Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Local Band, New Shit Liver Videos, And More News!!

Well guys, we're ending January with a 30th news post, just the third time we've hit that mark since this blog was launched! This is a collection of cached news stories from the past weekend and some new stuff that I came across, including an apparent exit from an upcoming concert lineup, a local artist's new page & material, a local band's new YouTube channel, and more, but leading things off, here's a new local band!

I literally just found out about this band an hour or so ago, and it's a new hard rock project from Sault Michigan named MK-Ultra! Only two members exist in the project currently, including former Absolute & Riot! By Night guitarist Ben Huyck and Nick Landreville, who I think is the project's singer. I assume Ben and/or Nick are handling extra instruments as well for the time being, but they are on the hunt for a second guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Nice to see Ben back in a band, I liked Absolute and he is a good guitar player! Launched earlier this month, MK-Ultra play a radio hard rock style featuring a mix of everything from rap metal to more Red Hot Chili Peppers inspired stuff to softer ballad material, and they definitely give off a nostalgic late 1990s vibe! As someone who grew up listening to "nu metal" before getting into heavier stuff, this is an unexpected and nice surprise! Nick's got a good voice for this style, and Ben's guitar work is solid as I would expect! It'll be interesting to see what MK-Ultra have in store next, so check them out at their official MySpace and Reverbnation pages, featuring six original songs, and contact their MySpace if you want to try out for a vacant band position!

Next up, local grimecore trio Shit Liver have launched their own YouTube channel! It was started on Saturday, and it already features 11 videos from their most recent concert at The Rosie on January 21st! I don't know for certain who filmed the footage, but I saw the guy recording them on the right of the stage, and he got some very good footage! Much better than my camera is equipped to film, as he had a camcorder, and it can zoom during a video as well. I do question why three of the videos are filmed in sepia tone, but besides that, I can't complain about the quality! The videos include covers of Dystopia's "Self Defeating Prophecy" and "Backstabber", Rudimentary Peni's "Cosmetic Plague", The Capitalist Casualties' cover of Antischism's "Greedy Bastards", The Dead Kennedys' "Forest Fire", and GG Allin's "Bite It You Scum", as well as originals "Survival of the Shittest", "(Friendly Old) Uncle Joe", "Contribute or Perish", and "Sewer Livin'", and two videos of some jamming from last call (here and here)! I'm a bit surprised that the same camera's footage of their self titled song and "Speak of Weak" didn't make it here, but hey, these are still a lot of good quality videos!

However, if you didn't like Shit Liver before, these probably won't change your mind, but if you wanna check them out, the links are above! Check out their channel at this location, and here's one of the videos, of Shit Liver's originals "Contribute or Perish" and "Sewer Livin"!

Thirdly, Sault Michigan solo artist Mike Libertoski has posted two new original songs on his new Reverbnation page! If you've followed Mike's original material, you'll likely know that his styles vary widely from death metal similar to his old Slackjawed Rats work to soft acoustic material, but in the case of these newest songs, Mike's absolutely going in a heavy direction, and I'm really impressed! Very technical work and extremely heavy, I'd love to see this live with a full band! "Demo 1" in particular fits this vibe, and while "Demo 2" is overall very similar, the first track has more intensity and speed in my opinion, and less jazzy sections to kill the momentum. All I'd really add is more of a solo section on both, but no matter. Mike's very talented, and you guys should definitely check out his new tracks! I don't have much else to add, but thanks to Mike for the MySpace e-mail alerting me to these demos! Check the above links for more!

Fourthly, it appears that one of the announced bands for this Thursday's metal night at The Roosevelt Hotel is now off the bill. Bring The Fallen guitarist Dan Souliere posted on the Metal Nights at The Rosie Facebook page that the band won't be able to play on Thursday. No reason was given, though I imagine that bassist Nolan Rainville's latest excursion out of town is linked. I honestly would have thought that the band would have enlisted Mike Kyle or Chris Morphet to fill the vacancy again on Thursday, but now the band appears to be completely out. With that said, the promoters haven't confirmed or acknowledged this yet, so a new band to join For All That Is Lost and The Bear Hunters on Thursday has not been confirmed. I'll keep you posted as I hear more! Also on the note of metal nights, I can finally confirm which band named Skepsis is coming to The Rosie on February 17th, and it's the indie punk band from Montreal. Honestly, they're not metal at all, so it is a bit confusing that they're apparently playing here on the likely next metal night, but we should hear more on that in the next while. Thanks to Rich Moreland for clearing up which Skepsis this was, cause there really was a bunch of bands with that name!

And finally, we'll close today's post with three shorter news stories, in alphabetical order by band name:
  • I told you guys about The Bear Hunters' YouTube channel for the videos from their concert on Friday that I filmed, but there are two extra videos there as well! One is their instrumental demo of their song "Collapse The Sun" and the other is "Squirrel Buddy" from guitarist Mitch Sirie's April Eyes project! This will apparently be played live by The Bear Hunters in the future, and it's quickly gotten a cult following, so stay tuned for it's live debut!
  • SooToday posted an event page for February 19th's Maximum RNR concert at Foggy Notions onto their entertainment page at this location! It features a band bio and basic concert details, but doesn't really share anything new. I'm surprised nothing's added about frontman Diamond Brent Panther's local past, but it's still a good read, so give it a look! See you guys there!
  • Woods of Ypres are retuning to Northern Ontario in March for a set at this year's Sudbury Metal Feast at The Serbian Center! They'll play on either March 11th or 12th, a final date has not been confirmed yet, but dates are supposed to come in tomorrow. Sounds good, hopefully a Sault Ste. Marie date will follow! I'll keep you posted with Woods of Ypres news as it comes in!
That's all for today, and I'll be back with new news hopefully in the next while, but our next post could be our February update of our "Where Are The New Albums?" series, which will go online on Wednesday! Stay tuned!

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