Monday, June 3, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Ahna), Essar Centre Concert Statuses, And New Videos!!

Before tonight's Skeletonwitch show, we have a new news post to get on the site, so what's on tap? We have a new preview video for a new original song, new material from a new album release (sort of), and the scoop on why there isn't many concerts going on at The Essar Center, but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for later this month, so here's what you need to know!

A unique blend of heavier genres will hit The Oddfellows Hall on Thursday, June 27th, and this show will be immediately different thanks to featuring three bands that only feature two members each! As previously hinted at on Jamie Vincent's promotion agency's Facebook group, this show will be headlined by Vancouver experimental grind/crust duo Ahna, who are finally making their local debut a few years after trying to get a booking here. Their droning and often sludgy sound has resulted in many EP and single releases, so give them a listen and see if this is up your alley! Joining them in the Soo (and for the second half of their Canadian tour) is Montreal "renovation grindcore" duo Powercup, who bring a brutal death metal sound in a smaller package to the table, and they should be able to incite some good mayhem come the 27th! The other confirmed band so far is a new local band named Bad Back, who appear to be making their live debut at this show. Described as "a grungy 2 piece", they appear to feature promoter Jamie Vincent in their lineup, but I know nothing else (i.e. the other member, online pages, sound samples), but I'll let you guys know if anything else rolls in!

A fourth band slot is currently open, and I'll let you guys know when/if it's filled. Admission is $5 for this ALL AGES concert, with doors opening at 7:00 PM, so for more details (and to inquire about the open band slot), visit the official Facebook event page! This should be a very unique concert compared to what we're used to locally, especially due to the size of the bands, but fans of grind, grunge, and drone metal should be right at home, so stay tuned for updates as they roll in!

Next up, are you among the local concertgoers who notice/complain about the lack of major concerts (metal or not) at The Essar Centre? SooToday's Donna Hopper explored this in a recent article for the local news website on Thursday, where she interviewed Essar Center marketing & events manager Trevor Zachary about the lack of concert bookings at this venue. In a nutshell, Trevor said that concert promoters are completely responsible for bringing major bands to The Essar Centre, and the arena (as a public venue) doesn't spend taxpayers money, especially with the risks involved when paying 6 figures or more to bring in bands. Open dates at The Essar Centre are offered to promoters, but complications relating to scheduling (i.e. existing Greyhounds games) have been an issue, as well as the fact that major shows in Sudbury tend to sell out easier and quicker than concerts here. If concerts here don't sell out, promoters are more likely to avoid the risk of bringing bands here, and instead book a Northern Ontario date in Sudbury.

The biggest advice Trevor had to get more Essar Centre concerts is to go to the ones that do happen, so they sell out and encourage promoters to bring more concerts here. I do see what he's getting at, but judging by the comments on the article, many still feel that The Essar Centre and/or Trevor isn't doing enough. I won't pretend to know the process, but I think Trevor deserves credit for what the arena has been able to do, and compared to bigger cities and casinos in the region, they will have a rougher go of it for booking bands. It's an interesting article all the same, so give it a look at the above links, and go see the shows we do get!

We'll close today with new videos, starting with new audio postings from new local hard rock/jam project Mike Haggith & The Din! The new band outlet for local musician Mike Haggith's solo material (with 3/4ths of the band Haggith in swapped roles) apparently recorded an album on Friday at their label/studio Paperclip Productions' headquarters named "Perpetual Musings", and it's now available on special order only for $5, so message the label at this location if you're interested in buying a physical copy! Due to it's release status (and the backlog for Mike Haggith-featured albums on the site), an SMS review of it isn't imminent, but it's unique in it's structure, with 4 songs spanning 38 minutes, including the previously featured 27 minute jam of "Limb Coast", the 30 second "The Call", and parts 1 & 2 of "The Plumber". The jam nature is unique compared to Mike, Daniel, and Curtis' other local projects, though you may have to listen for a while to find elements more to your personal preferences. I've embedded "The Plumber (Part 1)" below, and check out the rest of the songs on Mike's YouTube channel, as uploaded yesterday!

Finally for today, you may have noticed hints to recording sessions on young local hard rock quartet Ashes To Dust's Facebook page in the last two weeks, so here's what we know on that front. Starting with pictures of frontman Noah Morden & drummer David Peredun on May 18th in the midst of recording, the guys finally revealed that they'll release their first recorded original song named "Forgotten Lives" on Saturday, with credit given to ex-bassist Kyle Breckenridge for being "a primary reason this song was made" and to lead guitarist Alex Hemy for the work he's put in on the recording. On Saturday, this preview video was uploaded to their YouTube channel which features a minute or so of a rough take of the song, plus assorted clips of the band recording the track. I won't comment on the song yet, as they've said this isn't the final product that we're hearing in the video, but I'm definitely curious to hear the full song this weekend! Check out Ashes To Dust's new preview video below, and don't miss them at the third Sewer Swampstravaganza in August!

That's all for today, but I'll hopefully see you guys at The Canadian TONIGHT for Skeletonwitch! Thanks everyone!

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