Friday, March 18, 2011

Sykotyk Rampage Concert Review & Garden Of Bedlam's New Song!!

Hey everyone, it's time for our next concert review, as for the first time ever, I'll share my thoughts on a Roosevelt Hotel punk night! Stay tuned afterwards though for how you can check out another new song from Garden of Bedlam's forthcoming full length album, but now, here's the review!

As yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, the Rosie was decorated in green and shamrocks for the occasion, and yes, green beer flowed throughout! Opening the festivities for this punk night was local/Toronto classical/punk trio RedD Monkey, who were about as good as I've ever seen them! Their mix of fast paced punk rock with a cello is always a unique sight, and they delivered soem good rocking material last night! Along with their original punk tunes, they brought back their "cello rap" sound to open and close the set, even throwing a cover of Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" in there, which was unexpected! Their energy was very good, and Steve Mozarowski's voice hit all the right notes, even with his on-stage banter! Solid punk set from them, and it's nice to see them play for a bit longer than I'm used to! After them were Montreal pop punk band Skepsis, who put in a solid set of their style of music, though I'm admittedly not a fan of pop punk. They had good energy and seemed happy to be playing in town! They are a talented band, and it showed on the songs they played, though Collin Steinz's singing was hard to make out for some reason. Not my thing, but they put in some good stuff, all things considered, and they fit well in this show!

The main event was "green Irish metal crash punk" quartet Sykotyk Rampage, who were right in the St. Patrick's Day theme, with members donning either St. Patrick's Day-related hats or dyed green hair! This was the first time I've seen them live in a year, and luckily they didn't appear to lose a step from then, although I did miss Curious George at his usual placement in front of the drumkit. Musically, in case you don't remember, Sykotyk Rampage's songs are made up at recording sessions, then re-learned for live performances, and the style of them is widely varying and very original. You have to hear them to get it, but I appreciate their sound, which is tailor made for drinking! They broke out drinking songs like "Drinking On The Weekend", "Drinking Problem", "and "Called In Dead" last night, including a well received cover of Flogging Molly's "Fuck You, I'm Drunk", which seemed to sum up the night well! Other "sykotyk" tunes like "Dolly & Valium", "Sex Toy, Oh My Baby", and "Lowest Of The Low" made the cut last night, with Paul and Dirk Becker's unique styles of singing giving voice to the material! The band played as well as I could expect for this harsh brand of music, but their stage arrangement seemed very cramped, and Brian Cattapan wasn't as animated on stage as I was previously used to seeing.

Overall though, for the sound Sykotyk Rampage provide on stage, they delivered as good of a set as I expected! There were of course numerous songs I'd like to have heard on stage, like "Take A Bite", "Long Way Down My C**k", "He Drinks", and any of the old "Wanga Danga" tracks, but with a 23 album back catalog, omissions are more than expected. They won't be everyone's cup of tea, but their brand of "crash music" will find fans among you punk rockers and metalheads, so give them a chance and see if you can appreciate their original brand of music! Of course, St. Patrick's Day fit well for their drunken madness too, so that ambiance is also nice! Check out my photos from last night at this location, or visit The Sault Metal Scene's Facebook page! And yes, I do have a video, so here's Sykotyk Rampage playing their song "Sex Toy, Oh My Baby"!

One more note today, and it's courtesy of Garden of Bedlam! They've been keeping busy recently, including booking a new out of town concert date on June 11th in Thunder Bay, and launching a campaign to get on this year's 15th annual Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands at this year's Vans Warped Tour! As in last year's campaigns by Lion Ride, Sykotyk Rampage, and many more Canadian bands, Garden of Bedlam are hoping to earn a slot on the Battle of the Bands at one Warped Tour show this summer, specifically the Mississauga stop on July 15th at The Flats at Arrow Hall. If successful, Garden of Bedlam could not only play at The Warped Tour in Mississauga, but could compete a chance to record a 3 song EP with producer Matt Squire and a $15,000 Guitar Center shopping spree! Another local band's getting on this again too, I'll tell you about them soon as well, but click here to vote for Garden of Bedlam! You MUST register a free account to vote, but it's a painless process, trust me. They need the support, they only have 27 votes at present (over 1,500 out of the top 10 for Mississauga), so let's band together and get their votes up! Check the above links for more, and did you notice there's something...."new" in the music player?

It's a new studio quality song from Garden of Bedlam, more specifically, "Three Days"! That was the song about the Kiss Battle of the Bands from 2009, and now you can stream it on their Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands page at this location! Note that if you're a Firefox user like myself, the player might not load (it doesn't for me), so I recommend opening their Battle of the Bands page on Internet Explorer to hear the new song. What do I think? Again, I'm holding my complete thoughts until my planned CD review of "Everything Will Die", but if you liked "Three Days" live, your feelings won't change! Check the above links for all that's new from Garden of Bedlam!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for our new poll, which launches TONIGHT! Thanks everyone!

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