Friday, March 4, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Sneaky Pete), New As It Stands Songs, And New Videos!!

Sorry this post is later than hoped, yesterday wasn't my day. A lot of (pardon my language) shit happened yesterday and this got pushed back as a result. I ended up missing the metal show at The Rosie, which I was NOT thrilled about, but I will make it up to you guys! I plan to hit another show this weekend to make up for missing Thursday, though it probably won't be the We, The Undersigned show on Sunday because it's an important school night for me. I'll be out somewhere tomorrow, so I'll get back on track one way or another! So today, we have a lot of notable news to share, including two new videos, brand new songs from a prominent local band, and kicking things off, a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!

Over a year after their local launch, hard rock quartet Sneaky Pete have FINALLY announced their first ever concert! On April 8th, the band featuring veteran local musicians Bill Brouillard, Mario Carlucci, Sean Berlinguette, and Mike Oakley will descend upon the stage at The Rockstar Bar for a night of classic and modern hard rock covers! It's about time, great to see them finally taking this step! With everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top in store, this show should be worth hitting, so make note of it! A 10:30 PM start time has been announced, there's no known cover charge, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! I imagine the long wait for Sneaky Pete to debut has been a long time, but if you've been excited for their debut and wanna enjoy some good hard rocking music from this talented foursome, you know where to be on April 8th! Hopefully I can make it to this show, and you guys should consider it as well! Stay tuned for Sneaky Pete updates as they come in!

Next up, Sault Ontario hardcore quintet As It Stands have unveiled two brand new studio-quality songs, which you can now stream at their official MySpace page! Both songs were recorded at a studio in Stoney Creek during one (or more?) of their recent Southern Ontario concert trips. Not sure of the studio or producer on these songs, but the quality's up there with their last studio work, which was done in town with Miguel Gauthier last year. One of the new songs is "Conception", which has led off a few of their more recent sets. It's not their heaviest song, but I love the intro, and I'm impressed with how Justin Pregent's singing has improved to the point where he can sing alright on the choruses! John Mignacca's drumming stands out as well, it almost seems like the main instrument at parts! Good heavy song all around! The second song, entitled "Big Problem, Little Lock City", features Straight Reads The Line frontman Blake Prince on guest vocals. As It Stands have supported Straight Reads The Line before at a few concerts, so that's a good link there! The singing as a whole doesn't sound too distinctive between Justin and Blake, but the song's heavier than "Conception" and it has some good charging riffs! Solid stuff, I wonder if As It Stands' newest studio material will ever find a CD release? Click here to check the new songs out, and stay tuned for more A.I.S. updates!

Thirdly, here's one of two new videos to share! This is a new music video of sorts from local blackened doom metal quartet Woods of Ypres, and it's for one of the softer songs on the album, "You Are Here With Me (In This Sequence Of Dreams)"! The song, which features guest guitar by Ottawa classical musician Musk Ox, isn't even two minutes long, but the video below is over double that in length! The video was filmed by frontman David Gold in early 2008 while still in South Korea during his time there in Necramyth and as a teacher, and it's basically David's line of sight during a trip to what looks like South Korean temples in the middle of winter. I'm likely wrong or underinformed here, I'm just calling it as I see it. The camera work is a bit shaky, but remember that David's walking with the camera for the duration of the video. He gets some good footage of everything, but I wish he would have looped the song or something to help fill the time, as the last three minutes are almost silent save for background noise from the original footage. Nice work though, there's some very cool building designs in South Korea, and the song suits it! Check it out below, and more from Woods of Ypres and David's other bands at his official YouTube channel!

(Yes, I have more Woods of Ypres news to share soon as well, I just wanted to get the video on here first.)

And finally, here's this week's weekly classic video! A bit later than I'd have liked, but it's a good one! This week, we're tying it in with another performer at a concert this weekend, and this week, it's Tym Morrison! Videos of his solo acoustic concerts are hard to come by, but I did find one on Facebook from a concert at The Big Cheese in Heyden circa November 2008 (he's playing there TONIGHT as well, don't forget!) This is of Tym covering the Extreme ballad "More Than Words", with special guest Luke LeBlanc (ex-Half Past frontman) on guest vocals! They harmonize well on vocals, Luke's sense of humour is on display at the beginning, and Tym pulls this one off pretty faithfully to the original! This video was filmed by attendee John Wood-Salomon and he later posted it onto his Facebook page. The original video can be viewed at Because Facebook videos aren't widely seen, and to help get this video well deserved exposure, I ripped it with Freecorder and uploaded it to our YouTube channel! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED! John, Tym, and Luke did all the hard work, they deserve absolute credit for this video and performance! So check out our newest classic video below!

That's all for tonight, but I WILL see you guys at The Rockstar Bar TONIGHT for The Saigon Hookers and Brad Example & The Role Models! Thanks everyone!

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