Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Faithless Sin's Return, The Latest Kiss Updates, And More!!

One final post in the lead up to the local concert event of the year, and yes, we have new Kiss updates, along with the latest on a local drummer's entry in a major contest, but first, the return of a notable local metal band! And remember to check out this morning's post with new concerts, a Skull Fist preview, and the latest from Woods of Ypres in the post below, and for an extended preview of the Kiss concert, click here or check two posts below this one!

Faithless Sin are BACK! Last seen on stage in 2006, the local thrash metal band that (more or less) evolved into Time of Ruin have officially reunited with new internet pages in tow! Currently, the band includes three of their old members, including former Time of Ruin/Operation: Killdozer frontman Jason Bourcier (you'll also recognize him as a former bassist in Fitswitch & SIGHdEFECT, among other bands), No Arrow drummer Joe Falco on guitar (you may remember him as part of the local cover band Flashback), and bassist Ryan Gratton! The other two band members from their last incarnation, drummer Mark Parent & Quite Frankly guitarist Frank LaTassa, are apparently not taking part in the band's return. Not a lot to say yet about Faithless Sin's return, they have launched a new Facebook page and a new MySpace page, but their old MySpace page is still online. Their Facebook page has some descriptions of their sound, and claims that we'll hear some updates and songs soon! We'll have to see, but I know I'm happy to see them back! I remember seeing them once or twice locally, and Jason's thrash projects are always worth seeing, though I wish they lasted longer! Check the above links for more, including their original MySpace page, which has an live jam session clip of their original song "Chaos Reigns"!

And now, the latest Kiss updates as we inch ever closer to this major concert event! Firstly, I can guarantee you that there was no inclement weather to stop Gene Simmons and company from making it to town for this show, as this photo will attest. A SooToday reader spotted one of Kiss' trucks on The International Bridge at 11:45 this morning, took a picture, and submitted it to SooToday, so if there's any skeptics out there still doubting this concert, voila! Next, videos have been posted on The Sault Star's official website featuring interviews with two subjects recently quoted in Kiss-related Sault Star articles! One is Rachelle LaBrecque's interview with The Rad Zone's Len Ward about the Kiss concert, the festivities surrounding it, and their extra stocking of Kiss merchandise at The Rad Zone in the lead-up to the show. You can check it out by clicking here! The other is Brian Kelly's interview with Ward 2 Councillor Terry Sheehan about his Kiss/Sault Ste. Marie t-shirt, and his hopes and plans for meeting with the band and attending the concert! Click here to watch, and note that I can't embed these videos here, so you'll have to visit the links to view the videos.

Two more notes. Firstly, I can confirm that my ticket says that camera are NOT allowed at the concert. That being said, people are bound to break that rule, so do so at your own risk. And, one more Sault Star article for you guys today, this being an interview conducted by The Sault Star's Jeffery Ougler with Kiss drummer Eric Singer! Eric discusses the pressure and reaction he still faces from replacing Peter Criss, Eric's take on our original December date's cancellation, how their tour is going, his past work with Alice Cooper, and he dropped a few hints as to what we might expect tonight as well! He vows that there'll be bigger and better effects and more pyro than we would have got last year, so watch out for that! Good article, check it out at this location, and stay tuned to this post over the next few hours if any new updates about the Kiss concert come to light!

(UPDATE 5:15 PM) Kiss are in Sault Ste. Marie! SooToday's David Helwig reports that the band landed in Sault Ontario at 3:39 today via a Raytheon Hawker 800 twin-jet aircraft. They left from a show in Indianapolis at 2:25 PM today. Click here to read the update, and click here for Donna Hopper's photo of a familiar face! And remember, a pre-show gathering featuring Len Ward, Terry Sheehan, Josh & Evan Belleau, and tons of Kiss fans will take place at 5:00 PM at Foggy Notions, so head on down there to get ready for the concert!

Finally for today, here's some more updates on Nixxon Dixxon drummer Jake LaLonde's quest to earn a full scholarship from Hollywood's Musicians Institute! Fans have really jumped on the bandwagon to support Jake and vote for him in the Full Ride Scholarship Contest, because he was in SIXTH PLACE out of 600 musicians yesterday! When I checked today, he was in third on the daily count, so it shows that people, fans, family, and supporters are really getting the votes in! The higher Jake gets, the more likely that The Musicians Institute will select him for the live finals in Hollywood on September 3rd! You have just FIVE DAYS TO VOTE, so click the above links to get on that! Remember, you have to register first, but that's simple and no different from most sites that need an account. It should be noted that in one e-mail sent to people supporting Jake through a Facebook event page for the campaign that Jake is apparently going to attend The Musicians Institute this fall regardless of if he wins or not, so I wonder what this will mean for Nixxon Dixxon? A new drummer? A hiatus during the school semesters? A breakup? I can't say, but the band don't have scheduled concert dates past this month, for what that's worth. Fingers crossed they're not breaking up though, they're too good of a band! I'll keep you posted on Jake's quest for the full ride, and of course, VOTE FOR JAKE TODAY!!!

That should be all for now, but as I said earlier, if new Kiss information comes out prior to when I head downtown for the concert, then I will edit this post with the news! Stay tuned if something does come out, and if nothing does, I will see you guys at The Essar Center TONIGHT and at The Rockstar Bar after the show! It's time to rock n' roll all night, and party every day!!!

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