Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kiss/Garden Of Bedlam Contest, Upcoming Concert Updates, Plus Clownsack & Sevendust News!!

We're back with more news and updates, and this one is packed with some cool news and updates, notably new bands confirmed for a pair of major upcoming outdoor concerts, a really cool contest just announced today that you can enter, and a possible upcoming concert! Let's begin!

Hey metalheads, how would you like a FREE ticket to TUESDAY'S Kiss/Garden of Bedlam concert at The Essar Center? How would you like a bunch of Garden of Bedlam merchandise to go along with it? As their way of giving back to their fans, Garden of Bedlam and The Rad Zone are holding a contest for a Garden of Bedlam prize package including a ticket to the Kiss show on Tuesday, a Garden of Bedlam t-shirt, an autographed photo of the band, a copy of their self-titled debut EP, and your name will be added to the special guest list for the afterparty at The Rockstar Bar after the concert ends! That sounds like an awesome package, but how can you win it? Just head on over to The Rad Zone's Facebook page and reply to the newest post (describing the prizes to be won) by typing your name as a reply. Similar criteria to enter as previous Rad Zone contests, basically. The winner will be drawn on SUNDAY at 6:00 PM, so you guys have a few days left to add your name to enter! If you don't have a Kiss ticket, you want more Garden of Bedlam swag, or both, ENTER THIS CONTEST A.S.A.P.!! Follow the above links to enter, and I'll let you guys know of the winner on Sunday or Monday when he or she is announced!

Secondly today, three new bands have been announced for the August 14th Pauline's Place benefit concert at the skatepark outside of The John Rhodes Center! Two have a metal relevance, the first of which being local horror punk/metal quartet Frightlight, fresh off of their two shows on July 17th at Foggy Notions (They played a second show that night after Rotaryfest wrapped up with The Fury and RedD Monkey, sorry for missing it!) Nice veteran presence from those guys to balance out the younger bands, and expect to hear songs off of Frightlight's forthcoming debut album as well! Also confirmed are that new local death metal band The Bear Hunters, in their live debut! Featuring former members of D.O.T.H., Lorax, and Dark Salvation, bassist Justin Lam told me that they've got lots of originals in store for their first live performance! Make sure to check out their first internet video at this location for your first taste of The Bear Hunters! The final new addition is local indie band The Tenagens, which ensures that all four of the bands from May's Downtown Showdown battle of the bands are a part of this special concert! The new bands join Bring The Fallen, SBD, The Fury, and DJ Spruceau on the lineup, along with tons of other family friendly activities, so click here for more details! I will keep you all posted!

Thirdly, a major Sault Michigan hard rock band has been added to next weekend's Sugar Island Music Festival in Sugar Island, which is just outside of town! Local funk rockers Clownsack will hit the stage not long after they rocked the Kewadin Casino 25th Anniversary Summer Festival for their third show of the year! They will hit the stage at 6:30 PM for a one hour set on August 13th, the same day as fellow local hard rock bands Nixxon Dixxon and Free Refill! My source for this information is a MySpace event posted by the band. Great to see them back on stage, I can't wait to hear their next album, whenever it comes out! I have got to see them live one of these days too! Also added to the lineup for August 14th is local acoustic band Electric Motor Fish, also fresh off of the Kewadin Festival! Though not metal, Shift drummer Tony Rogers is in the band, so make note of that! Remember, because the organizers of the Sugar Island Music Festival aren't updating fans on the complete lineup on the festival website, I can only confirm what I find online, so this lineup is far from complete, but if anyone else of note is added, I'll let you all know!

Also to note from the Clownsack end of things, their Kewadin Festival performance marked their debut as a five piece, featuring new guitarist Sparxx! According to the band's MySpace page, he's "fresh off the Barnum & Bailey Circus tour"! Haven't heard full audio of the new lineup yet, hopefully we'll get a taste soon! I want to note that in June, Clownsack had announced that they would be looking for a new guitarist (or two) to replace current guitarist Butter Cookie, who was eventually planning to leave the band, but the bulletin they announced that on has since been deleted from MySpace. Is Butter Cookie sticking around? Sounds like it, and if so, I'm glad, cause he added a great dimension onto their first CD "Rotten Candy"! Watch out for the new 5 piece Clownsack EP (with 5 songs) in the coming months, and stay tuned tomorrow for a short notice LOCAL CONCERT ALERT concerning Clownsack's return to the stage THIS WEEKEND!

And finally for today, here's another Sault Michigan concert note, this time around a possible major concert for the fall! Allstar Promotions, the group behind many of the newer rock band concerts at The Dreammakers Theater at Kewadin Casino, have announced another possibility for a concert they could book for later this year. The possible show would be headlined by Sevendust, the gold selling metal band from Atlanta (who I'm a big fan of), along with openers Anew Revolution, 10 Years (best known for their song "Wasteland"), and Since October. The concert, if booked, would take place in mid-October, presumably at The Dreammakers Theater. Ticket prices would go for around $22, which is a VERY good deal! Would you go see this concert? I'd seriously consider it if it was booked, but I'm asking you guys. If you'd want to see Sevendust, 10 Years, and more in Sault Michigan in October, then voice your opinion in a reply to Allstar Promotions' latest Facebook status update on their Facebook page! Let's see if we can use popular demand to convince them to book Sevendust here! They're an awesome band, fingers crossed!

That's all for today, but come back tomorrow for previews of this weekend's metal and hard rock shows, including Clownsack's second show of 2010! Stay tuned!

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