Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Who Made Who), Plus Updates From As It Stands & Woods Of Ypres!!

Guess what? Today marks our 666th post in the history of the SMS's current website/blog! How conveniently evil! This also ties our record for most posts in a month (35), and I'm confident it'll be broken by month's end, so that's a testament to how busy this month has been for news and notes in the local metal scene! So today, for post #666, we won't be unleashing the devil upon you guys, but we do have some big news and notes, including some Woods of Ypres and As It Stands updates and new interviews with both bands, but first, here's some SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!

Two months after they last rocked The Canadian Nightclub, Ontario-based AC/DC tribute band Who Made Who will return there for TWO SHOWS this weekend! Apologies for the short notice, a Facebook event page wasn't launched until Sunday, and I didn't hear about it until later than that. Usually, Who Made Who only play one show on their stops here (I've been told recent radio ads plugged their upcoming local stop as a single show), but organizers confirmed that they'd instead play the full weekend a few days ago, so they'll be rocking The Canadian this Friday AND Saturday! Sounds good, especially for the high calibre renditions of AC/DC classics that they always deliver! Admission on both nights will be $5, you must be 19 to hit either show, and everything starts at 10:00 PM! For more details, check out the above links! The Canadian's always a safe bet for hard rock and metal tribute bands, and Who Made Who are a frequent sight with loads of talent, so head down to The Canadian this weekend for some high voltage rock n' roll! Stay tuned if updates come in!

Next up, here's a brand new audio interview with As It Stands! Since their recent out of town concerts began, the band's profile has grown, and it's showing more and more, as evidenced by this interview with Trevor McKendry (a.k.a Sin City Animal) for a recent podcast through internet radio station Hard Rock Radio Live! Clocking in at almost a half hour in length, the podcast is totally dedicated to As It Stands, and features an extensive interview conducted by Trevor during As It Stands' trip to Windsor last week for a concert there! The whole band participates in the interview, and they discuss the band's formation, how it is getting a band started in the North, playing out of town shows, how they cover costs on the road, details on when they plan on making a full length album, their favourite bands and inspirations, their songwriting process, what their future tour plans are, and lots more! The interview has a nice relaxed feel, and Sin City Animal heaps praise onto As It Stands for their original sound and on-stage energy, which is cool! The podcast also features the band's two newest studio originals, "Conception" and "Big Problem, Little Lock City".

Great interview, although some more in-depth information on their beginnings might have helped flesh things out about their evolution a bit more. They absolutely deserve the press, and hopefully a lot more of it comes soon! Click here to check out the podcast, and note that I couldn't get the player to work, so I had to download it from the page (there are links there to do just that.) I have more As It Stands news to share soon, including some concert details for May that I'm waiting for more sourceable information on, so stay tuned!

And finally, here's some new Woods of Ypres videos! Yes, I know we've had a lot on Woods of Ypres lately, but in all honesty, they've had the most news to share, so I gotta fit them in somehow! Besides, when cool stuff like an 18 minute video interview pops up, you gotta mention it! Uploaded yesterday on Halifax internet show Metal Mouth Media's YouTube channel, this comes from their March 19th concert at The Coconut Grove in Halifax, and it mostly features host Louis-Paul Chaisson interviewing frontman David Gold and guitarist Joel Violette at what appears to be Woods of Ypres' merch table from the concert! The first 2/3rds of the video is the interview, and it's actually a bit different in question content, with David and Joel being asked everything from their road habits (breakfast, jokes, favourite stops, etc.) to their unique Canadian/American membership situation, to questions about the status of "Woods V" and possible European tours! I liked this interview more than some I've read and heard cause it had a natural ease and good will to it that came through especially well thanks to the video footage, so it's worth checking out!

Also, keep watching for a high quality HD recording of the band playing "By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)" from that same show at the end of the video, which is solid, but you can't hear David's harsh vocals too well, and the audience gets in the way a lot. Good stuff though, check out both the interview and the live clip below!

Finally, I won't go into too much detail about the contents of these videos, but there are two more new video clips of Woods of Ypres from this past tour! Once again, these are from YouTube user xes1978, as recorded at their concert in Montreal last Tuesday, which you can check out at this location! Why they couldn't upload all 5 at once is beyond me, but the new videos are of the songs "Suicide Cargoload (Drag That Weight)" & "Halves and Quarters" and "A Meeting Place & Time" from that concert! Nice to see new footage, but I can't add too much that I haven't already said. They sound good, and the lighting is nice, but the camera's too stationary. Check my posts from Wednesday and Monday for more thoughts of footage from this show, I can't add much else. Solid videos though, here's one, of the band playing "A Meeting Place & Time"!

That's all for today, but I fully expect a post tomorrow featuring more news, so stay tuned! Thanks everyone!

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