Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Concert Updates & Videos, Plus Half A Man News!!

We're back with another new post, our sixth of 2011 in just four days! Today, we have new concert videos, the latest from Half A Man, and kicking things off is the finalized lineup for an upcoming concert!

The finalized lineup for THURSDAY'S next metal night at The Roosevelt Hotel is now confirmed, with two prominent local metal bands now added to the lineup! Joining The Bear Hunters on the lineup are two other metal night veterans, As It Stands and Bring The Fallen! This will be both bands' first shows of 2011, and both look set to devastate to help keep the year going! As It Stands are fresh off their headlining slot at Soo Music Mash-Up, and are sure to deliver many moshpits during their headlining set on Thursday! And before I go too much further, I want to emphasize that I mean NO harm in the poll change to start the voting fresh due to the surprisingly high original total. With no way of knowing who voted on the last poll or how often, I understandably had doubts. Usually the votes are spread out more, that's all. Well, since the switch to AddPoll, I can see when votes were cast, and the new votes (so far) for As It Stands were cast at varying times over a 28 hour period on different IP addresses. Honestly, though I can't verify the old results, I may have jumped the gun, and for that, I am sorry. I'm a big fan of As It Stands, I meant absolutely NO offense to the band at all, and I hope them and their fans don't view me negatively!

I never once said they were scandalous, I just made an assumption that one person (no one specific at all) could have ran the total up to ensure a "victory", as you would think that there'd be more support on other choices as well. They have a great dedicated (and well deserved) fan base, and it is showing, especially so now! Again, I'm sorry to As It Stands, but it was better safe than sorry, as I didn't know what to think at the time. I'll make up for it! Back to the concert on Thursday, as As It Stands and The Bear Hunters will be joined by local death metal quintet Bring The Fallen, also fresh off of Soo Music Mash-Up! Their brand of death metal has been getting wide notices locally and abroad (including their first ever out-of-town date in Cochrane in July), so they're absolutely a band to watch and keep an eye on this year! Plus, after dropping out of the New Years Eve show at Foggy's, some of you must be starved for Bring The Fallen live, so make note of them on Thursday as well! There is NO COVER CHARGE, you must be 19 to enter, and everything starts at 9:00 PM! For more details, visit the official Facebook event page!

Now for new concert videos, all of which come from the New Years Eve show at Foggy Notions! This first one is another Megadeth cover from Sativa Rose, this time of the song "In My Darkest Hour"! Also filmed by John Veale and uploaded onto his YouTube channel on Tuesday, it features bassist Adam Veale on lead vocals following an introduction (and later, guest headbanging) by promoter Rich Moreland. Adam suits the song vocally, and the band sound very tight on this one! They seem to do really well on Megadeth covers, and thankfully not of the obvious songs either! Great stuff, and kudos to John for getting all these videos at their shows! His camera is great quality, and in HD no less! Great stuff as always, hopefully I'll get a chance to see Sativa Rose live real soon, it's been too long as it is! Check out the new video below!

Next are two brand new videos from State of Misery, the new local death metal band who have been making local waves recently themselves! Like Sativa Rose, they rocked Foggy's on New Years Eve, and two embeddable videos from the concert were uploaded onto the band's new YouTube channel on Tuesday! Both videos sound like live performances of originals, but I can't really tell for sure, as the audio isn't very clear. The same person recorded both videos, but the audio is very scratchy, and things seem to mush together, drowning out Steve Rhodes' singing a lot of the time. Note that the band actually apologized for the audio in a comment for the video below, which is nice of them! The video quality's not bad, the best we've seen of State of Misery at a concert since their debut! All things considered though, they are definitely a band to watch this year! Click here for the shorter of the two posted videos, and check the above links for more! For now, here's a brand new State of Misery video!

And finally, Brimley metal quartet Half A Man have more news to share, including the upload of two more songs! Both were uploaded to their Facebook page (neither are embeddable), and they're both covers, including Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" and Satori's "So"! The "Sweet Leaf" cover is more played to their style, a bit downtuned and slower, and though Erik Rintamaki's range doesn't match up to the original version of this song, they do a good heavy job with it! As for the Satori cover...wait, who are Satori? As it turns out, they're an old band featuring Erik Rintamaki & fellow local musicians like Micah Masta (Lower S.E.S.) and Greg Giles (End of Existence), among others! I did some searching on them, but they're likely too old to have had an active internet page. Good stuff though, sounds like a Half A Man original, and former Satori members definitely enjoyed the cover on Facebook comments! Heavy driving metal, gotta love it! Also, the band announced that they are currently looking for a temporary drummer to fill in for Doug Reed, who's going through some personal issues that I won't glamorize here, though the above links will fill you in. Hopefully Doug gets his life together soon, he's a talented musician all around! If you're interested in filling in as drummer for Half A Man, contact Erik Rintamaki at this location for more info! Jam sessions are usually Wednesday afternoons and Sunday evenings. Stay tuned for more on Half A Man as I hear it!

That's all for now, but I have weekend concert previews and more coming very soon, so stay tuned for those in the very near future! Thanks everyone!

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