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Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile Updates!!

You may remember last month when I decided to skip November for a new Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile, as at that time, we had nearly exhausted the cache of metal bands from out of town that featured a Saultite in their lineup. I've found more that we can cover in the coming months, including newly found bands featuring local musicians like David Gold, Mike Haggith, and Ash Richtig, for example, but this series needed the month's break to regroup. However, I didn't want to let the series waste away the month, so I've decided to devote today's post to updating, correcting, and adding to the last 19 profiles that we've made in the last 10 months! Some need a clean-up, others have new band news to share, some are still perfectly fine, but either way, here's what's new and what's been changed!
Phatstick: Firstly, their GarageBand profile has been removed, as GarageBand was shut down in July. I replaced it with their Facebook page and Facebook group, which surprisingly weren't posted when I first profiled them in January. Their band bio and my analysis have also been edited to reflect the fact that their current live setlists are now covers-only (shame when their originals are so good), and references to their recent concerts at Foggy Notions have also been added. I also elaborated more on their sound in my analysis, which seemed pretty bare, looking back on it now.

Will of the Ancients: I added a hyperlink to Woods of Ypres' MySpace page in the Local Info section, as it wasn't previously there. I also added a tiny referral to David Gold's work in other bands, but I didn't go into detail, as the profile's on Will of the Ancients specifically. Aside from that, little has changed, as the current lineup is no different, they still play frequently down South, and are still working on their next album. There'll be more to update next year though, I figure!

Papa Fogals Chair: I edited the band bio and my analysis from their profile to make it date-accurate, as I referred to their upcoming reunion show at Foggy Notions in February, which has long since came and went. Also, I had previously embedded three of their originals on there in lieu of a video because I couldn't find one. Well, I actually found one PFC live video on drummer Derek Turner's MySpace page a few months back, so it's now on the profile, and here! So check out this video of Papa Fogals Chair playing their original song "Truth"!

The Sexual Vigilantes: I edited the local info section to reflect the departure of bassist Brenton Ellis (a.k.a. Diamond Brent Panther) from Lion Ride, and I also added the fact that he now sings for a Toronto punk band named Maximum RNR. Minor details like Brenton's stage name and a link to his and bandmate Curtis Faux's indie band The Labour Of were added as well. That's about all, the project hasn't been publically reactivated since we first profiled them.

Feral Noise: Nothing new to add. The project hasn't been reactivated since we first discussed them, and the bio and profile topics on Tym Morrison aren't incorrect or in need of a major update, but if something changes down the road, I'll have it!

Sadomasochism: I restored the first photo on their half of the profile (the original link expired), and I added links to drummer Mikey Bishop's MySpace page and his defunct local metal band Bludgeoned. The rest is still alright, to my knowledge. Sadomasochism are still broken up, and Mikey Bishop remains in Summon with no glaring changes to his current band status.

Levitate: No changes. Levitate have long since broken up, with the members all living in different provinces. As well, Cory Murchison's current local band Sense of Truth doesn't have a ton of new updates yet anyway, so everything's good still, I believe.

Necramyth: Again, no real changes. Necramyth have not been reactivated since we profiled them in April. I added a tiny bit referring to other unmentioned bands that drummer David Gold has been a part of, but that's the only real edit.

Human Disorder: No major changes, except for an edit to the price of their last album on Amazon, as they're going for as low as ONE CENT right now! Human Disorder are long since broken up, and the discussion about Jason Taillefer and Joe LaVergne's more recent work isn't in need of an update, so there's nothing major to change this month.

Summon: Aside from adding the same Mikey Bishop-related links that I did for the Sadomasochism profile, nothing has been changed. Their current status and membership hasn't changed since we profiled them in May, but there's some exciting stuff on the horizon!

The Disciples of Rock: Their official website has since been taken down, and now hyperlinks to frontman Yves Rock's EFR Studios in Blind River, so I removed it from the profile. As such, a photo originally taken from that site on the profile is now a dead link, so I replaced the image with a newer live shot. I also edited the local info section to reflect bassist James White's current work in the local hard rock bands Browbeat and The Quims, although I wasn't able to determine if fellow Saultite Aaron LeBlanc had resurfaced in a new band or not.

Violet Fuse: The only edit to their profile reflects the fact that their self titled debut album is now on sale! When the profile originally went up, we were still hearing about the CD release show in London in August. Well, you can now buy it at their official website if you wanna, there's some solid stuff there! Other than that, nothing needs to be changed, as they still gig frequently with the same lineup.

Jar.: I added guitarist Chris Gorst's nickname "Weasel", but for more major updates, I added in their band bio that Jar. have since resumed playing live concerts (at least two of them), and have started work on a new album, which they are currently in the process of recording! Promising stuff, I can't wait to hear what they have in store for us next!

Thrawsunblat: I added The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society to the list of David Gold's other bands in the local info section. Really, the only other new piece of "news" is that Thrawsunblat have recently sold a limited run of t-shirts (details here), but that's not really something you'd add to a band biography. That's all for their profile, as their status and activity really hasn't changed since we first profiled them.

Hellhitch: No changes. Honestly, with information so hard to come by on Hellhitch when I first profiled them, I couldn't say very much new unless an ex-member posted a posthumous page like some other bands have done.

Kilacel: The only real update is to reflect bassist Chris Leask's current role in the local band River Witch, which evolved from Blind Baby earlier this year. Nothing else new to say, as Kilacel are still on a hiatus.

Fifth Way: My only real changes are to make it more current, as the profile originally referred to their coming debut on iTunes and their upcoming music video premiere. Both have taken place, so both are referred to as such.

Marky Lion: His local info has been edited to reflect that we last saw Marky on stage with Lion Ride at Southern Ontario shows and will next see him locally with them next month. I also added the fact that Marky will join with local friends to make up "The Mark Rand Band" next month at Coch's Corner to play the Marky Lion originals live for the first time, which should be a great concert! My analysis has also been amended to reflect this show.

L'anguisette: No changes. Honestly though, their profile was only last month, what updates could there be? I imagine there'll be more next year when "Damning The Euphrates" comes out, so look out for it!
There, hopefully things are more caught up and current now with our past entries in this series! So yes, after taking the month off from new bands, which band will be profiled next month? Well, I have decided that the band we're profiling next month will be Windsor, Ontario's S.C.A.R., one of the many projects by local guitarist Mike Haggith! Watch out for that around December 21st! That's all for now, but stay tuned for more local metal news and notes this weekend, hopefully! Thanks everyone!

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