Friday, August 13, 2010

Kiss Concert Video Showcase: Part Two!!

The Kiss concert videos continue to pile in, and we have tons more to share today! In fact, there's a whopping 32 new videos from their show at The Essar Center on Tuesday, from 4 more YouTube channels, so today, we'll share them with you guys! Whether you wanna relive that unbelievable night, or just try and imagine what it was like, now's your chance! So, here we go, with our second Kiss Concert Video Showcase! And no, I haven't found videos of either Garden of Bedlam or The Envy's sets yet, sadly.

It's only fitting to kick off this post with the way Kiss kicked off their set on Tuesday! This video comes from YouTube user mrfatelurk, who uploaded 5 concert videos onto his YouTube channel yesterday! Only two are full songs however, his videos of "Beth" and the one we're showing below. He also has videos posted of Gene Simmons breathing fire, Gene's bass solo (complete with blood spitting and his rise to the rafters), and Paul Stanley's zipline voyage back to the stage during "I Was Made For Loving You"! I also have mrfatelurk's videos first because his videos are of the best video quality that I've seen of the new clips! The audio isn't on par, but it's not bad, the songs are easy to make out. Check out the above links for some pretty good footage, and below, I have the best quality video I've seen so far of Kiss' intro, including the beginning videos and their smoke filled rotating platform entrance, along with their opening song, "Modern Day Delilah" in full! Great stuff!

Our next videos come courtesy of YouTube user canadiens5, who you may remember as the uploader of three videos from Three Days Grace's show in December! He's back with some scattered videos of Kiss' set, including videos of "Detroit Rock City", "Modern Day Delilah" (with intro), Gene Simmons breathing fire, a closer up moment of Gene, two clips of "Rock N' Roll All Night" (click the links for part 1 and part 2), and the video below! He was basically across from me in the arena, and he's got some good side-stage angles of the band! Audio's pretty good too, about on par with the video quality. These turned out better than his Three Days Grace videos! Check the above links for more from canadiens5, and I'm embedding Kiss' performance of "Say Yeah" below, so give it a look!

Next up, Duane Roy's back with more audio recordings of the show! He uploaded three more audio clips yesterday, including Kiss performing "I Love It Loud" and "Love Gun", along with a recording of Paul Stanley's rendition of "Whole Lotta Love"! Basically, these are of the same quality as his first videos that we featured on Wednesday, good audio but a bit muffled compared to some of Duane's earlier audio recordings. If it matters, the new videos feature Kiss concert photos instead of his tickets, so note that too! I'll show you guys one of my personal favourite Kiss songs below, thanks to Duane for recording it! So here's "I Love It Loud", but check out the rest of his Kiss recordings at the above links!

The rest of the new videos, 18 of them, are from YouTube user hbogie123's channel! And yes, I said 18 videos! He's uploaded these over the past couple of days, and they include videos of Kiss' intro, "Modern Day Delilah", "Let Me Go Rock N' Roll", "Crazy Crazy Nights", "Calling Dr. Love", Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer's solos (click the links for part 1 and part 2), a part of Gene's bass solo & "I Love It Loud", "Love Gun", "Black Diamond", "Detroit Rock City", "Beth", "Lick It Up" (part 1 & part 2 here), "Shout It Out Loud", "I Was Made For Loving You", and part 1 & part 2 of "Rock N' Roll All Night"! hbogie123 was VERY close to the stage, so his videos look great, but the audio sounds more muffled than it should be, with the instruments seeming tuned down. But overall, he got some great footage, especially concerning all the stunts, tricks, and effects that the band employed! For the sake of variety, and because this is one of the longer clips, I'll embed their performance of "Crazy Crazy Nights" here, but be sure to check out all of the videos above, cause there's some great stuff that hbogie123 captured!

That's all for now, but be sure to tune in to The Sault Metal Scene TONIGHT for more news and updates! And, just in case you guys didn't hear on Facebook, my review of the Kiss concert on Tuesday made it to Kiss' official website! Click here to check it out! I still can't believe it!

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