Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hardcore Homecoming Fallout, Concert Lineup Additions, And Haggith Updates!!

Let's keep the news rolling on this Saturday morning, so what's in store today? Recent updates from a popular local band, new additions to two big upcoming shows, and first, some initial fallout from a major recent punk concert, so here's what you need to know!

At last, let's delve into the first of the fallout from last week's Hardcore Homecoming concert at The Rockstar Bar, including SooToday's coverage of the event! Donna Hopper was on hand to cover everything and snap some great photos (all in black and white again), and in her recap, she mentioned that she and Random Killing frontman Andrew "Drool" Kiteley deduced that this was the Toronto punk legends' first Soo show in 17 years (circa 1997, in other words.) Far too long, if you ask most people on Saturday! Bar sales even came close to breaking the venue's record, which is a neat accomplishment in itself! Solid write-up as usual, and as for her photos, 31 of Donna's shots made the article, sixteen of which coming from Random Killing's set and fans, but there's also 4 from Jack Spades' set, 6 from Destroilet's set (including one of guest singer Garry Ingram), three from London punk quartet Gatgas' set, and two from The Elements' opening set, so click here to see all of Donna's great pictures!

In case you're wondering, Local2 video cameras were on hand for an episode of Tuned with Donna Hopper, so I'd look for that in the coming days as well! As for more press coverage, an unexpected local news source was in attendance last week too, that being... the Sault This Week?! Yes, our free weekly newspaper was there, as Ali Pearson's interview with Andrew (credited as Drew throughout) is available to read both online at this location and in page 14 of this week's paper in the "Faces of the Sault" section. The article mentions that Drew travels home often to visit family, and features his remarks on how he got into punk rock, his move to Toronto and eventual addition to Random Killing, how they got a song on Sesame Street, his recent day jobs outside of the band, and information on his personal life. It's a nice in-depth article that could also serve as a crash course into his life for those unfamiliar with him or Random Killing, so check it out at the above links or your most recent issue of Sault This Week! Stay tuned for more Hardcore Homecoming fallout as we hear it!

Also today, here's notes on two recent band additions for two of local concert promoter J.D. Pearce's Halloween season shows! One is for the Gob concert at The Rockstar Bar on Wednesday, October 29th, as he confirmed yesterday on the Facebook event page that local indie/punk quintet Northwest have been added to the lineup, apparently in place of Oakville punk band Seaway for unannounced reasons (though their Facebook page implies that their tour dates with Gob end the previous day.) As far as I can tell, this will be Northwest's first public concert set since the release of their self-titled digital EP, though I have no idea whether there will be physical copies at the Gob show. Solid addition though, so don't miss them along with Gob and fellow locals Jack Spades & Redundant on October 29th! The other band addition comes two days later and one floor down for J.D.'s annual Halloween party at The Algonquin Pub on the 31st, as local hardcore punk quintet Destroilet will play this event for a second straight year, in just their second gig of 2014!

Quietly confirmed in recent days on this show's event page, this will mark the first non-Coch's Corner installment of J.D.'s Halloween shows to feature an all-local lineup (alongside Frightlight's farewell set and Sykotyk Rampage), and Destroilet should compliment things well with their old school sound, so prepare yourself for quite a Halloween season of punk and metal action! Stay tuned for updates on these and J.D.'s other shows as we hear more!

Finally for today, here's the latest news, good and bad, from local alternative/grunge quartet Haggith! On the positive side, the band revealed on their Facebook page last week that their upcoming concept album "Apocalypse II" is making great progress in studio, and it may be their last album released exclusively through their label Paperclip Productions, likely thanks to new bassist James White and the combined availability of his White Wreckords recording studio, which "XIV" is partially being recorded at (though no word yet on if James will be the sole bassist on it or not.) However, drummer Mike Haggith revealed on his solo Facebook page on Wednesday that he'll "be stepping away from music for a little while" due to "unfortunate developments" in his personal life so he can work to better himself. Mike elaborated that this will likely delay both of Haggith's upcoming albums and his planned re-release of his first "Neighbourhood Watch" solo CD (and presumably his teased best of release) for an indefinite time.

That said, Mike clarified that this won't affect the band's concert schedule, as Haggith aren't booked to play again until The Soo Zombie Walk on October 25th, though we'll keep you guys posted if anything changes in regard to that set. I do know the personal reasons behind Mike's break, and though I won't publicize them here unless he does, I hope he can power through this and be back in form before we know it! When all is back to normal, look for some big updates from Haggith, and best of luck!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes hopefully soon! Thanks everyone!

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