Monday, January 24, 2011

News From Lion Ride, Tym Morrison, Energy Rock Radio, And More!!

Now to clear out most of my remaining news stories as we continue with this busy January! If you want to escape the northern cold, then bundle up for some notable news today from the local metal scene, including a number of concert date changes, a new audio interview from a local band, the latest updates from Energy Rock Radio, and more, but we'll start today with some new videos!

YouTube user schramalama has uploaded two brand new videos of local metal quintet Lion Ride onto their official YouTube channel yesterday! The videos are live performances of the songs "Cocaine Crazy" and "Stick It In" from their concert this past Saturday at The Circus Room in Kitchener! The audio quality is really good, and the video is as well, but it's a bit dark. The angle's something we don't see much out of concert videos, almost from below and slightly on an angle too. Mikey Lion's vocals sound a bit strained at points, but the band are on form otherwise, and it's always nice to see new Lion Ride footage! Check out schramalama's channel linked above for more Southern Ontario concert videos, including a few of The Saigon Hookers featuring Lion Ride bassist Carmine "Cobra Carmander" Romano from last year, and of course, check out the Lion Ride videos too! I'll link one here, so here's Lion Ride playing their song "Cocaine Crazy" from this Saturday in Kitchener!

Next up, a number of upcoming concerts from a local musician have been moved up a day. Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison's weekly arrangement at Foggy Notions has been adjusted, with the weekly concerts now being moved up a day from every Sunday to every Monday. His concert schedule hasn't been updated yet to reflect this, but the Facebook event page for what is now TONIGHT'S solo acoustic concert says that Foggy's owner Taryn Bugyra talked to Tym and wanted the shows moved up a day. Why? I don't know, but maybe this is due to a new Sunday weekly feature or an attempt to attract Monday business. Oh, and Tym confirmed this with me via e-mail, so this is well sourced. So Tym's now at Foggy's on Mondays every week through February, with more dates likely to come, so make sure you guys know about the change! Our concert listings have been edited to reflect this, and remember, Tym's playing at Foggy's TONIGHT, so make it out if you can!

Thirdly, here's the latest news from Sault Ontario's own online rock radio station, Energy Rock Radio! They've been working on lots of updates there, including some cool local metal news and notes! The station will soon be offering a Frightlight prize package including a bunch of band swag, and an interview with Sense of Truth frontman Cory Murchison is expected for next month as well. Good to hear, maybe we'll find out more on what's been keeping the new album from coming out, and maybe when we'll see them on stage next! The new site design (yes, another one) isn't complete yet, with some dead links here and there, but things are looking up, and there's even an automatic music player on the main page that streams Energy Rock Radio right from there, no need for an external program if you don't want it! Ryan Kaarlela and the guys at ERR continue to put in a lot of hard work to make this station rock, so definitely give it a listen at their official website today! When I hear more interesting news, I'll have it here, and thanks for the awesome plug too!

I wanted to include a Woods of Ypres interview I just heard about, but the links expired, so I'll finish with three shorter news stories in order by band name. If I find the Woods interview elsewhere, I'll have it in a future post, but for now, here's three quick stories!
  • Sault Michigan death metal trio End of Existence have relaunched their official website with a new design! Looks nice, and it includes some interesting news and updates, including talk of looking for a full time bassist! Click here to check it all out!
  • According to their official Facebook page, local metal quartet Late & Loud are planning to begin work on a demo this weekend, and will start playing some shows real soon as a result! Not much else is there yet, but that sounds promising! Click here for more!
  • Mike Haggith's new album "Suspended Animation" is now available on CD for those of you who want a physical copy! It's pretty good, and if you wanna pick it up, it's $7.50 at his official store! Click here for more details!
That's all for today, but I'll have more local metal news very soon! Thanks everyone!

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