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Pauline's Place Benefit Postponement & Tons Of Woods of Ypres Updates!!

Well guys, it's time to get back to normal SMS activities tonight, cause I can't just talk about Kiss all month! There's plenty of notable stories to get to this month in what promises to be another packed month of news! Hell, we're on pace for 38 posts this month, I can't let things slide! We have news on a concert postponement, and TONS of Woods of Ypres news, so let's get things going!

In case you guys didn't hear on our Facebook page or in my edit of our weekend concert previews post, I should restate a concert cancellation here. TODAY'S planned benefit concert for Pauline's Place at the skatepark outside of The John Rhodes Arena has been postponed. Organizers confirmed on the Facebook event page that the postponement is due to weather concerns, and before you call shenanigans, note that The Weather Network is calling for thunderstorms between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM today. That would literally wipe out the first half of this OUTDOOR concert, and would make the latter half a wet time-restricted affair even if it were to go on. I'd heard rumours that a rain date would be tomorrow, but organizers confirmed that the benefit will be rescheduled to an undetermined date in September (either the 4th, 11th, 18th, or 25th if it will still be on a Saturday.) Shame to see this show postponed, I was really looking forward to it! But hey, we can't control the weather, it acts how it acts and we have to make due. Fingers crossed that the bands remain on the bill for the new date, cause there's a bunch I want to see! I'll keep you posted with updates on the rescheduling!

Next up, here's plenty of updates concerning Woods of Ypres' fifth (and reportedly final) album, "Woods V"! Now in the last few days, Kiss arguably became THE topic on The Sault Metal Scene, so I am admittedly behind on Woods of Ypres talk, but consideriing the quick recording pace the band is on, and the impending departure from Canada (and possibly music?) of frontman David Gold, this is stuff that can't wait any longer. We'll start with the "good" news from the Woods camp, and note that all of the information presented here comes from either this topic on Woods of Ypres' official forum, Woods of Ypres' official Facebook page, David Gold's Twitter page, and/or producer Miguel Gauthier's Facebook page. All drum tracks are officialy recorded for "Woods V", and Woods of Ypres will take what is apparently their "final photo shoot together" tomorrow morning. Bassist Shane Madden began his recording sessions on Wednesday, and David was quoted as saying the tracks were "br00tal". Bass recording wrapped up on Thursday. Guitar recording began yesterday with David Gold, and is either done or close to it.

No implication has been made about lead guitarist Joel Violette taking part, which leads me to think that David will play all of the album's guitar tracks, a'la "Woods III". David described the guitar tracks as "heavy as hell". Vocals are next on the docket after guitars wrap up. Note as well that David confirmed that the five songs are long, so you'll get your fill! All of this will be completed a week from tomorrow, if all goes according to plan!

Now, as you guys are well aware, David Gold has made it clear that he's planning to move out of country, and has left numerous hints, statements, clues, and claims about his future, Woods of Ypres' future, and so forth. Or should I say "unclear", given the vagueness and lack of hard detail about it all? We'll touch on that in a second, but amidst all of that, were you wondering how "Woods V" would be released? David addressed that very question on the "Woods V" forum topic, so here's what he'd like to do with the recordings! His ideal plan is to make 500 12" vinyl copies of "Woods V" (whether they'd be EPs or LPs isn't stated), with an enclosed download card, to be sold directly from the band. After that, they'd be only available on iTunes. David didn't close the door on a CD release, but according to his posting on the subject, the band "may not even press it on CD." So if you were wondering how you could get your hands on "Woods V" when it comes out, there's David's ideal answer, and if all does go according to plan, I would definitely order a vinyl copy!

And now, we touch on the whole discussion of David's emigration from Canada and Woods of Ypres' future. Now honestly, I know some people would want me to answer these questions by saying "David obviously doesn't want to say his full plans yet, so be patient already and let him announce things when he's ready." However, people should know what's being said and implied, and David's approach to all of this is getting fans talking about the band, so it's worth discussion. This time, I thought that I should just show you guys a sampling of quotes taken from the above links (plus David's personal Facebook page) that David has made concerning his trip and musical future. I'll try my best to make sure these aren't out of context, just what I'm sure refers to these mystery plans. So check out the new quotes and see for yourself! Note that certain sections are abbreviated for space:

"The final photo shoot is scheduled for Sunday morning, the last time the four of us will be together in the same place."

"We will be posting the final merch list asap... There's this (referring to David's going away party.) Then I fly! I have a few more days to listen and choose my final words as carefully as I can. I'm still conflicted about what exactly I want to say at this point, but... I'm working away. Motivated by the end. It's getting done."

"Recording Guitars for 'Woods 5' Today: 4/5 done. Only one more to go, some clean guitar "treats" and some finishing touches before I can retire from the riff making biz."

"(David) will totally go all Cat Stevens on your ass. I'm serious." (SMS Note: In case you don't know, Cat Stevens was a famous folk singer in the 1970s who dropped his music career entirely in 1979 to devote his life to the Islamic faith.)

"It seems some Australians are pleased with the end of WoY."

"Thank you, sincerely, to everyone who came out to a show this summer and all the shows before, since 2002, thank you!"

So, what do you guys think? I have to say, things don't sound promising for much of a future for Woods of Ypres beyond the release of "Woods V" and their upcoming music video. What we don't know definitely overrides what we do know, and what David's future plans are must be either completely unexpected, not typical of what a metal musician would do, or something huge. As recently as June 1st, David was discussing the possibility of Woods of Ypres playing European festivals in 2011 (source here), which he WAS open to, but since then, little has implied Woods of Ypres' continued survival that far ahead. I do know that he's flying to wherever he's going, and I'll be honest, my first instinct was Philadelphia to be closer to the Madden brothers for music projects, but since, things have went in many directions. A forum post on Encyclopaedia Metallum about the Woods of Ypres situation pointed to an interesting coincidence involving an Irish black metal band named Primordial, but it's likely just that, a coincidence. Another idea that's floated around: A move back to South Korea to focus full time on Necramyth or a related band, but again, what David doesn't want announced is being kept secret for a reason. We will surely find out more soon, and as for the (apparent) end of Woods of Ypres? I'll discuss my feelings on that when official word is made.

But I sure as hell am NOT ending this post on a bummer note! Imminent end or not, Woods of Ypres have life in them yet, and the newest evidence of that is the long awaited third installment of Woods of Ypres' official tour vlog from their most recent (and last?) North American tour! David Gold uploaded this onto his YouTube channel on Thursday, and it details the goings-on from Woods of Ypres' tour dates in Texas! Amidst lots of good quality video clips of their Texas concerts and the driving between them, you'll get such entertaining moments as the amusing handwritten poster for one of their shows, lots of moments involving beer, band members enjoying some shut-eye (and getting woken up), how David improvised a bathroom door that tells you where you're from, and much more! Check it out below, and stay tuned for Part 4 in the next couple of days!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for much more soon! I have news to get to from Sativa Rose, Nixxon Dixxon drummer Jake LaLonde, Frightlight, the Kiss concert, and, of course, Woods of Ypres! That and more is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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