Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Sevendust & Turner Up), Skull Fist Preview, And Woods Of Ypres News!!

Massively packed post tonight, with loads of major updates, including a HUGE concert announcement, and before anyone asks, Kiss news and notes are 100% of the preview post from yesterday and may very well come later today in a second pre-concert post. But yes, it's TONIGHT! Now, this post includes some updates on "Woods V", the long awaited preview of TOMORROW'S Skull Fist show, and kicking things off, two LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!

On Wednesday, you may remember me mentioning that Sault Michigan concert promoters Allstar Promotions were contemplating bringing a huge modern hard rock package to the area in mid-October. Well, it's confirmed: Atlanta metal band Sevendust are coming to The Dreammaker's Theater at Kewadin Casino on October 19th! This was confirmed by Allstar Promotions' Facebook page. Known for three gold albums and hit singles like "Unraveling", "Driven", "Enemy", and "Ugly", Sevendust are an awesome modern metal band, very catchy, and they'll be sure to rock Kewadin Casino hard in October! Joining them, as previously announced, are Knoxville, Tennesse hard rockers 10 Years (best known for their hit song "Wasteland"), Florida christian metal quartet Since October, and Austin, Texas metal band Anew Revolution! All have some good songs, check out the above links for more! Sounds like a solid lineup of hard rock, hopefully there's a good turnout! It's likely an all ages concert, it will start at 7:00 PM on October 19th, and tickets will be $20 when they go on sale on August 21 (ONE WEEK FROM SATURDAY) at the Kewadin box office! Note that Kewadin Casino's ticketing page does NOT list this show yet, but give it time, cause it's official! I'll keep you guys posted as I hear more!

Another new concert to share tonight, this time, a short notice return for a local cover band! Turner Up WILL be playing one single show this weekend, on SATURDAY NIGHT at The Rockstar Bar! Fresh off their latest weekend dates at The Nicolet Tavern, the band will hit the stage on Saturday night at 10:30 PM for a night full of rock hits and awesome songs! No announced cover charge, you must be 19 to enter. Confirm your attendance at the official Facebook event page! Once again, I apologize for the short notice of this concert, the event page was only just created today. Should be another fun show, I still need to go out and see them with Brent on vocals though. Click the above links for more, and also, here's another Turner Up related note. Singer Brent Royer e-mailed members of the band's Facebook group on Sunday to ask fans what they'd wanna hear the band play at concerts. Got any suggestions? Contact Turner Up at the above links to share your ideas! Wanna hear more metal, a certain band or song, or something completely random? Let them know!

Now, to our long awaited preview of a concert that has really gotten lost in the shuffle amongst all the Kiss speculation. But don't let it slip you by, cause it's a very promising concert, so here's what you all need to know! Tomorrow night, at 9:30 PM, three prominent Canadian metal bands will hit The Canadian Nightclub for a concert that's sure to start a few pits! Toronto classic heavy metal band Skull Fist will be headlining on the first stop of their Wild Wild West tour of Western Canada! Prepare to get skull fisted by a great 80's metal sound that will definitely get you guys moving tomorrow night! Also joining them are two radically different opening bands that are still quite heavy! One is Toronto instrumental progressive metal trio The Isosceles Project, who'll definitely impress you guys with their proficient musical abilities and hard hitting sound! Who needs vocals anyway, these guys don't, and progressive fans should take note! Rounding out the lineup is North Bay experimental metal band Thekillingfield, who you guys will likely recognize from a few local appearances, most recently in May at Derelict's concert at Foggy Notions! These guys will start the show on the most extreme note possible, and will no doubt set the bar very high! Check all of the above links for more!

You must be 19 to enter, there is a $4 cover charge, and it all starts at 9:30 PM tomorrow night! This is gonna be one awesome show, I've been looking forward to this one for a while now, and I hope people remember this concert amongst all the Kiss hype, cause you're gonna get a lot of bang for your buck tomorrow night! Confirm your attendance at the Facebook event page, and for a preview, here's a 9 minute plus video from Skull Fist's CD release show in Toronto in March!

Finally today, here's some new Woods of Ypres updates of varying types and moods. What do I mean by that? You'll see. Firstly, recording sessions have begun for their fifth (and apparently final) album, currently titled "Woods V", though I figure a subtitle will be tacked on eventually. As I expected, the band are recording the album at Sault Ste. Marie's Stereo Soul Studios once again, same as when they recorded "Woods IV", which has been confirmed by producer Miguel Gauthier on his Facebook page. No word on if Joel Violette will be playing lead guitar on the new disc or not, though I can confirm that both of the Madden brothers will be a part of "Woods V". A new topic on Woods of Ypres' official forum says that "Woods V" will fittingly feature five tracks, so unless they're all insanely long, this could very well be an EP. The first sessions are to record drum tracks with Evan Madden, with Miguel saying the tracks are "Charles Manson type killer", and frontman David Gold says the drums are already "crushing!" I'll of course keep you guys posted on the whole Woods of Ypres situation relating to "Woods V" as I hear more! Note that this image has accompanied all talk of "Woods V" so far, I wonder what it means?

The other Woods of Ypres related note is towards a new Twitter account, which is being used and updated by a "David Yprez", who is the "official Woods of Ypres' gossip columnist", complete with his own e-mail address, davidyprez@gmail.com. Now most of you will likely recognize the profile and background photo on the Twitter page as a clean shaven David Gold in a black and pink shirt, but just listen to what has been tweeted by "David Yprez" (likely pronounced ee-prez, a'la gossip columnist Perez Hilton.) The first few tweets were negative excerpts from a Woods of Ypres CD review, followed by inside tweets from "sources" about the sessions for "Woods V". Now, on the surface, I took these on a humorous level, as I'm sure is intended. David Gold's always had a wit, and it's in force here! But if you read into things a bit more, could this just be another layer of fog onto the whole situation of David's departure from Canada and the apparent shutdown of most Woods of Ypres activities? I dunno, but I've gotten that vibe a bit. This one tweet especially had me wondering: "Apparently "Woods 5" will be the final WOODS OF YPRES album. It is, in fact, officially their fifth album (this has been confirmed)." What say you guys? Another public diversion, a hint towards something unexpected, or just a witty tweet? The questions continue, and likely will for a while yet. I'll of course keep you guys in the loop! Check out David Yprez's Twitter page at this location, and make your own judgment!

That's all for now, but stay tuned this afternoon for one final news post prior to the Kiss concert! I'll have final Kiss updates in the lead-up to the big show, plus updates from Jake Lalonde's Musicians Institute contest, the return of a notable local band, and more! Stay tuned, and remember, a full preview of the Kiss concert is in the post below, with more coming later today!!

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