Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kiss Concert Video Showcase: Part One!!

Well guys, I promised another Kiss-related post today, and here it is! A showcase of the first videos to pop up online from last night's immense local concert! I've found 5 videos so far on YouTube, all of Kiss, haven't seen any of Garden of Bedlam or The Envy yet. So let's show you guys what's online so far, and if you're wondering where the news coverage, certain photos, or specific Kiss-related updates are, I'll have them tomorrow, along with weekend concert previews and more updates, probably in two different posts! So, here's the first videos from the show, and remember, the post below this one has my extended review of it!

Arguably the best video of the bunch for audio AND video quality so far comes from YouTube user syrfer72, which is a video of Kiss' entire performance of "Detroit Rock City", complete with some on stage banter from Paul Stanley! I'm really impressed with the audio quality, and despite a far angle of the stage, it's very clear, thanks in part to the video wall! It's cool seeing the crowd at the angle where all you can see are hands in the air clapping and giving devil horns! It's great seeing the whole stage like this too. I was, though close, at an angle that didn't let me see everything equally. Look at all those lights too, I didn't think there'd be so many! And you can see why I was saying my ears hurt from the giant booms, imagine being right close to them like I was! Check this video out below, it's a standout clip so far!

Next is one of two audio recordings by Wawa author Duane Roy, a frequent sight at major Sault Ste. Marie rock concerts! He uploaded two videos onto his YouTube channel, of Kiss playing "I Was Made For Loving You" and "Beth"! Audio's not bad, though compared to some of his other audio recordings, they sounds a bit muffled. Good stuff, I'm embedding "I Was Made For Loving You" here because it's heavier than "Beth", though that was well played and recorded too! Eric Singer wasn't bad, though really, that's Peter Criss' song. Check both clips out at the above links, and "I Was Made For Loving You" below!

Thirdly is another video of "I Was Made For Loving You", which was uploaded by YouTube user acerauto21! The video and audio quality is severely lacking, with low quality video and staticy sound that makes the crowd come through over Kiss. However, there is one notable part of the video you should see! At around 1:10, you can see Paul Stanley's zipline voyage over the crowd to the spinning platform at the other end of the arena where he performed the majority of the song! If nothing else, check it out for that, even if it isn't the greatest quality!

Finally for new videos, we have a 27 second clip of Kiss performing "Love Gun" last night! This comes courtesy of YouTube user HeyMama555, and it's the closest video to the stage that we've seen, coming from the floor in one of the center sections! The video quality is nice and vibrant, but short and shaky, and the audio is very muffled. However, it does give a nice view of the stage and the band, the best so far without relying on video screens! Check it out below!

There we go, five videos from the Kiss show so far, and I bet you we're not done with Kiss videos! I'll have more as I hear of them, stay tuned later tonight for more Kiss news and updates from this huge concert! And, I will see you guys at The Canadian Nightclub TONIGHT for Skull Fist, The Isosceles Project, and Thekillingfield!

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