Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (That's Chester & Turner Up), A New Local Band, And Garden Of Bedlam's New Song!!

Well guys, it's time for a stacked news post at The Sault Metal Scene! I've been dealing with a lot of homework lately, so this post is later than expected, but the contents will make up for it! We have a brand new song from a local band who we've been anticipating new material from for quite a while, and some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, but first, here's a new local metal band!

I've personally heard about this band for a while, but they quietly launched a MySpace page last month, and now I know about it to share it here! The band is a new metal quartet from Sault Ontario named Skull After Betrayal (excuse the misspelling of "Betrayal"), and here's what you should know about them! The band features guitarists Mike Vincent (also of The Bear Hunters) and Justin Polutanovich (I think he sings too), bassist Adam Brett (Mike's old bandmate in Despised Eyes & Death Rise), and drummer Anthony D'Agostini. Though their public existence hasn't been too long yet, Skull After Betrayal have six originals at present and a bunch of covers from some prominent metal bands in store for when they make their live debut! Now their MySpace page does have three posted songs from a jam session (originals named "Death" and "Skull After Betrayal" and a cover of Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls"), but the recording quality isn't great, so I honestly can't make a complete bias-free judgement on how they sound without something with clearer audio. I trust Mike and company though, they're talented guys! Check the above links for more, and look out for them in the coming months!

Next up, here's some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS....FORTY to be exact! The first 36 new shows today are courtesy of classic hard rock band Turner Up! The band recently updated their Facebook group to reflect another six months of new shows from April-September! I won't go through them all in this paragraph, as this is a very high amount of new shows at numerous different venues, but I'll list them all in a second! Of note on their schedule, Turner Up will make monthly weekend visits to The Nicolet Tavern & The Roosevelt Hotel through September, with dates at The Canadian Nightclub, Docks Riverfront Grill, and The Rockstar Bar sprinkled throughout. All have multiple weekends booked except Docks, which presently is only booked for the end of April. All shows should have similar house rules, likely to have 10:30 PM start times and 19+ age limits, and though no cover charges are announced, I expect Docks, The Canadian, and possibly The Rockstar Bar to have a cover of $4 or less. Check the above links for more, but now, check below and in our concert listings on your left to see the full new dates, and go see them this year, they'll impress you!

April 1st-2nd: The Nicolet Tavern
April 15th-16th: The Roosevelt Hotel
April 22nd-23rd: The Canadian Nightclub
April 29th-30th: Docks Riverfront Grill
May 6th-7th: The Nicolet Tavern
May 20th-21st: The Roosevelt Hotel
May 27th-28th: The Canadian Nightclub
June 3rd-4th: The Nicolet Tavern
June 10th-11th: The Rockstar Bar
June 17th-18th: The Roosevelt Hotel
July 1st-2nd: The Nicolet Tavern
July 8th-9th: The Rockstar Bar
July 15th-16th: The Roosevelt Hotel
August 5th-6th: The Nicolet Tavern
August 12th-13th: The Roosevelt Hotel
September 2nd-3rd: The Roosevelt Hotel
September 9th-10th: The Nicolet Tavern
September 16th-17th: The Canadian Nightclub

As well at Docks Riverfront Grill, we can confirm four additional shows for you classic hard rock lovers! Docks confirmed their event schedule for much of the spring on their official website, which includes the above Turner Up weekend and... That's Chester, who will be back at Docks for four concerts this spring, fresh off a well received pair of shows this past weekend! Like with their recent trend of concerts, they'll be back for a weekend a month at Docks for the rest of the season, with shows scheduled for there on April 15th-16th and May 13th-14th! All four should have start times of 10:30 PM or later, with $4 cover charges and 19+ age limits. The band haven't officially confirmed these shows yet, but given the more sparse, short notice schedule of recent months, Docks' website has proven to be a good verifiable source! Sounds like fun, check them out if you can this spring, as they'll have lots of great classic hard rock covers in store! Check the above links for more details, along with the next Docks dates for Stiffler's Mom & Bone Yard, who feature one or more That's Chester members in their respective lineups!

And last but certainly NOT least tonight, is some exciting details surrounding Garden of Bedlam's forthcoming full length album "Everything Will Die"! 2011 had been sparse for band updates until Sunday afternoon, when the first full song from the CD was posted online at the band's various internet pages to stream! It's the full studio version of their song "Against The Grain", which will lead off the CD in the track listing (fitting seeing as it's the first song at many of their concerts.) Click here to see all the pages where the song is uploaded, as there's no shortage of sites featuring the song, but if you want a direct link, here's one. What do I think? I'll hold my total judgment until the album actually comes out. I want to save my complete thoughts for my review of the CD (this spring?) Let's just say that if you've heard the song live, you'll no doubt be impressed with the official studio version!

I was gonna share what looked like the final album cover here too, as I saw what looked like it on band pages on the weekend, but I think they pulled it, as I can't find it now. It was red, but I won't give too much else away just in case it was removed for a specific reason. Still, check the above links to hear "Against The Grain" as the clock ticks towards the release of "Everything Will Die"! I can't wait!

That's all for now, but I have more assorted news to share later tonight, so stay tuned for that! Thanks everyone!

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