Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Destroilet, Music Depot, And Woods Of Ypres News, Plus This Week's Classic Video!!

The news keeps rolling in, and we have some interesting stuff to share today, but first, here's what to look out for through the weekend! Tomorrow, we'll preview this weekend's metal/hard rock concerts, and on Saturday, we announce the winners of the first four March Mayhem 1st round matchups and launch the next four for you to vote on, and by the day (maybe earlier), we'll unveil our next CD review! Now though, here's today's news!

A third local band are trying to qualify for an Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands slot on this year's Vans Warped Tour, and it's old school hardcore quintet Destroilet! As in the campaigns for Frightlight & Garden of Bedlam, Destroilet also want to earn enough votes to qualify for a slot on an upcoming Canadian Warped Tour event, where they can compete against other bands for big prizes, but there's one big difference: They don't want to play the Warped Tour's stop in Mississauga, which is what Frightlight & Garden of Bedlam are going for. Instead, Destroilet are hoping to make it on the July 16th stop in Montreal at Parc-Jean Drapeau! Why? I'm not sure, especially given that the field of bands is larger and have more votes, but maybe Destroilet didn't want to compete with the other local acts. Still, Destroilet on the Warped Tour anywhere would be awesome, so vote for them today! Click here to vote, and if you haven't registered for a Battle of the Bands account yet, do so, it won't kill you or cost you a cent. They only have 13 votes, come on guys, help them out! They deserve it, especially with their raised profile of recent months! Vote today, and for reference sake, Firefox 4 DOES allow the media player on Battle of the Bands pages to work, so you can check out "End Me" and "H.D.M." no matter what!

Next up, here's an odd question: Have you ever found a brand new video of a band because you made a typo? Well, because of that, I found two new videos of Woods of Ypres from their current East Coast tour, all because I accidentally typed "Wood of Ypres"! Luckily, someone made that error in the title of a video, so that was a cool find! These videos come from their show at L'Hemisphere Gauche in Montreal last night, which was coinicdentally the release date for the re-release of "Woods IV: The Green Album"! YouTube user xes1978 uploaded these earlier today on their YouTube channel, and they're of the band playing "The Shams of Optimism" & "Crossing The 45th Parallel" and "Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Coal)"! Good quality audio on these, though the angles should have been more varied, as I don't believe the camera panned to Joel Violette once. The videos are dark too, but again, there's that nice red ambiance that makes things look pretty good. Nice to see this footage as well, check the above links for more! I'll embed one of the videos here, so check out their performance of "Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Coal)" below!

Next up, here's some news from local music store Music Depot! Located at 137 Gore Street (close to the old GLOW location) It's a popular spot to get instruments, lessons, and gear, but only earlier this month did they launch an official website! We've known about their Facebook page since last month, but now, they have a website at, so what should you know? You can see the guitars, basses, drumkits, amplifiers, and mixers for sale, though some of the product tabs aren't active yet. You can't buy items through the site, but you can find pricing information and basic details on most listed items, as well as be diverted to their pages on Facebook and eBay. Many of the additional tabs and sections aren't finished yet, but in time, I'd expect spots for lesson info, used items, and product lines to pop up. Check the above links for more from Music Depot! While we're on the subject of music stores, I've edited the details for Sault Michigan music store Steve's Music, which has moved from 126 Ridge Street to 557 Ashmun Street, not far from the other music store across the river, Grooves Music. I'm not sure why they moved, or even when it happened, but to be fair, I don't hear a lot on Steve's Music, so maybe I've just been misinformed for a long time. If I hear some new stuff on them, I'll have it here!

And finally, here's this week's classic video! As always, I'm tying in the video with a band or performer at an upcoming concert, and in this case, it's River Witch drummer Ivan Schliska! Along with his more active recent work with River Witch, Ivan's long been a member of the hard rock trio Scofflaw, who've been rocking the area since 2007, despite sporadic band updates. We don't talk about Scofflaw much on here because they don't advertise many of their plans or shows, so I often don't hear about them, but I try my best! With that said, I found one video of Scofflaw in action, so here's what you should know! The band uploaded a video from a likely jam session onto their MySpace page on September 17th, 2008, as filmed by an attendee. It's of the band playing what appears to be an original song named "Love Destroyer", and it's not a bad performance, though there are elements I'd like to see corrected. Jeff Barnes' vocals seem to be too low, the song seems a bit too straightforward at points, and the location of the performance is mostly VERY dark, with only bassist Barney Gravelle being reasonably visible. Good stuff though, they have a grungy sort of unpolished feel that I don't see too much of from bands across the river, and it has a catchy element to it!

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT OR HARM IS INTENDED WITH THIS VIDEO!! All credit goes to Scofflaw and the original filmer, they did all of the hard work! The original video can be seen at I want this video and Scofflaw to get more deserved attention, they could use it! With all of that said, enjoy Scofflaw's performance of "Love Destroyer" below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for previews of this weekend's concerts tomorrow, along with March Mayhem updates, more news, and our next CD review in the next while! Thanks everyone!

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