Sunday, August 22, 2010

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: M7K

Hey guys, it's time for the second installment in our Defunct Local Band Profile Series! As I hope to continue to do, I have randomly selected one local metal/hard rock band from the past to profile and give you all the details, information, and material on! Remember, this series doesn't discriminate for talent, longevity, live experience, membership, metal subgenre, or personal preference. As long as they have an actual website or internet page, they're eligible to be profiled! This time, we focus on a short lived metal project from a pair of local musicians from early last year, so here's what you should know in this second profile in our newest monthly series! (Edited on May 6th, 2013)

Genre: Metal/Rock/Grunge

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Members: (Information related to which instrument each band member played may be incorrect. E-mail me at if you can confirm who played what!)

Mike Vincent (Skull After Betrayal, The Bear Hunters), guitar/drums
Kieran Heatley, guitar

Audio/Video: M7K posted just two audio demos on their PureVolume page, both versions of the same song, "Damien's Arrival". One was a rough prototype, the other was a newer edited version. Both were recorded from live jam sessions, and their page alludes to including the song on an unreleased album entitled "Burning Bibles". The two versions of "Damien's Arrival" are free to stream and download from PureVolume if you want, but for convenience sake and to spread this material to a larger audience, I've uploaded both versions of the song onto YouTube in the video below! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT OR HARM IS INTENDED!!!

Info/Analysis: Not a lot can be said about M7K, as they didn't post a biography on their page. Mike Vincent is a veteran of a few local bands from the last few years, including stints fronting Skull After Betrayl & Devastation of the Heavens, along with his brief tenure in The Bear Hunters. I think M7K was a side project during his time with Despised Eyes, but don't quote me on that. Family was a strong link in M7K, as Kieran Heatley is Mike's fiancee's brother, and the song "Damien's Arrival" likely alludes to Mike's oldest son, also named Damien. The band launched around March of 2009 and didn't appear to last too much longer than that. Their sound is definitely not the best that we've heard from Mike's past projects, but to be fair, these are rough instrumental demos from just two guys, and M7K didn't last long enough to refine their sound beyond what was posted. You can tell they're demos cause you can hear a dog bark & background talking in the prototype! The riffing and drumming get very repetitive, and the recording quality isn't great, but the guitar soloing shows promise! Of the two, the second edited version of "Damien's Arrival" is better than the prototype version for quality and sound, if you wanted to pick and choose. Not the most prominent or best of Mike's past bands, but check them out, and see what you think of M7K!
Hope you enjoyed this month's profile! Not the biggest band, but again, that's the joys of random selection. You never know what's next! As I promised last month, September's defunct band profile WILL be a Sault Michigan area band, but which one? By way of a completely random selection, next month's defunct band to be profiled will be... Lower S.E.S., the long defunct groove metal quartet from Sault Michigan, featuring (among others) Half A Man's Erik Rintamaki & veteran local drummer Mikey Bishop! This'll be a good profile for sure, watch out for it between September 15th and 21st!

That's all for now, but stay tuned real soon for news from Woods of Ypres, 7/47, and much more, along with our newest Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profiles! Thanks everyone!

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