Sunday, March 27, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (For All That Is Lost, State Of Misery, And Fuck The Facts), And The Debut Of Dismembertainment!!

Anyone want to hear about some new concerts for this Sunday? I have three to tell you guys about, and lineup updates for two of them, but first, I have to tell you guys about the debut of a new local metal concert booking agency that is responsible for most of the concerts we're talking about today, so here's what you need to know, and check out all three posts from yesterday for our "Woods I" review, the latest March Mayhem updates, and lots of news!

You're likely well aware of the many metal concerts that local guitarist Rich Moreland has booked over the past 6 years, including The Roosevelt Hotel's metal nights and various other concerts at Foggy Notions and other venues. Well now, Rich has started an official booking agency to book concerts through, rather than just simply under his own name! The name is Dismembertainment, which will be the new umbrella name for all of Rich's upcoming metal concert bookings, starting with this Thursday's metal night at The Rosie featuring As It Stands, Shit Liver, and Skull After Betrayal! Basically, this is a more official basis for Rich to book concerts in town, and it looks like he has everything well thought out, including an official website (with domain name), a Facebook page, and a contact e-mail! The new pages have some concert photos and information about Rich's booking background and goals for 2011, which all sound promising! The website's a bit bare at the moment, but the logo looks nice, and it has good information where needed! Here's hoping this succeeds as far as Rich can take it, I know he'll do well with Dismembertainment, so look out for some big shows through there this year!

One of the elements of Dismembertainment's website that's worth mentioning is the upcoming shows section, which lists three brand new concerts, and as such, it's time for some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS! In chronological order, we'll start with the Roosevelt Hotel metal night on April 14th (the next one after this Thursday's), which does have one confirmed band! Desbarats death metal quintet For All That Is Lost will make their second Rosie metal night appearance as the opening band on April 14th! Nice to see them back in the area, hopefully I can hit The Rosie for their return! Now Dismembertainment's show listings do list Bring The Fallen as the headlining band, but I can confirm that they are NOT playing. I thought that was suspect anyway given that they dropped off of the April 9th all ages concert five days earlier to "take a break" and write new material, so I asked Rich about it, and they're definitely not playing on April 14th. Hopefully this break isn't too long, we've missed Bring The Fallen over the past few months, and hopefully those old breakup rumours don't amount to much either! So when word on the other two bands comes out, I will let you guys know! As always, this is a 19+ concert with no cover, and it starts at 9:30 PM. Check the above links for more details, and I'll keep you posted!

The next metal night after that, on April 28th, will feature State of Misery as headliners! This will be their first headlining concert following their expansion to a quintet following bassist Devon Overman's addition to the band, and they should be all geared up for a devastating hardcore set on the 28th! Of course, they have at least one show in the interim, on April 9th at The Oddfellows Hall (more on that later), but they'll have more time and the headliner position to entertain the audience at this Rosie metal night! Two more bands are expected, but have not been announced at present. As always, this will have a 19+ age limit, 9:30 PM start time, and no cover, just like the preceding metal nights. For more details, check all of the above links! Just State of Misery's involvement alone is promising, but there's much more to come, so stay tuned for updates as I hear them! Note as well that a metal night at The Rosie is already listed for May 12th, but no bands are confirmed. Click here for all current details on these shows!

Finally, a notable grindcore band will make their return to Sault Ontario after over 2 ½ years to headline a special Monday night concert at The Roosevelt Hotel on May 9th! The band is Ottawa grindcore quintet Fuck The Facts, who were last seen on a local stage on November 2nd, 2008 at The Grand Theater! That show was great, I remember enjoying Fuck The Facts and frontwoman Mel Mongeon's growling abilities, so hopefully a big crowd turns out on May 9th! Openers have not been announced, but for reference sake, their last local concert was opened by Gates of Winter (in their last local concert appearance to date) and As It Stands, but who knows who we'll get this time around? I'll of course let you guys know as word comes in! Details on this concert aren't given beyond Fuck The Facts' headlining status, but I wouldn't be surprised if this had a nominal cover charge. A 19+ time limit and 9:30 PM-ish start time are both likely as well. I'll of course have updates on this concert as they come in, but for now, stay tuned to all of the above links for the latest on all of Dismembertainment's upcoming concerts!

Finally today, here's some half Dismembertainment-concert related news, as we have some lineup switches on two upcoming concerts! Firstly, the final opening band has been added to THIS SATURDAY'S Great Sabatini concert at Foggy Notions, as melodic death metal quintet The Bear Hunters have been added as the other local opening band! They'll play direct support to The Great Sabatini, with Shit Liver opening the whole concert. Sounds good to me, they'll fit well as openers, and I've heard rumours about new material being unveiled as well, so head down to Foggy's on Saturday to check them out! Click here for full details! Speaking of shows involving Shit Liver, I regret to announce that they've pulled out of April 9th's Sewer Swampstravaganja concert at The Oddfellows Hall. Why, I don't know, but they were quietly removed from the lineup on the Facebook, and promoter Typhoid Meaghan did confirm they dropped out when I inquired about their absence. That's a shame, but hey, what can you do? Replacing them on the lineup is Skull After Betrayal, in just their second live concert appearance following this Thursday's Rosie metal night! They should do well, they're a good fit on this concert!

Interesting to note that 1/3rd of the original lineup of this concert (The Fury, SBD, Bring The Fallen, and Shit Liver) have since dropped out of this concert, and only RedD Monkey have never been shifted in the lineup for this concert. While we're on the subject, the lineup for the concert was once again altered, with three bands getting new times. Skull After Betrayal won't be in Shit Liver's old 6:45 PM slot, they'll instead be opening the concert at 3:45 PM. Replacing them at 6:45 PM will be Late & Loud, who'll return to that spot in the lineup after being pushed back to 6:00 PM following Bring The Fallen's exit. As a result, indie rockers The Tenagens got a nice promotion from opening at 3:45 PM to playing at 6:00 PM. The rest of the most recently announced times are unchanged. For full details, and to see the official poster for this show, click here!

That's all for today, but I'll have more news very soon, so keep an eye out1 Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Why would RdD Monkey get shifted,, they are the ones putting this thing together.....

Rob Figüres said...

I'm well aware of that, I'm just noting that for observers because of all the lineup shifts. As the ones putting this together, they naturally are headlining, but considering that 4 bands have dropped out and the band total dropped from 12 to 11, the times could have still changed for them and they could have played at a slightly different time while still headlining.

Thanks for the comment though, I appreciate your readership!

Anonymous said...

read you faithfully dude !