Saturday, March 12, 2011

SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Motion Carried), Woods Of Ypres News, And More!!

This is a busy weekend at the SMS! I have enough news for two very full posts, so I actually divided them up equally rather than shoving all the important news into one post, just to keep each one's value the same! Just in case you're wondering, we have news on Destroilet, Duane Roy's next book, what happened to, some new pages for two local bands, and yes, the preview of Monday night's Buckcherry concert, so look out for all of that tomorrow! Today, we have a pile of news from Woods of Ypres, lineup updates for three upcoming concerts, and kicking things off, a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!! Here's what you need to know!

Just eight days after rocking the local stage at Foggy Notions, Vancouver punk rockers The Rebel Spell will be back in town THIS TUESDAY for a short notice concert at The Roosevelt Hotel! Why mention it on the SMS though? Because Motion Carried are opening! Yes, the new local punk/hard rock trio featuring members of The Scary Uncles & Frightlight will make their first live concert appearance since last week's "secret show" at Coch's Corner as openers for The Rebel Spell on Tuesday! A second opening band is planned but has yet to be officially announced. There will be a $5 cover charge on Tuesday, but you can knock $1 off the admission by bring a vegan food donation. As always for Rosie concerts, this will be a 19+ affair, and a 9:00 PM start time is advertised. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! Sounds like fun, hopefully I can make it if my school requirements are kind to me! I still wanna hear how Motion Carried sound, and The Rebel Spell are a great Canadian punk group, so make it out if you can! Check the above links for more!

Secondly today, here's some brand new video footage from Woods of Ypres' local show at The Rosie on Thursday! This is of the band playing their song about Sault Ontario, "Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground", and this was actually recorded and posted by this concert's promoter, Rich Moreland on his YouTube channel! He's not listed by name on the channel, but Rich uses the username "bloodthirsty213" on MySpace too. The video's good quality, but the audio isn't fantastic, luckily you can make out everything though! He was filming nearer to Shane Madden on the stage, and at points, you can see both of Woods' own camcorders filming on the left in the front rows. Good stuff, hopefully we see some more Woods of Ypres concert photos and videos online soon! Check out Rich's video below, and check out his YouTube channel linked above to see Rich run through Buckethead's "Jordan" on Guitar Hero III, and (oddly enough) two videos of Gates of Winter/ex-Woods of Ypres bassist Steve Furgiuele cooking!

We'll get back to Woods of Ypres in a second, as there's a lot from them to cover today, but first, here's a pair of lineup additions for two upcoming concerts! Firstly, Montreal pop punk band Skepsis have been added to the lineup for Thursday's punk night at The Roosevelt Hotel featuring RedD Monkey and "blue Chinese metal crash punk" mainstays Sykotyk Rampage! Remember, Skepsis were originally scheduled for a show last month at The Rosie, but wouldn't end up being a part, but they're coming for sure on Thursday! Not metal by any stretch, but seeing as they're playing with Sykotyk Rampage, it warrants a mention here. Click here for full details! Secondly, one replacement band has been found for April 9th's massive all ages concert at The Oddfellows Hall, as local classic metal quartet Late & Loud (pictured) have officially been added to the show, replacing SBD in the 6:45-7:30 PM slot between Shit Liver & The Bear Hunters. I imagined they could be a replacement band if need be, good to see them at an all ages show, with advance notice, AND with other bands for a change! No word yet on who's replacing The Fury in the 10:30-11:15 PM slot, or on Bring The Fallen's status, but I'll keep you guys posted!

We have one more lineup note for an upcoming concert, with more as well, and this takes us right back to Woods of Ypres! While we've heard little official statements on their next local concert on May 13th, I'll tell you what I know and have found out, with huge thanks to promoter Rich Moreland for this info! Firstly, I can confirm that one of the opening bands will be Toronto melodic death metal quartet Hallows Die, who do have a slight Woods of Ypres connection, as they worked with David Gold's old Will of the Ancients bandmate Colin Attlesey for the production of their first LP. They're a solid band, lots of nice experimental touches and brutal riffing, they'll do great at this show with their "twisted soundtrack" for our twisted world! Check them out at this location! Now to the question of "Where is this concert taking place?" Woods of Ypres said it was at The Rosie on their official forum, yet Hallows Die said it will be at The Vibe Lounge (Rich initially confirmed this with me last month too), so where is this show actually taking place? Foggy Notions! Rich confirmed this with me on Thursday night at the Woods concert, and though I don't know why the show was shifted from The Vibe to Foggy's, the music will sound great no matter where it is! Stay tuned for more on this May 13th concert as it comes in!

Finally for today, we close with some more assorted Woods of Ypres news from the last little while! Firstly, a blog entry was posted on Earache Records' official news blog on March 4th which features the first half of a lengthy write-up from David Gold about the writing and conception of "Woods IV: The Green Album"! He explains when he started getting ideas, what happened to the "Woods III" era lineup, and why he left Canada for South Korea, and the feelings and images he picked up while in the far East. Interesting to see his thoughts put like this, it's clear he put a lot into "Woods IV", and we haven't even read part 2 yet! Check out the article at the above links! As well, the band have announced four more out of town dates on their tour legs, including a March 22nd show (same day as the "Woods IV" rerelease) in Montreal, a special May 6th concert in Chicago, and concerts in Winnipeg and Regina on May 15th and 16th after they leave Ontario in their Western Canada tour leg! Though not local shows, you can find out more on all of these dates (and all their previously-announced concerts) at their official Facebook page! And yes, as always, these dates are listed in our out of town concert listings on your right!

That's all for now, but stay tuned tomorrow for another stacked news post, and remember, next week will see the return of some of our monthly feature posts, so stay tuned for all that! Thanks everyone!

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