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Where Are The New Albums? March Update

It's the second day of the month, so it's now time for our latest edition of our surprisingly monthly series entitled "Where Are The New Albums?"! Despite the long list of CDs and EPs in the works, 2011 has been slow so far in the new metal/hard rock album department, so today, we'll let you guys know the statuses, timelines, and current prospects for 16 upcoming and (at least) partly recorded CDs and EPs from 15 local bands! This post features one brand new album and updated information on nine of the included albums, with their titles denoted in italics so you know what's changed. Before anyone asks, Mike Haggith's new compilation album actually comes out TODAY, so it's not included given that info. I'll have more on it in an upcoming news post! Now, where are the new albums? Here are the answers, as best as I can gather!
Animas - Hollow Hope

Rumoured Songs: "Goodbye", "Left Behind", "The Only Road I've Ever Known", "Fall", "Reflections", "Obsession", Escape", "I Can't Let Go", "Absolution", "Hollow Hope"

Background: The oft-renamed Animas (previously known as By The Gods & April Eyes) is the solo project masterminded by Bear Hunters guitarist and Stillbroke guitarist Mitch Sirie. He's been working on solo material for some time now, featuring him on all instruments, including vocals and bass along with the guitar tracks. Over time, Mitch has deleted older audio tracks and blog entries from this project's MySpace page, but continually replaces them with newer material, although some aren't planned for an imminent album release. Recent blog entries have alluded to Mitch recording and releasing a solo concept album named "Hollow Hope", which he claims will be a "shocking" full length album, though it's been set back due to "circumstances". Featuring a mix of progressive & death metal with acoustic folk and indie rock, check out the newest samples of April Eyes/Mitch's solo material at his official MySpace page!

Current Release Status: I have no real idea. Honestly, this might not even get a release where it'd be on sale anywhere, but who knows! Mitch told me in e-mail conversations that he hopes to have a physical release of "Hollow Hope" this year, for what that's worth. The musical quality and songwriting on his material is very underrated, so I imagine that a release of "Hollow Hope" would get a good reception! Mitch was hoping for a release in 2010 on a past MySpace status, but with a new year having begun, who knows when it will come out. I'll keep you all posted!
Bring The Fallen's debut EP

Rumoured Songs: "Defiling Despondence", "Exposed Embankment", "Stand Before", "Night Riders", "Nostalgia"

Background: Possibly from the studio time earned at some of the battles of the bands they won, Bring The Fallen had announced plans for a debut EP in 2009, recording it in September of that year with producer (and SBD bassist) Brad Griffith. The band posted unmastered mixes of three original songs onto their MySpace page, and had publicly announced that it would be out in "Winter 2010". However, since then, all traces of an imminent EP release have disappeared from their internet pages, and nothing has came of it in a few months.

Current Release Status: Unknown, but the band haven't shut the door on releasing it, as they confirmed that it was waiting to be mastered in their interview from the fall 2010 issue of The Fresh Magazine. However, I can't verify if it ever will be, as discussion of releasing these recordings did vanish from their pages for a reason. The recent uncertainty concerning their status isn't any help either, as a band break-up would presumably kill hopes for the EP ever seeing a release. Hopefully it comes out, but you can check out three of the unmastered studio recordings at this location! Very promising stuff, nice and brutal, though it does need to be refined.
Garden of Bedlam - "Everything Will Die"

Rumoured Songs: "New Rain", "Against The Grain", "Everything Will Die", "Torment", "Your Disgrace", "Three Days", "Around The Bend", "With A Spark"

Background: Sessions for Garden of Bedlam's debut full length album began in early June at Stereo Soul Studios with producer Miguel Gauthier, who kept fans up to date on the recording sessions at his Facebook page. Only stepping out from the studio to headline The Rotaryfest Second Stage and to open for Kiss, recording for the album wrapped up on September 9th, though the band were still working on extra tweaks and changes as of October 6th. Miguel's page and Garden of Bedlam's Facebook group did a good job of keeping fans posted on the sessions, head there to check out updates! Select fans heard their first taste of unmixed tracks from the CD at Garden of Bedlam's Kiss afterparty on August 10th at The Rockstar Bar. The album was said to be sent away for mastering and duplication "very shortly" as of October 21st, so be on the look out!

Current Release Status: Past claims had suggested a 2010 release during varying points of the year, but we're obviously past that point. Drummer Derek Turner confirmed on their Facebook group that the album will be released "in the new year" (2011), although a general timeframe wasn't added. With public band activity being sparse to nil so far this year, a release (likely tied in with a CD release concert) isn't known at present. I'd guess a late spring timeframe for the CD to come out, but I'm not positive. In the meantime, search for Garden of Bedlam on YouTube to hear live versions of their newest originals, while we wait for more sneak peeks at the finished studio material!
Gates of Winter's second full length album

Rumoured Songs: "The Stars Call My True Name", "Edin Na Zu", "Dimensions", "Time Warp", "From Nothingness" (leftover song from 2008 sessions)

Background: Despite a hiatus from live performances lasting over two years, Gates of Winter never broke up, and are slowly working on their follow-up to 2008's "Lux Aeterna". The first glimpse of the new album was unveiled in February 2010, when frontman and producer Lee Maines uploaded a snippet of their new song "The Stars Call My True Name" onto his YouTube channel, and he followed that up with two more demo clips in June. The band launched a new Facebook page in August to keep fans updated on the sessions, including the unveiling of a new song title, "Time Warp". Aside from Lee's announcement in November that Sault native Jon Morrison will provide the drum tracks for the album, not much else has surfaced. Work on the album is ongoing, and it sure sounds like their heaviest and darkest yet, which should get any Gates of Winter fan excited!

Current Release Status: I have absolutely no idea. The band have openly admitted that the recording sessions for this album have been a slow and steady process due to ongoing work and education, as stated on their Facebook page. Plus, with Jon and bassist Steve Furgiuele living out of town, that can't make things any quicker. But don't worry, the album is still in progress, and when updates come out, we'll know! Conversations I've had with Lee have pointed towards a release NEXT year, so I wouldn't hold my breath. For now though, check out Gates of Winter's posted demos by clicking here!
Half Past's self-titled debut album

Rumoured Songs: "Dead Again", "War Inside My Head", "One More Day"

Background: The local hard rock quartet officially announced that they were working on their debut album on their Facebook page on November 13th! The first snippet of their studio material, recorded at their own Half Past Studio Productions, was posted in a Facebook video that same day, with a following note confirming the news. The aim (at the time) was to release the album in the spring and return to the stage before it's release. Little information on it has been posted since, though I imagine the recent departure of frontman Luke Leblanc will put a hold on the album's progress for the near future.

Current Release Status: I couldn't begin to make a reasonable guess until a new singer is chosen. Nothing has pointed to it being finished anyway, and I can't see the band using any vocal tracks Luke may have recorded on the CD now that he's left. Either way, this won't be a quick process, as it is being self-recorded and all that, but they know what they're doing, and when the album comes out, it will be definitely worth picking up!
Late & Loud's debut album

Rumoured Songs: "Midnight Man", "Down Like This", "Whipeout", "Never Again"

Background: A newer metal band in the Sault Ontario metal scene, Late & Loud surprisingly announced plans to being recording a demo in late January, despite their relative newness to the scene, not having launched internet pages until November. Though described as a demo, Late & Loud's debut does appear to be packaged more like a standard album, with a photo shoot for it having taken place on February 26th. I believe this is being self-recorded at present, though official updates on it haven't been too frequent. Keep up to date by visiting Late & Loud's official Facebook page!

Current Release Status: No idea. I don't know enough about the band yet to guess on whether it's close to being released or not, but I can attest to their talent! They should know what they're doing, given their past solo and other band projects. Time will tell, but when details come out concerning their debut album, you'll be sure to find it here! In the meantime, click here for some recent live videos of Late & Loud in action, as some of the enclosed songs could be on the demo!
Lion Ride's first full length album

Rumoured Songs: "Stick It In", "Snail Trail", "Bang Bang"

Background: Lion Ride entered the studio for the first sessions of their upcoming full length CD in late April at Toronto's BWC Studios with producer Greg Dawson, same as when current and ex-members of the band recorded Detroit's newest album last year. The band recorded four songs at those sessions, including "Stick It In", which was uploaded onto their MySpace page in early May as a preview. The studio version of another original "Snail Trail" was later posted on BWC Studios' MySpace page, with another new song "Bang Bang" also being played at live concerts. Delays did take place over the summer while drummer Iron Mike Bison acted as tour manager for The Envy on their tour dates with Kiss (including their Sault Ontario show in August), but the band are back in action now! Lion Ride finally acknowledged and apologized for the sparse album updates on their Facebook page on November 27th with this video featuring studio session clips set to "Snail Trail", and as of February, were back writing new material presumably for this album.

Current Release Status: Before their MySpace page's customization was crippled following the new layout changeover, Lion Ride said this album was "coming soon" on graphics there, following past hopes for a fall release. They're past their projected release timeframe, but when will we see this album? I don't know, what with the lack of new album updates. I'm thinking maybe the late spring or early summer, unless recording sessions we don't know about happened. However, you can get a preview of the CD by checking out the studio versions of "Stick It In" at this location and "Snail Trail" by clicking here!
Mike Haggith - "The Blue Album"

Rumoured Songs: "The Curse of [13]"

Background: Scheduled to be his 44th solo album, Mike Haggith's "Blue Album" is a self-described "cut and paste type of project". Only one song, a re-recording of his 2008 song "The Curse of 13" has been unveiled as of today, but Mike likely has more songs in the works for this album as we speak. The album has been announced for a projected April 17th release date. The "cut and paste" descriptor implies that this album could comprise mostly of older and shelved material, but that hasn't been officially confirmed or not. Click here for full current details on "The Blue Album"! No samples of the material have been released yet, but I'll let you know when anything new comes to light!

Current Release Status: Mike is very honest and forthcoming when it comes to release dates for his material, so the April 17th release date is likely to stand. Then again, he did postpone the "Suspended Animation" release into 2011 to make edits, but he did tell everyone exactly why this happened, so his word is good. So look for "The Blue Album" in April, likely by mp3 download on his Reverbnation page!
No Arrow - "Souls For Sale"

Rumoured Songs: "Genocyde Revealing Pt. 1", "Sikkha", "Lighter", "Delayed Reaction", "Souls For Sale", "One On The Line", "Most Of All", "Substitute Victim", "The Pissing Song", "Genocyde Revealing Pt. 2", "Colderside Of The Sun", "Cuts"

Background: Self produced, recorded, and mixed at Organized Rhyme Records from 2007-2009 and mastered by Chris Daniels at Brighton Recording/Mastering House in the United Kingdom, "Souls For Sale" is completely finished with album artwork and liner notes completed as well. So why hasn't it been released? Well, from conversations I've had with frontman Dann Pichette, the gist of it is that he wants to wait to book a CD release show before sending it to press, but hasn't been able to wrangle together the members of the band to reunite yet. Dann has kept fans posted here and there with commercials for the album and some new jam videos on his YouTube channel, but nothing finite about a "Souls For Sale" CD release has came up at all, even though it's been over THREE YEARS since recording began. The band's return to the stage last month at Foggy Notions is a promising sign, but there's been no connection yet, if at all, to a "Souls For Sale" release.

Current Release Status: I have no idea. We've heard rumours of it coming out soon for a few years now, and each time we got excited, nothing came of it. However, you CAN hear the entire album for free, all you have to do is ask the band to send you the mp3s and artwork by e-mailing their MySpace page! Also, I have uploaded (with Dann's blessing) the entire album onto the SMS YouTube channel, so check it out there too! The hopes of an official "Souls For Sale" release are NOT dead, so stay tuned in case something pops up!
Riverin's self-titled debut EP

Rumoured Songs: "Attitude", "They Lost You", "A Cold Wind", "Deflower", "Valentine", "Raining In December", "Trenches", "Something Else"

Background: The new industrial hard rock project from former Dirty Virgin and Silver Dream bandmates Matt Hicks and Matt Clement, Riverin slowly worked on their debut EP for much of 2010 at Matt Hicks' Quartertone Studios. The original recording sessions for this self-produced EP have finished, and it was said to be released "soon" as of July. All six songs to initially be included on the EP are now featured on their MySpace page to stream for free! E-mail correspondence with Matt Clement in the fall detailed how the band were looking into the CD development process to release the album in time for a planned CD release show in the future featuring guest musicians. Two new songs, "Trenches" & "Something Else", were entering post production as of January 28th, but it's unclear if they'll be on the EP or not.

Current Release Status: Not sure, but things appear to be on the right track, given that the EP's tracks are all recorded. The way it's sounding to me, the release of the EP will likely tie in to their debut concert as a CD release show, but we haven't heard anything on a date range for it, so a concrete release date is up in the air. I'll keep you posted as I hear more!
Sense of Truth's debut EP

Rumoured Songs: "Push & Pull", "Crawling", "Land of Greed", "Pieces of a Mirror"

Background: Sense of Truth began work on their debut EP in February 2010 with Miguel Gauthier at Stereo Soul Studios, wrapping up the recording sessions the next month. Again, Miguel kept fans up to date on the sessions at his Facebook page, with some updates on Sense of Truth's Facebook group as well. The songs were sent off to be mastered in March of last year, and it was announced that the EP would be sent off to print "very shortly" as of June 30th. The band originally hyped an "early summer 2010" release for the album, but we're obviously past that point. Songs from the EP are on rotation on Energy Rock Radio, numerous originals have been played at their concerts, and samples of three songs are posted on their MySpace page, but we haven't heard much from the band since their last concert on May 22nd, partly due to drummer Ryan Haryett's out of town work commitments. Miguel confirmed on September 9th that the artwork needed to be finished before sending it to press, though we've heard little publically since. Bassist Curtis Beauchamp has shared some cool release details about the EP with me before, but I won't post any of that here without online sourcing. Now pushing a year since recording wrapped up, it's unknown when more details on the EP's release will be made public.

Current Release Status: I'd originally guessed that we would see this before Garden of Bedlam's album as it was recorded earlier and was shorter as a whole, but I'm really second guessing that. Honestly, with Ryan's out of town work and the artwork issues, I would not be surprised if this EP didn't come out for yet another few months, and at this point, guessing a date wouldn't help much. Curtis did hint late last month on Facebook that Ryan would be home soon, for what that's worth. Still, when it comes out, it will deliver lots of great hard rock, and will be well worth the wait! Remember to hear previews of three songs at their MySpace page, and listen to Energy Rock Radio for your first taste of full songs from the EP!
Silver Dream's debut album

Rumoured Songs: "My Heart Stops", "Evangeline", "Sunshine", "Every Minute", "Baby I Love", "Talk To Me"

Background: Not a lot was known about the recording sessions and progress of Silver Dream's debut album, but what we did know was that they wanted to record the majority of their first album before playing live, instead of typically doing it the other way around. Former frontman Matthew Silver kept fans updated on his now-deactivated Facebook page through image files as to progress of recording. We did see one taste of their sessions, a YouTube upload of "My Heart Stops", in June. The quality of the recording wasn't bad either, so they knew what they were doing! Other songs were confirmed through image files and some solo performance videos on YouTube. However, since Matthew left the band in July to follow a religious path, most traces of Silver Dream vanished from the internet, and their debut show was cancelled, leaving their future in doubt.

Current Release Status: Personally, it doesn't look good. With Silver Dream's frontman, namesake, and driving force gone, I can't see the remaining members doing much with what was recorded. Matthew did announce that the band would still be active, with bassist Mike LaRue looking for a new singer, but what that means for the recordings is unknown at best. I'd like to see what was finished come out at some point, but if I were you, I wouldn't hold your breath for an official CD release, at least not in the form we heard earlier in the summer.
Sykotyk Rampage - "Genius Mushrooms With Thoughts Of Intellect" and "Genius Mushrooms With Thoughts Of Stupidity"

Rumoured Songs (for 1st album): "Parked", "Fear", "Sicked", "Text", "Sky", "Underhead", "Bubblie", "GDS", "Twisted", "Manure", "NT22PSDB", "Nobody"

Rumoured Songs (for 2nd album): "Running", "Legend, "Garden", "Metal", "Rain", "Parley", "Wait", "Shrooms", "Dynamite", "Acreage", "McDonalds", "Alright"

Background: Originally announced in their "Attack Of The Garage Bands" profile on The Barking Eye in June, "Genius Mushrooms With Thoughts Of Intellect" will be Sykotyk Rampage's 24th album. It was later announced in August that the album, originally a double release with 25 songs, would be split into two 12 song albums, with one song, "Silence", removed from the track listing that makes up the second album, "Genius Mushrooms With Thoughts Of Stupidity". Details on both albums, including songs and album covers, can be viewed at this location. Once again, Sykotyk Rampage recorded these new albums at River Front Recreation Studios, with sessions taking place at varying points over the latter half of 2010. These albums are part of the conceptual "Genius Mushroom" series which delves "into the realm of hallucinogenic musical brainscans." Despite Brian Cattapan's move to Sudbury, he will be a part of both albums, having recorded parts for both at recent trips back to town, along with playing with the band at a recent Rosie punk night.

Current Release Status: The original announced release date for both was in December, and with no crash music in our hands, the release has obviously been pushed back. I figured there would be a delay to begin with, as the last few Sykotyk Rampage albums came out after the announced release dates. Their albums are known for being recorded and released pretty quickly compared to other local bands though. If I was gonna bet, I'd bet on a spring release for both, but who knows at this point.
Tym Morrison's second solo album

Rumoured Songs: "Moon Patrol", "Dungeons & Dragons", "Nag Hamedi", "The Reason Why", "The Dark Shred", "Song For Jen", "No Name", "Amy", "Lay It On The Line", "Someday", "How I'm Wanting You More"

Background: I honestly don't know a lot about the background for Tym Morrison's second album, but he has posted samples of nine songs for his "next album" onto the music player on his official website! The songs are all of good quality, and feature Tym in familiarly good form! Original information about recording sessions for his solo album are either very sparse or were made quite a while ago, so I don't know a lot about it, but the songs were likely self-recorded at Morrison Studio Productions with Tym on all instruments save for the programmed drums. Recent status updates on Tym's personal Facebook page have alluded to recent recording sessions and plans for a double album, but it's unknown if the above songs would all be included. It should be noted that many of Tym's more recent solo songs on YouTube have been either acoustic or comedic in nature, but I can't see many of the comedic ones making the cut for an album release.

Current Release Status: I don't have any real idea, but recent news about recording sessions and a double album are certainly promising! Hopefully Tym does release these songs in the near future, as his older samples and newer material deserve an audience! For now though, check out the above links to hear what he has to share that could make the cut!
Woods of Ypres - "Woods V: You Were The Light

Rumoured Songs: "You Were The Light", "Falling Apart"

Background: Recording for Woods of Ypres' fifth album took place from August 8th-22nd. The band's second album featuring the Madden brothers and first with Joel Violette, it was recorded with Miguel Gauthier at Stereo Soul Studios once again, and will feature just five tracks. Miguel's Facebook page kept fans updated on the sessions, along with Woods of Ypres' Facebook page, and a topic on Woods of Ypres' official forum. The full title, "Woods V: You Were The Light", was announced last fall, though a seasonal theme a'la their past releases isn't known yet. Initial release plans from during Woods' fake breakup suggested just a limited vinyl & online release of the album, but this should change with last fall's news that Woods of Ypres has signed a label deal with Earache Records! Two songs were later premiered on a December episode of the metal podcast The Governor's Ball for the first time. This album was originally scheduled for an early 2011 release on Earache Records, but it was recently announced that Earache will first reissue "Woods IV: The Green Album" this month, with "Woods V" to follow later in the year, so it could be a while yet before "Woods V" is in our hands. For now, check out the two unveiled full songs at this location! (between 20 and 34 minutes of the file)

Current Release Status: Well, if the plans are to hold off on "Woods V" until "The Green Album" hits stores again, then I wouldn't expect a release in the first half of the year, lest one of the two albums gets lost in the shuffle. I'd put my money on a release in the late summer or early fall for "Woods V". Time will tell though, as this is shaping up to be a huge year for Woods of Ypres, with no shortage of news in sight!
Another month, another look at all the albums on the horizon! Amazing that so many are still waiting for a release, but I have a feeling that we'll get a boom period of albums soon, hopefully this year! Stay tuned to the SMS for updates on all 16 of the above albums as I hear updates, and I'll be back with a new post very soon, be it weekend concert previews or otherwise! Thanks everyone!

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