Monday, March 21, 2011

SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Nudge), Frightlight News, And More News!!

Hey guys, here's an assorted news post for your Monday, collecting a bunch of older news stories and some short notice LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, so let's get this post up and running!

Marquette hard rockers Nudge are coming to The Satisfied Frog THIS WEEKEND! These shows are definitely more of a short notice announcement than we're used to, having not been included on their tour itinerary when I initially added their 2011 local dates to our concert listings, so make note of their return this Friday and Saturday! It should be noted as well that Nudge will be a three piece this weekend only, as guitarist Tim Prisk will be out of town, so this could be a more unique concert than you're used to. As is standard for Nudge's local stops, they'll be on at 10:00 PM both nights, there's no announced cover charge, and you must be 21 to attend. For more details, check the Facebook event page! It's always nice to see Nudge back in Sault Michigan with their hard rock cover attack, even if it's short notice and minus one member, so make note of their return this weekend when plotting your concert schedules! Stay tuned for updates, or if none come, watch out for a preview of the concerts later in the week!

Next up, here's the latest from Frightlight! Firstly, I forgot to mention this, but new rhythm guitarist Kevin "St. Mayhem" Powe actually made his debut with the band at that "secret show" at Coch's Corner earlier this month that also featured Motion Carried. I won't detail too much else though, it was secret for a reason. Now, to the big story, as Frightlight (like Garden of Bedlam) are also attempting to make it on this year's Vans Warped Tour through the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands! Like before, your votes can help send Frightlight to the Warped Tour stop in Mississauga on July 15th, where they can compete for big prizes, but you know what's happily surprising? They actually have a ton of votes so far, 1,240 at last count! This puts them at 22nd overall for the Mississauga voting, just a little over 500 votes from the top 10! Nice to see their votes so high, hopefully this leads to some big things, even if they don't make it to the Warped Tour! I've voted, hopefully you guys do as well! Click here to vote, and if you haven't registered an account to vote with yet (it's free and painless), the site will follow you in the right direction. Also, you do need Internet Explorer to hear the posted audio tracks (which are all songs from the "It's A...Live!" EP), as the player won't load in Firefox. Check the above links for more, and get voting!

Next up, here's the latest lineup news from Caveman Morrison! The band has announced the addition of drummer Willie Bellerose to the band, replacing Johnny Belanger. I've actually known about Willie's addition to Caveman Morrison for a couple months now, but he wasn't added to the band's lineup on their Facebook group until recently, so I hadn't posted it here. Johnny played with Caveman Morrison briefly last fall after replacing Jeff Richards in the band. A reason for Johnny's departure wasn't given on band pages, but he actually left late last year shortly after his Browbeat bandmate Dutch Vanderploeg left, and I believe their departures have a connection. Best of luck to Johnny though, his current bands seem to be doing well! I don't know much about Willie's drumming background, but from conversations I've had with frontman Tym Morrison, he is a very good drummer, so we'll have to see how he sounds when the band returns! Caveman Morrison have yet to announce a new bassist publically though, I'll keep you posted on that front! Tym has a good ear for musicians, so hopefully the new lineup will deliver when they return to the local stage! When more comes in on their new bassist and/or next concerts, I'll let you all know!

Fourthly, here's some more new Woods of Ypres footage from their current East Coast tour! These comes from their New York City concert on Wednesday at The Bowery Electric, as uploaded by YouTube user shesblonde the very next day. Two videos were posted, including a full clip of the band playing "Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Cold)" and a short portion of "By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)", so click on each link to check them out! The audio quality's actually really good, very clear, though the video is darker than the audio would suggest. Only the Madden brothers seem well lit, and Joel Violette isn't seen too often at all, but the audio quality makes up for it! The filmer's camera died during the latter video, so I'll embed "Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Cold)" below, so check it out, and stay tuned for more Woods of Ypres video footage and updates in our next news post!

And finally for today, here's a collection of the newest out of town concert dates for three local bands, in alphabetical order by band name! Firstly, local hardcore quintet As It Stands have announced a concert date on June 18th at The Sharon Hall in East Gwillimbury, which is a Toronto suburb, click here for more details! I also want to apologize for missing their show last week in Ottawa at Cafe Dekcuf, it completely slipped me by. Also, Sault Michigan's own Elipzis have announced a number of downstate concerts for the next few months, including shows in Grand Rapids & Muskegon in May, a weekend set in Mears in August, and most surprising of all, a show at a baseball park in August, where frontwoman Rachel Kiger will sing "The Star Spangled Banner"! Nice, I hope that goes well! Click here for info on all of their upcoming tour dates! And last but not least, Sault Michigan metal quartet Hammerspace will make their first ever out of town trip on April 27th when they head to Topinabee, Michigan for a show at Breakers Bar & Grill! Congratulations to them, hopefully this helps lead to bigger things for them as well! Click here for details, and check out the above links for news on all of these new out of town shows!

That's probably all for today. I have a lot of school work to get to, but I'll have more news and notes very soon, so stay tuned! Thanks everyone!

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