Monday, March 28, 2011

News From Orb Hearthstone, Soo Stories, And Woods Of Ypres!!

34 posts in 28, we're just two posts away from breaking our record for busiest month ever at the SMS, which says a lot when the summer months are our busiest! Thanks to all of you guys for sticking by through this busy March! Today, we have a bunch of new Woods of Ypres stories, but first, we'll cover some older stories, including the latest on a new book and some new pages from a local solo artist, so let's begin today's post!

End of Existence frontman/Great Bodily Harm drummer Bob Helsten, a.ka.. Orb Hearthstone, has created two new solo internet pages! We previously heard his new softer metal material on his MySpace page, but the Orb solo project is now on a music site I've previously never heard of called MusicFast, so check this new page out at this location! The only real "new" element is the addition of artists that influenced him, and there's a ton of good bands listed, but otherwise, there's nothing too different from his MySpace page. Still, give it a look, there's some solid solo material on there! As well, Orb has now launched a YouTube channel featuring five End of Existence videos, so become a fan of that as well! It strikes me as a bit redundant when the End of Existence channel has all of the same videos, but maybe Orb will post some solo or Great Bodily Harm material on there in the future! Check out all of the above links for more from Orb's solo work!

Next up, here's the latest on "Soo Stories: A Rock N' Roll Scrapbook", the new book on concerts at the old Sault Memorial Gardens by Wawa author Duane Roy! Firstly, if you haven't picked up a copy yet and you don't want to order a copy through PayPal, then good news! "Soo Stories" is now in stock at The Rad Zone at Wellington Square Mall! Duane posted on The Rad Zone's Facebook page on Friday to announce this news. I assume "Soo Stories" will be in the Hole In The Wall section, and I believe the cost of the book will be $25 as the standard online price is. I'm absolutely gonna have to head down to The Rad Zone to pick up this book, and yes, I want to review it on the SMS! We're gonna have a book review spree once my exams are done, as I still have to review Paolo Colasacco's "Going Underground" on here too, so watch out for that as well! Also, a couple new sites have "Soo Stories" articles, including The Algoma News out of Wawa, which has a short article about the book, some of it's contents, and some more of the information Duane still wants to hear about old Gardens concerts. Not bad, click here to give it a look! As well, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles gave a brief look at the book, which is good exposure but not too in-depth. Click here to read it, and check out all of the above links for all the info you need on "Soo Stories", including online purchasing links!

Now for a bunch of Woods of Ypres updates to round this post out with, starting with a video I didn't talk about when I first mentioned videos by this uploader last week. I shown you two "Wood of Ypres" videos by YouTube user xes1978 on Wednesday, but the latest of the three slipped me by, so here's what you should know! It's of the band playing "By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)", and it's a good performance of the song! As it's the same quality and camera as xes1978's other videos, I can't change my critiques too much, as it's still good quality with a dark red ambiance, and not enough variance in camera angles (Joel Violette is still not captured), but it's a good video all around! Check it out below!

Now to some more Woods of Ypres updates, starting with some new concert reviews and related notes! Firstly,'s Natalie Zed reviewed another Woods of Ypres concert, specifically their show on March 13th in Toronto, and you can check it out at this location! You may remember her Woods of Ypres CD and concert reviews from last year as well. Woods of Ypres were the second band of four on this concert, so it's not too in-depth compared to some other concert reviews we've seen, but she does praise Woods of Ypres' abbreviated set, even more so due to a broken guitar string and David's wish to not hold up the show. Nice photos too, and the other bands sound brutal! Check the above links for more on this review! Also, Atanamar Sunyata from Metal Injection has more Woods of Ypres stuff for us courtesy of his own concert review from their concert on March 16th in New York City, which you can read by clicking here! I have to say, Atanamar is very well spoken, and he leaves a lot of praise for Woods of Ypres' set in this review, saying that they slay in person and that they played an incredible set! Definitely read this review, and his videos that I shown you on here are also embedded there to check out!

Finally for today, here's some new Woods of Ypres interviews & articles, starting with an article with... Joel Violette? Yeah, it's not just David getting some press for the band! Joel was interviewed by the New Brunswick website HereNB about his work in Woods of Ypres, including how he joined the band, his work with David Gold in Thrawsunblat, the experience of playing live, and more! Short but a good read, click here to check it out! Also, Ken Kelley from The Music Nerd Chronicles posted an article on Woods of Ypres on March 18th, featuring some insights from David Gold about the Earache Records signing, the band's plans for the next six months, and more! Not too long, but it shares some more good details about "Woods V", so click here to read it! Finally, Hungarian metal site KronosMortus interviewed David recently as well, click here to check out that interview! The interview was posted in Hungarian but translated to English afterwards, so scroll down to the bottom for the English translation. If you can get past the stilted translations, you'll find some good band discussions and questions that other interviews haven't asked, so give it a look! Check out all of the above links for more from Woods of Ypres!

That's all for now, but knowing this month, we'll have more very soon, as we're on pace for 37 posts this month if things keep on the way they've been going! Stay tuned!

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