Saturday, March 9, 2019

Punk Rock Princess Fest Video Showcase!!

Tonight's post is entirely devoted to videos from last week's Joni Radford memorial concert (a.k.a. Punk Rock Princess Fest) at The Algonquin Hotel, as Christopher Paci was on hand to film most bands for his excellent YouTube channel! These were uploaded earlier this week, and Chris got footage of every act except Coral Fang downstairs and Northwest upstairs, which I presume are causalities of the split level format. This was tricky to juggle, so I won't pass judgment on Chris not filming them. To spread things out, I'll hold coverage of Chris' Stegadeth video from The Algonquin Pub half for a future post, but we'll start today with three videos from headlining punk quartet The Cover-Up, who he filmed covering NOFX's "Linoleum", The Supersuckers' "Pretty Fucked Up" (they titled it, not me!), and as embedded below, Social Distortion's "Nickels & Dimes". The audio can be scratchy, but Chris has a good high angle of thi fan favourite (but online page-less) band in action!

The Rockstar Bar crowd's definitely into these covers, judging by the sing-along vocals, and the band has a strong grasp of these punk classics, so fans of The Cover-Up and Dustin and company's back catalog should definitely give these videos a look above & below!

Next up, Chris shot three videos of local hardcore punk veterans Destroilet's return set at The Rockstar Bar, including their original song "Eternal Fire", this song I can't immediately identify (which was shot in the vertical camera angle), and as embedded below, "iBomb". Notably, this song is one of two that night to feature impromptu guest vocals from ex-Detroit/Maximum RNR frontman Brenton Ellis, who is still listed on Destroilet's Facebook biography as their co-vocalist, but didn't participate in the full set like he did for much of 2015. No word if he's still a band member or not, but the dual attack of hardcore punk vocals came through very well here and on "Murderers"! Destroilet's ferocious old school attack was more than welcomed back this past weekend, and the raucous crowd reception made it clear that they were missed locally, and you can see that for yourself via Chris' solid videos above & below!

In a brief detour downstairs to The Algonquin Pub (a.k.a. Spin Nightclub), Chris filmed that floor's headlining punk/metal quintet Jack Spades playing most of their original "Fear Corps" last week, albeit on a vertical camera angle. In spite of that, the video proper is from a nice placement at the corner of the stage, and J.D. Pearce's vocals are clear as day on this well performed rendition! Give it a look below!

We'll close today with the opening band on The Rockstar Bar's lineup, namely funk/hard rock quartet The Elements, who Chris filmed playing their original song "G20". The vantage point here is the furthest of all of his videos, so it's not an optimal view of Rob, Jesse, James, and Jonas in action, but the alternating laid back and faster paced music comes through fine for fans of their ska punk material, so give The Elements' video a look below also!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for Chris' video of Stegadeth last week, and much more, in the coming days! Thanks everyone!

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