these profiles have had embedded videos made larger to fit our slightly larger post area. Most of our past profiled bands have had big changes in the past year, so what are fellow Saultites and their bands up to now? Find out below, along with other updates, additions, edits, and changes where need be!
Phatstick: I mainly updated this profile to note that the St. Catherines hard rockers reunited in May of this year after a 10 month breakup, which saw them return to the stage in Brantford in October. To go along with that, they have a new rhythm guitarist, with Marco Bresette replacing Julian Tomarin for unannounced reasons. Fingers crossed that Jason & Joe bring them back home for a concert soon!

Will of the Ancients: In terms of the Toronto black metal band's lineup, I noted the departure of guitarist Dean Arnold (who hasn't visibly been replaced yet) earlier this year, while mainly adding notes to refer to the forthcoming release of their new album "To The Glorious Dead", which is available online for purchase, but won't see it's official physical release until February. Will of the Ancients remain busy with a number of Southern Ontario concerts, so keep an eye out for them in 2014! Lastly, I replaced the video featured there (of Will of the Ancients live in 2004 with the late David Gold on drums) as it's been pulled from YouTube for unknown reasons, so in it's place is this 2005 clip from around his era with the band, though I can't confirm if he's on drums. Really solid clip though!

Papa Fogals Chair: The only informational edit was to note that members Mike Bird & Derek Turner are now in the new local hard rock band The Side FX, with everything else OK (aside from grammar corrections), as P.F.C. have not reunited in any form in the past year. However, I did change the video, as the live clip of "Trust" that we did feature was lost in the MySpace layout overhauls from earlier this year, and no other concert videos survive to my knowledge. In it's place, I've uploaded this audio version of their original song "Disgust" to our YouTube channel, so give it a listen!

The Sexual Vigilantes: No changes, aside from making their video larger. This project has been inactive for over 4 years, with members/Saultites Brenton Ellis & Curtis Faux still hard at work with their current band, Toronto hardcore punk notables Maximum RNR, so follow them to see what Brent and Curt are up to nowadays!

Feral Noise: Again, no changes beyond a larger video. Feral Noise have not re-activated since their 2008 demise, and guitarist Tym Morrison is still a frequent sight locally at both solo and Caveman Morrison concerts, but a reunion would be interesting!

Sadomasochism: While the information was still fairly up to date (they've been defunct since 2004), the previously featured video of theirs (from their later run with Half A Man drummer Mikey Bishop) was deleted when Mikey deleted his YouTube channel (again, for unknown reasons), which is really disappointing given the solid amount of videos he had there from his bands! We're not out in the cold though, as I replaced it with this video of an older Sadomasochism lineup playing their song "Worship The Dark", and you can also give it a look below for some very brutal death metal!

Levitate: The only edits were to note that frontman Cory Murchison's current local band Skeyes of Seven have played live twice now and are currently working on studio material. Other than that, everything's as accurate as I can get, as Levitate have been inactive for at least 8 years as of this writing.

Necramyth: I added a note to reference frontman Pedro "Urlok" Chae's current role as the frontman of the Spanish metal band Embloodyment, but that's all, as Necramyth have not reactivated since their 2009 demise.

Human Disorder: The only edit of note was to remove references to members Jason Taillefer & Joe LaVergne's current band Phatstick's demise, as they reunited earlier this year. Everything else is fine, as Human Disorder haven't played live or reunited in over 13 years.

Summon: Aside from confirming that they are indeed defunct, I again replaced a video, as like with drummer Mikey Bishop's Sadomasochism videos, his Summon videos were deleted when his channel was. I wish Mikey had left his channel up, the videos were really cool! Regardless, there are still Summon videos online, and now featured on the Lansing black metal band's profile is their music video for their song "Sacred Nothing", so check it out below and there!

The Disciples of Rock: Updates were limited to updating bassist James White's recent local music work, as he's since rejoined Caveman Morrison, while I also added references to his recent work with The Northern Mudsliders and as a guest with Frightlight, plus his sound/production company White Wreckords. The rest was good, as this band has not reunited in the past year.

Violet Fuse: I updated the profile to reflect drummer/former Saultite Thom Edwards' current role as the drummer in the London pirate rock outfit The Gypsy Ghosts, while also noting that Violet Fuse may now be inactive, as they've made no public updates since December of last year. Hopefully they're not dead, as they're a solid melodic hard rock outfit! As well, the previous video we embedded there (a 2009 live clip of their song "RNFNR") has been privatized for unknown reasons, so I've replaced it with this newer 2011 video of Violet Fuse playing their song "Be Confident", so check it out below and on the profile!

Jar.: Updates mostly related to the release of their self-titled new CD (featuring some re-recordings of old material) in April of this year and where you can buy it, and it's a solid comeback to be sure, so give it a listen via the links at the profile! Other notes remain as accurate as I can source.

Thrawsunblat: I made notes to acknowledge the release of their new album "Thrawsunblat II: Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings" (their first after David Gold's passing) plus their recent digital EPs that rework older songs into new genres, while adding some thoughts on their current lineup, which is very familiar to Woods of Ypres' last incarnation. Though still a studio-only project, Thrawsunblat are riding high, so stay tuned for updates!

Hellhitch: Aside from the larger video, no changes. Hellhitch have been broken up since 2006, and I've heard nothing new to add to the already minimal information that we have on their profile.

Kilacel: The biggest edit was to note former guitarist (and Elipzis alum) Chris Webster's current role in the Muskegon, Michigan cover rock band Live Radio. The rest is fine, as Kilacel have not reunited in the past year, though members Luke Ponce & Matt Millering remain active in the similar hard rock band Coldville, who have had their own successes in recent months, so follow Kilacel's essential successors to keep in the loop!

Fifth Way: Updates thankfully didn't include bassist changes this year, but I did note that guitarist/LSSU grad Zak Stelmaszek now lives in Milwaukee, and has since traded cover band projects, leaving Detroit's Cruizin' Jupiter prior to his move and now playing as well in Milwaukee's Superfly. He's still in Fifth Way though (as we saw earlier this year at Kewadin Casino), and I updated references to cover their most recent local concerts there as well.

Mark Rand: I mainly added some extra references to Mark's current Peterborough band project Cross Dog, which has a similar genre to his now inactive solo work, and you saw how entertaining they were at the local Dayglo Abortions show in September! I also added a reference to his recent role in the Peterborough rock band The Lumbermen when noting his extensive band repertoire.

L'anguisette: My only major updates were to note that L'anguisette have fallen inactive for our purposes, having issued no public updates since January 2012, shortly after drummer David Gold's passing. I hope this isn't the band's end, as they were a unique and melodic project that would be nice to see continued!

S.C.A.R.: Along with some updates to reflect recent activity and a new free "album" posting in June, I also replaced the featured video, as the original video from MySpace died when MySpace overhauled their layout, but a live video from a March 2011 concert in Windsor was posted onto their Facebook page a few years ago that can now be embedded there! Featuring Eminem & Cars covers (plus their original "Green Peace"), it's the best live video I've seen of S.C.A.R., so give it a look below for some varied jam rock!

The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society: No changes, besides making their video larger. The project has been defunct since David "Veillko" Gold died in 2011, and I've heard nothing since relating to a new band project from surviving member Aaron "Platinus" Palmer, but hopefully he's still working on music in some form!

Maximum RNR: The updates here mostly related to the release of their new album "Rough Side of the Dial" in June 2013, which is their first full length non-compilation with Saultite members Diamond Brent Panther & Curtis Faux, which you can buy at this link and at concerts! I also de-emphasized the lack (at the time) for videos of their current lineup, as a quick YouTube search will find numerous videos from 2011-2013 shows of theirs, including at their most recent local date!

Buster Cherry: To make the profile less "wordy" and more focused on members of this band, I removed some arbitrary notes on members Terry Eaton & Vinnie Milosevich's past local bandmates, while also noting that Terry has played in local country cover bands Asylum Country and Two Buck Beers since moving back to Sault Ontario in 2011. The rest is good, as this project is long since defunct.

The Heatseeking Moisture Missles: I noted a lineup change, as the band welcomed back original bassist Nolan Silvaggi in June to replace the departed Kyle Paulton, who moved out west. Other edits were just to freshen up references, as nothing else major has occurred with them since our last updates of their profile, and no online updates have been made since the bassist switch announcement.

Gravity Crash: I only freshened up references to former guitarist Paul Melanson's band work, including adding credits to his more recent work as the latest bassist of Caste of Shadows and as the current bassist of Metallica tribute band Damage Inc., both bands of which also from Lethbridge, Alberta. The rest was fine, as Gravity Crash are defunct and I have not found more extant online pages of theirs.

Jeff Nisbet: No changes, beyond making the video larger. Jeff's solo project has not visibly been updated since August 2011, but he's a really talented guitarist with clear local ties, so fingers crossed he's still working on music!

NeanderTHRALL: In terms of their lineup, I noted the addition of singer/guitarist Kris Kerr (replacing Chris Wilkins), the departure of the aforementioned Kyle Paulton and his replacement on bass by existing drummer (and Saultite) Ash Richtig, with Ash's Line Drawn bandmate Mike "Mihilo John" Kryworuchko taking over on drums in their current lineup. I also replaced the first photo (as the lineup was very outdated), and noted the band's return to activity in 2013, including new songwriting sessions and a new sound to be inspired by Isis, though parts will still need to be freshened up when their current lineup begins playing live.

Infathom: Lineup-wise, I noted that second guitarist Josh Stadler is no longer an active band member, having moved to Arizona a couple of years ago, with the band not visibly replacing him. I also replaced a band photo to reflect their current quartet lineup, and added notes to reflect their 2012-2013 resurgence and pair of regional concert dates this year (such as last weekend's Nick Cam Jam), along with ackolwedging the recent high amount of live videos on Michael Cole's YouTube channel. Solid as usual!

Paricide: For the write-up, I edited references to members Shane Lipsit-Fraser & Adam Veen's recent metal project Sue Inside (who originated locally in 2007), while noting that their newest collaborative project was the London acoustic project Dalliers. Beyond that, I replaced the embedded video, though not as it was pulled, but because I found actual video footage of theirs, courtesy of Adam's YouTube channel from 2007! A promotional video, it combines photos, synched up live video, and one of their studio tracks, and it's pretty well done for the age of everything, so check it out below and at their profile!

The Lust Boys: Lots of lineup notes to get through, so in a nutshell, both singer Jayme Black and guitarist Brian Comeau left The Lust Boys early last year, with bassist Colin "Tommy Thrust" Stuart replacing both, and Derek Dufresne replacing him on bass. Also, via this RateYourMusic page, I was able to add and clarify the names of some past members, including ex-guitarists Dallas Dagger, Johnny Blade, Cody Vandal, and Shaun "A.C. Desylva" Thackeray, bassist Rex Razor, drummer Nikki Neon, and a member named "Coldhands". I also replaced their inactive blog with their official website in the links, and noted their lineup changes and recent activity, including the 2012 release of a full length album. Videos of their current quartet lineup aren't in high supply yet, but I did also add notes to compare Tommy and Jayme's vocals as well, and hopefully we get much more new media from them soon!

Repetitons: No changes, except for the larger video. Repetitions have not reunited in the past year, and the only new updates relate to members Jay Buston and the Soo's own Ash Richtig's current band The Line Drawn, who are similar musically, so follow them to follow with Repetitions' successors!

Mothership: Updates mostly referred to their return after a year's breakup in October of this year (with the same lineup, no less), and they will return to the stage next month. To go along with it, they're even working on a documentary about their work as a Led Zeppelin tribute band, and you can see a preview of it at this link! More edits will be likely once Mothership actually begins playing regularly again though.

Constructed Apocalypse: Aside from deleting their now closed Facebook page, my only edit was to note that former frontman/Saultite Jeremy Hannah is now based out of Ottawa (where he's recently relaunched his acoustic/indie project Like Father Like Son.) The rest was good, as Constructed Apocalypse have not reunited in the past year.

Winter of Silence: I removed their now deleted Facebook page and replaced a dead photo, but as they've not reactivated in the past year, I didn't make any major edits to the information there. However, project mastermind Ryan DeWinter did post an unreleased W.O.S. song "Nar ... Vi Grat Ved Elvebredden" (Norwegian for "When... We Cried By The Riverside" roughly) onto his YouTube channel last year, so I posted that on our profile to replace the now deleted song of theirs that we did feature. Check out this posthumous black metal original below!

Azriahl: Updates mostly related to the release of their debut album last December and activity through the spring, but I've heard very little since on their status (though not enough yet to cite them as inactive.) I will note that members Paul Tikkanen (a Saultite) and Robbie Rogers recently formed the new progressive rock band Goblin Market out of Peterborough, but I can't confirm yet whether they left Azriahl and will be replaced, or if that band is defunct, so I didn't remove them from the most recent lineup there. Finally, I replaced the video there to add this live video from their first concert featuring 3 solid original songs, so give it a look there and below!

RedStone Riot: For their lineup, the band replaced departed guitarist Brock Warber with Ryan Fluharty earlier this year, so that's now noted on the Muskegon, Michigan hard rock band's profile. Other updates related to recent concert activity and so on, but while things been quieter from their camp in recent months (partly due to frontwoman Rachel Kiger dealing with some medical concerns), I left that off the profile to keep it related to their music work. Stay tuned for more in 2014!

Under Earth: Aside from enlargening their video, no changes. This project hasn't been activated in the past year, but project leader Ash Richtig is more than busy nowadays with The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles, NeanderTHRALL, and The Line Drawn, so follow his current bands to see what he's up to now!

The Georgian Skull: Like above, no changes except for the larger video. The Georgian Skull remain inactive, and members Alex Petrovich & Adam Saitti are still plugging away in their current similar band Gypsy Chief Goliath, so follow them for the next best thing!

Beyond Haven: Updates here were mainly just to freshen up the band's current activity, including the release of their second album "Don't Back Down" earlier this year, and assorted other recent shows and events. The only other change was a restored photo, but hopefully Beyond Haven continue on their upward path!

Genocya: For their lineup, I noted the amicable departure of drummer Tim "Speedbag" Sever in May, with Erik "Hamms Of Doom" Stroude replacing him shortly after. Everything else is up to date though regarding their current status and plans, and hopefully 2014's a big year for them!

The Dyadics: No changes, beyond noting their increased album availability on iTunes. The London hard rock duo continue work on their music and prominence, and they have the skill to get them there, so keep tabs on them to follow along!

Bury Your Demons: On their lineup, I note singer Jimmy Shaddix's departure (he was replaced by Ryan Blanchard), along with the addition of John Philip on guitar in February 2012, which we missed originally when we profiled this band in January. That said, the Illinois death metal band has offered no public updates since plugging an Chicago concert in April, and they may now be inactive, but hopefully they're alive still, as they're a brutal act with bassist Scott Mills providing a local tie!

The Line Drawn: Edits here were mostly to freshen up their status, including original material releases, a set opening for Juno winning metal band KEN Mode, and to amend references to their posted videos, as they have more than there was when we originally profiled them.

Brynhildr: Aside from a photo replacement due to a dead link, no real changes. This project was still alive as of June, but have had no major updates since, but hopefully Ryan keeps this project going, as he's a talented black metal musician!

Flint: The only edits were to note former bassist Jamie Vincent's newest local band project, as the frontman of the grunge duo Bad Back. Everything else is up to date given what we covered at the time, but they have big plans!

Lead The Dead: No changes, except for making their video larger. Lead The Dead have not reunited in the past year, but hopefully their members stay active in music!

Caste of Shadows: For the lineup, I noted the departure of bassist/Sault native Paul Melanson just earlier this month after a 7 month run with this Lethbridge, Alberta hard rock band, though you can still catch him live with Damage Inc.. He has yet to be replaced publically, but there should be more to update for this profile soon, including for more upcoming concerts!

D3athcharg3r: I updated references to members/Saultites Steve Rhodes & Andrew Angelic's other band work to note their current side band Saints & Serpents (essentially the successors of The Valentine's Day Massacre.) Aside from a replaced photo, the other major updates reflect the presence of videos of their current lineup, with one now embedded there in place of the music video of an earlier incarnation, so check out D3athcharg3r playing their newer song "Slow Decay" in London below and at the profile!

Cross Dog: All that needed updating is freshened references to their live run, especially as their local debut opening for The Dayglo Abortions in September has came and went. They've since opened for the likes of The Misfits & Fuck The Facts in Southern Ontario, among other gigs and songwriting plans, so keep an eye out for their next high profile work!

Damage Inc.: The only edit was to reflect bassist Paul Melanson's departure from his most recent live band Caste of Shadows. Metallica fans out west will want to keep tabs on Damage Inc. for sure going into 2014!

Life In Shadow: No changes. Life In Shadow have not suddenly reunited in the past month, and even if they had, there hasn't been a wide range for new updates to pop up, but I hope their members stay musically active!
I hope that covers all essential additions, corrections, changes, edits, and updates on our past profiles in this series! As we spend most of our time covering bands based in the area, the acts in this series don't get the same attention, but hopefully this addresses things I should have got to well before today. Next month in this series, we'll return to normal band profiles, as we'll be looking at Peterborough southern hard rock band The Lumbermen, whose lineup once featured veteran local metal/punk musician Mark Rand! Watch out for that on or around Boxing Day as usual, and stay tuned for news and concert previews at the SMS shortly! Thanks everyone!

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