Friday, February 10, 2017

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Moss & Neno Jovanovic

Here's this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles, as we're once again looking at 1-2 defunct or inactive local bands (2 this month) that we randomly selected for a look back at their run, accomplishments, and material in the current day! This month's selected acts come from both sides of the border, including one band with a lengthy run and a talented solo artist we haven't heard much from lately, so here's what you need to know for each profile! (Updated on February 11th at 9:26 AM)

Genre: Hard Rock

Hometown: Eckerman/Strongs, Michigan

Members: (Members not in their last full lineup in italics)

David Owen Mills (Life's Eclipse), vocals/ex-bass
Jason Mills (Life's Eclipse, Swampghas), guitar
Nicholas Kabelman, guitar
Terry Carrick, bass
Robert Kabelman, drums
Jason "Ogre" McConnell, bass

Info/Analysis: Moss were a Sault Michigan-area hard rock band that were originally active from 1995-2005, before reuniting under the Werehold Records banner from 2012-2015. Surviving information on their original run is in short supply nowadays, but Moss recorded a handful of demos and cited influences as diverse as Pantera and The Beatles at the time. After ending their 7 year breakup, Moss began work on a planned new EP, and saw four new songs posted to Werehold's YouTube channel (3 for their Friday the 13th music events), but have not issued a new public update in almost 2 years. The band's now-deleted songs with vocals (like "Undefeated") had a solid hardcore punk vibe, but their recent instrumentals had a nice mainstream hard rock groove with quality guitar riffs. Check out Moss' newest song "The Bright Lights Of Anywhere" below, and don't miss the Mills brothers in Life's Eclipse!

Neno Jovanovic

Genre: Metal/Hard Rock

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Neno Jovanovic, all instruments

Info/Analysis: Previously performing under the project name Metallurgy, local guitarist Neno Jovanovic manned his own solo project from 2009-2012, primarily posting original demos and covers to both his Reverbnation page and his YouTube channel, though all solo performances have since been deleted from the latter for unannounced reasons. It's a shame that Neno hasn't been musically active lately, as he was a talented guitarist with a good ear for original metal compositions and solid covers of everyone from Rob Zombie to The Police(?!), though playing alongside the original track at that volume can mask his contributions. As seen on tracks like the death metal number "Cryogenic Freezer Department" (which you can hear below), Neno has some harsh vocal ability too, albeit underutilized on posted files. Most of his surviving clips are under 3 minutes long and/or visibly incomplete, but give his entertaining tracks a listen above, and hopefully Neno returns to music at some point!

I hope you guys liked this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles! Next month in this series, we have randomly chosen mid-2000s local punk band Mayadevi (featuring Ashoka At The Show, Shit Liver, and Undead Warriors alumni) for our next defunct profile, which should be an interesting installment, so look for that on or around March 10th, and for more news and notes on the site soon! Thanks everyone!

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