Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Airbourne Concert Fallout, New Destroilet Videos, And More!!

Today's news post a mix of stuff from each side of the border, including updates to one of our monthly feature series, the latest from Theatre of Night, a new video from a recent hardcore punk concert, and leading off, some fallout from a huge recent Sault Ontario concert, so read on below for what you need to know!

We'll start with some fallout from Sunday night's Airbourne concert at The Canadian Nightclub, starting with a SooToday article and photo album from the show! Written and shot by Donna Hopper (and posted online yesterday), she mainly focused on Airbourne's overall set in the write-up, saying that despite the AC/DC comparisons, they do what they do "exceedingly well... for a no frills, all punch live concert experience", along with commmenting on the volume and promoting J.D. Pearce's next show (The Dayglo Abortions at The Rosie on September 9th.) As for her photos (which are awesome as usual), she got 29 shots, including 12 of Airbourne, 9 of Bleeker Ridge, and 8 of Garden of Bedlam, though none of The Suicide Kings sadly. Great work all the same, so click here and check the above links for more! Also in Airbourne notes, one more video from the show has turned up, so what should you know about it?

Uploaded to Wing-Its/ex-Lion Ride guitarist Marco Pedalino's YouTube channel yesterday, this is also of Airbourne's set-opening song "Ready To Rock", although Marco was noticeably further back on the floor, so while we get a good scope of the attendance, the band are somewhat hard to see. The audio quality is a bit scratchy too, but it's nice to see more videos from the show, and hopefully more pop up! Check out Marco's video of Airbourne on Monday night below!

Also in new videos, The 705 Video Magazine's Fred Kember shot this video (at least partially) of local hardcore punk quintet Destroilet covering The Billy Bastards' "Mile 58" at the Bunchofuckingoofs concert at The Roosevelt Hotel last week, only just uploading it to his personal YouTube channel on Saturday! Visibly appearing to be stitched together from two cameras, the audio quality is better than on some of Fred's past video postings, and the different angles show Destroilet's fury and the mosh pit action well! Check out the full cover below, and see some of Fred's photos from their set at this link!

Transitioning across the river, here's the latest from Sault Michigan classical metal band Theatre of Night! On August 1st, they revealed in this Facebook picture that they are currently working on recording material for an original symphonic metal album that won't have any "trendy bullsh*t" (they censored it originally), while this preview video (which is Facebook exclusive) features 12 seconds of Greg Giles' drum tracks for one of the songs being worked on. No word on if their planned "Christmas Night" re-recording with vocals is still forthcoming, but the hyped album will be their first all-original effort with singer Gaby Koss, a noted German soprano vocalist. I'm curious to hear how their original material sounds, be it brand new songs, older re-recordings, and/or End of Existence adaptations, so we'll of course keep you guys posted as we hear more! Also, be sure to check out the Theatre of Art, a gallery/online art store where you can buy artwork from Greg and keyboardist Craig Harrison, along with original pieces by Ohio-based artist Mairin Roberts!

Finally for today, here's some more updates and corrections to our past Defunct Local Band Profiles (MySpace link changes/deletions and video expansions aside!) In our Analog Deficiency profile, I replaced Monkey's Uncle & Focus with Sir Charge & RamWagon (both featuring guitarist Nathan Switzer) to the bands listed that members were also in, while I also mentioned RamWagon (who actually feature 3/5ths of Analog Deficiency's last lineup) in the actual profile when noting their post-breakup work. I made a similar addition to our Cherubic Red profile to note member Nick Moreau's current bass role with Plastic, while (transitioning to Sault Ontario edits) I replaced Fitswitch with Chronic Demonic when noting ex-White Knights drummer Rick White's later band work on their profile. Finally, I updated our Divinity Collapsed profile to note that we finally know who exactly led this project! As revealed in a Facebook conversation last month, it was a solo act by local musician Joshua Culbert, who intentionally had a low profile for it, but recorded the tracks with GarageBand during his senior year of high school. Stay tuned for more updates to our Defunct Local Band Profiles soon!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews and hopefully this month's YouTube Channel Profile tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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