Monday, June 10, 2013

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Insipid Brutality

It's now time for our second monthly feature post at the SMS for June 2013, and it's this month's Defunct Local Band Profile! As always, this monthly series looks at 1-2 randomly chosen defunct or inactive regional metal/hard rock bands and their histories, media, and information, in the hopes that readers will enjoy reading and/or check out the profiled acts! This month's chosen band tore things up across the river for a couple of years in the mid-2000s, and recently had a posthumous return of sorts, so read on below for what you need to know, and if anything's missing or incorrect, let me know!
Insipid Brutality

Genre: Death/Black Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan


Teagan Sanders (Condemned), vocals
Tyler Dettloff (Midnight Manual, Kiddy/Wompus), guitar
Scott Savoie (Swayze Train), guitar
Louie Schmit, bass
Matthew Georgevich, drums

Audio/Video: No videos are known to be public from Insipid Brutality's run, but 9 original songs are available online to hear via their MySpace and Bandcamp pages, the latter of which sells them as their posthumous self-titled debut album on a name your price model (so it's free if you choose.) Recorded in nearby Kinross, Michigan during their active run, the album release from last April was restored by Kyle Van Howe, and is arguably of better quality than the original MySpace uploads. As a preview, I've uploaded their song "Lucifer" to our YouTube channel, so give it a listen below, but check out and/or buy Insipid Brutality's music at the above links! 

Info/Analysis: Insipid Brutality were a blackened death metal band from Sault Michigan that was active from roughly 2006-2008. Information from their run is minimal, but they existed in both quartet and quintet forms during their run, including playing scattered live dates in the Sault Ste. Marie region, and operating a similar acoustic side project named Condemned featuring members Teagan Sanders & Tyler Dettloff during this same time period. The band quietly parted ways by early 2008, with most members now living out of town, but Tyler resurrected the band's presence in April 2012 with the launch of new online pages and the release of their self-titled album (though they remain defunct otherwise.) I find Insipid Brutality to be a solid and very brutal metal band that had a lot of collective talent, and though some of their songs were drawn out with minimal guitar solos, the riffs and Teagan's vocals carried them nicely! It's disappointing that they only lasted for a couple of years, as successful extreme metal bands in Sault Michigan aren't plentiful, but give their material a listen and see if you find some appealing tracks!
I hope you guys liked this month's Defunct Local Band Profile! We'll return to Sault Ontario for next month's installment of this series, but what band is coming next? Through completely random selection, we're gonna look at early 2000s Sault Ontario hard rock cover quartet Sneaky Pete, who definitely broke up too soon, but hopefully this profile (on or around July 10th) will rekindle some good memories! That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news and notes very soon! Thanks everyone!

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