Thursday, March 10, 2011

News From Woods Of Ypres, State Of Misery, Rock 101, And Kid Rock?!

Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I have some more news to share as we inch closer to tonight's Woods of Ypres concert, and they're leading off today's post with some more big news from them! Also, we have some interesting notes concerning State of Misery's lineup, Rock 101, and a recent campaign to get a notable performer to play in Sault Ste. Marie. Now, to the news!

Woods of Ypres are the focus of an article in today's issue of The Sault Star! Entitled "Out of the woods? Band banks on record deal for big things", the article is by Sault Star writer Brian Kelly, and features excerpts of an interview with frontman David Gold! David talks about Woods of Ypres' signing with Earache Records, what took the band so long to sign with a label, the recent press the band has received since signing with Earache, the future, and more! The article mainly deals with Woods of Ypres' label signing, though it does refer to the band's recent history and briefly plugs TONIGHT'S concert at The Roosevelt Hotel. It's a nice article that gives Woods of Ypres some much needed local press, but I noticed a lot of minor errors in terms of grammar and spelling, oddly enough. Apparently, the band includes "Joey Violette" rather than Joel, "The Bearhunters" are opening for Woods tonight (No space between "Bear" & "Hunters"?), and the article even accidentally mislabels David Gold's last name as "Wood" on one occasion. Aside from those, the article is really good, and it concisely details Woods of Ypres' recent news in an effective way!

Check your mailboxes or store shelves for today's issue of The Sault Star to read the article, but if you don't get or read it, you can check out the article online at this location! Good stuff, watch out for them tonight!

I have a bit more on Woods of Ypres to share as well, but I wanted to get this major story in first, as it relates to tonight's concert as well! Local death metal band State of Misery have announced the addition of bassist Devon Overman to the band. As a result, Kevin Dorazio is moving to rhythm guitar, officially making the band a quintet. Devon will make his live debut with State of Misery at tonight's show when they back up Woods of Ypres! My source is the band's Facebook page. This sort of confirms rumours from January that the band were adding a fifth member, though it could just be a coincidence that they actually did two months later, I'm not sure. I don't know much about Devon's musical background, but he did go to Bawating when I was still there, so I know who he is, for what that's worth. He can play guitar too, as pictured here (I couldn't find a shot of him on bass.) I don't know how Kevin will do on guitar either, but State of Misery know exactly what they're doing, and I expect they'll be as good as ever tonight and going forward! Remember, get your glimpse of the new 5 piece State of Misery lineup TONIGHT at The Rosie!

Now back to Woods of Ypres, as we have some new reviews of "Woods IV: The Green Album" to share! One comes from the website of internet radio station BrainGell Radio, where contributor justgotwicked called it "the most depressing album" he's ever owned. That said, he widely praised it for anyone who's open to anything and has went through a lot of emotional pain, and that he was thrilled to have something different in his collection! Not a bad review, click here to check it out! Also, Mat Davies from the metal website This Is Not A Scene gave "Woods IV" 8 stars out of 10, calling it "an organic, introspective pleasure" that was hard to just review without giving it the proper time and space. Shorter but worth checking out, click here to read it! Finally, Atanamar Sunyata from Metal Injection gave "The Green Album" 9.5/10, calling it "a masterpiece to my ears", along with a lot more high praise-filled statements for the band and album! Very nice to see this kind of attention, click here to see that review as well! Also, while I'm at it, remember to check out Woods of Ypres' Tumblr page to see tons of pictures and links from recent days concerning upcoming band events and "Woods IV", including many images relating to the themes and images of "The Green Album" (check page 2.) That's all for Woods news today, but I'll see you all tonight for their concert at The Rosie!

Fourthly today, Rock 101: The Sault's Rock Station have launched a brand new Facebook page! You may have been aware of their old Facebook group, but a page administrator hasn't posted on there since 2009, so it's nice to see a new freshly updated page that we can check out! The page so far features some photos from "Rock 101 Presents" concerts and some plugs for upcoming Rock 101 events, like on-air giveaways and Soo Greyhounds pre-game parties. Not too shabby, and I do want to thank whoever's administering the page for adding the SMS as a favourite page! Hopefully this page is maintained and grows in popularity, as it never hurts to have an updated internet presence or to connect with fans! Remember, not counting internet radio or Mackinac City-area stations, this is the only rock radio station in the twin Saults, so make use of it and get connected by listening on 101.3 FM, online at this location, or on smartphone applications like TuneIn Radio, which I use frequently. So "like" Rock 101 on Facebook today!

Finally, here's a campaign that's been making the local rounds recently to get a notable rock performer to perform in Sault Ontario! This month, many local music fans have been logging onto Eventful to demand that Kid Rock perform here, much like when we demanded that Kiss come here in 2009 through Eventful. Now, I don't think Kid Rock is running a fan-routed tour contest to get tour dates selected, but some local fans are sure giving this their all to get Kid Rock here, even launching a Facebook event page! As of right now, 980 fans have demanded for Kid Rock to play here, presumably at The Essar Center, which is a decent number! Albert Williams, one of the campaign's leaders, was interviewed on SooNews on March 4th before it's shutdown (more on that this weekend), so it's clear this is picking up steam! I'm a bit more skeptical that this would work simply because Kid Rock never guaranteed shows to high demanding cities like Kiss did, but hey, maybe Eventful or Kid Rock will notice! If you want to demand Kid Rock though, click here! I have to say, I'm not a fan of his last few albums, though I did like his earlier rap metal stuff, so at least if he came, there'd be stuff I'd like! This would be a big show if it happened, so keep an eye on it just in case. Remember, the link to demand him is above!

That's all for now, but I will see you guys TONIGHT at The Rosie for Woods of Ypres! Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed that my hometown's newspaper regularly makes editing mistakes, and that over 900 people who live there are "Demanding" Kid Rock.

Oh, the shame.

The Sault Metal Scene said...

Well, I imagine the article just slipped by major editing, as it wasn't a major front page article. It was in section B6 if I'm not mistaken. This isn't normal though, the other metal articles I recall from The Sault Star didn't have that many mistakes. I don't subscribe the paper though, for what that's worth.

As for Kid Rock, I won't pass judgment on people demanding him. Everyone has different tastes. I'm not a fan of any of his recent work, but many people are. Opinions are opinions! Thanks for the comment though!