Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Local Band, New Airbourne Concert Videos, And Much More!!

After a couple of news-free days at the SMS, we're back with some big updates for this Monday morning, so what's on tap? A lot of assorted shorter recent updates, but first, we have a few more Airbourne concert videos and (leading off) a new addition to our band links, so read on below for what you need to know!

We have a new local hard rock band to add to our Sault Ontario band links, as The Thrill Junkies have finally launched their own Facebook page! Originally plugged on the SMS in March, they're essentially the successors to both Turner Up & Havadder, with all but two members of their last lineups forming this new act earlier this year. Their lineup includes singer Travis Sharpe (formerly Turner Up & Havadder's bassist), guitarists Jason Nisbet (Havadder only) and Robert Brown, drummer Scott McLurg, and new bassist Justin Langlois (Redundant), who replaced Jamie Cameron in the band earlier this summer. Described as "five guys who love to party & bring the rock", they'll cover everyone from Alice In Chains & The Foo Fighters to Slash & Volbeat, but they'll also apparently be working on original material, something that their predecessor bands weren't known for. While their first public local show has yet to be announced, they debuted in Spanish at the battle of the bands in April to find openers for this year's Rock 'N Roar Festival, and after following in Havadder's 2012 footsteps with a 5th place run, they opened for Loverboy & Lee Aaron at said festival last weekend!

Note that the cover photo on their Facebook page features former Turner Up singer Krista Marshall along with the band during their Rock 'N Roar set, but she's not credited on the page, so I assume she was a guest performer. I'm very curious to hear some media or local shows from The Thrill Junkies finally, especially with Travis singing in a local band again and the core of Turner Up living on for this new project, so stay tuned for updates on their local debut and upcoming news!

Next up, here's some more new videos from last week's Airbourne concert at The Canadian Nightclub! Filmed by attendee/local guitarist Neno Jovanovic and uploaded to his YouTube channel on Thursday, they're of Airbourne playing their songs "Diamond in the Rough", "Runnin' Wild", and (as embedded below) "Live It Up", so click each link to check them out! Neno had a great first row angle of the Australian hard rock standouts in action, but all but the "Live It Up" video are noticeably abbreviated, and the "Runnin' Wild" video was filmed on a sideways angle for some reason (but we get good footage of Joel O'Keeffe smashing a beer can into his head and spraying it on the front rows!) The audio on each is hit & miss, with heavier stretches often sounding choppy, but the angle and closeness to the action is very welcome, so give Neno's Airbourne concert videos a look above, and here's "Live It Up"!

Finally for today, here's six assorted shorter stories from the last little while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist, event, or company name:

  • Local film company 62nd Chamber Productions (ran by AlgomA's Boyd Rendell) revealed on their Facebook page last week that they filmed Giwakwa & Shit Liver's full sets at last month's Oddzfest 2013 Metal Mash-Up on multiple camera angles, but the audio quality was described as "a farty nightmare", so it will instead be re-purposed for stills in upcoming projects. I was wondering what happened to those videos, but I trust their judgement, and hopefully we'll get to see new videos soon!
  • Among some other event pages for upcoming punk-headlined concerts, local promoter J.D. Pearce launched one for his eighth annual Halloween Party yesterday (making it's Roosevelt Hotel debut on October 26th), and while full public details are minimal, the previously announced Ripcordz are still headlining, and he confirmed that there will be at least 3 other bands, so the larger post-Coch's lineup will be back. Stay tuned as more updates come in!
  • Local bassist Jason Lang (who recently posted on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group looking for a new band) is now in a new "rock & hard rock" project with a guitarist & female vocalist, but now they need a drummer. Like before, this is just a bar cover band for the fun of it with no tour plans, and for age range, all he said was that the current members are "older working players". If you're interested in trying out on drums, message Jason at this link or at the Facebook group linked above!
  • Former Valentine's Day Massacre/Chillum drummer Kyle Umgeher is again looking for a new local music project on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group, but this time, he's preferably looking for a funk band with a jam space. Funk could have heavier applications, but either way, this could be a unique addition to the scene, so message Kyle at this location or at the group above if you're interested!
  • Sault Ontario acid jam/hard rockers Mike Haggith & The Din have officially added talented local solo musician James "Delusionair Lionhair" Watterworth to their lineup as (believe it or not) a saxophone player, making them a quartet. My source is Mike's solo Facebook page on Thursday, and James already contributed at their last couple of live dates. This should be an interesting addition for a heavier band, so stay tuned for more as we hear it!
  • Wondered why we haven't covered local recording studio The Smoke & Oak Room much over the summer? As it turns out, owner Dave Pihlaja moved to Toronto with the studio in May (as per postings on their Facebook page), which is disappointing, but hopefully Dave succeeds further down south, and at least we got some quality work from Crimson Crusade & Late and Loud there beforehand!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on Cross Dog in our next post, either tonight or tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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I'm an old school Soo rocker who moved to california looong ago and I love seeing a gig at the old Canadian. I like this video but Neo, I want to hear it too so Get a proper mic!! PLEASE!! I'll buy you one!!