Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Videos From The Buckcherry Concert & Woods Of Ypres!!

It's time for new videos! I won't call this a "local metal video showcase" as these are very heavily in the realm of two topics: Monday night's Buckcherry/Papa Roach concert and Woods of Ypres! I don't like loading posts too heavily, and I have some big news tomorrow, so I'll devote this mostly to some new videos, with lots more to come tomorrow! Now, to our first news!

With Monday's Buckcherry/Papa Roach concert in the books, what do we know out of it? Not a lot, local news outlets haven't given it a lot of post-show attention (even The Soo Evening News, oddly), but I can tell you guys some things! I did find out who the last minute local openers were, and as it turns out, it was Sault Michigan acoustic duo Fallen Heroes, who've been seen frequently in the area in recent months. Though not officially confirmed anywhere, pictures of Fallen Heroes performing on stage can be seen at this location. I apologize for having the opener news so late, it took some research to figure out which band it specifically was. They don't seem like the best fit to open a hard rock show like this, but they look talented, and kudos to them for seizing this opportunity! As for the reception for the main bands, I've heard mixed things towards Buckcherry's set from fans, but Papa Roach seem to have gotten a better response. When I show the first videos, you can judge for yourself!

One more thing about this concert, as a large photo album by promoters Allstar Promotions is now online featuring loads of photos from the meet & greet with the headlining bands and scattered photos from The Dreammakers Theater before and during the show! Not bad, click here to see the album!

Now to the videos! There is at least one more channel at present with footage from Monday's concert, but I'm not gonna overload this post needlessly, so I'll show you the first posted YouTube videos from Monday! YouTube user encorevids posted four videos from the show (two each of Buckcherry & Papa Roach) onto their YouTube channel yesterday, so here's what you should know! The Papa Roach videos are for their songs "Getting Away With Murder" and "Kick In The Teeth", while the Buckcherry videos are for their performances of "It's A Party" and "Dead", so click on each link to check them out! All of the videos are shot from the stage's right, though the footage is taken from around the middle of the floor area, so there's a lot of people in the way. I tend to see more stage than band even moreso than you'd think, but blame that on the seat, not the filmer. Audio quality is scratchy on both videos, though all four give the impression that unneeded static is overtop of decent quality music, if that makes sense. If you were hoping for crystal clear though, this won't have it.

If Buckcherry truly did have a disappointing set like I've heard some people say, I honestly can't tell, but it could just be the audio on the recording itself. Papa Roach sound good too, despite the audio quality and my preference for their old sound. Decent footage, all things considered, so check out Buckcherry playing "It's A Party" and Papa Roach playing "Getting Away With Murder" immediately below!

Finally for today, here's some new video footage from Woods of Ypres! This actually doesn't come from their current tour run, this is actually brand new footage from the band's show at Club Absinthe in Hamilton from May 15th, 2009, during their Eastern Canada tour that month! Odd that it took so long to make it online, but there's extra local connections in this one! Remember, this was back when Gates of Winter's own Bryan Belleau & Steve Furgiuele were still in Woods of Ypres, in what would be Steve's last tour leg with Woods of Ypres before he was replaced by Shane Madden that summer. This was uploaded by YouTube user AskeGuitar on Monday, and it's of the band's performance of "Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground" from this concert! Audio's good quality, I can hear everything fairly clearly, and the video quality works also! Though it's very dark, the red/blue lighting adds an interesting ambiance. Good stuff, and it's always nice to see the band's "Gates of Ypres" lineup again, even if it's not at it's 6 member peak of late 2008! Check out this new video below!

That's all for today, but we'll have another double post day tomorrow, including a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, weekend concert previews, and more! Stay tuned!

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