Saturday, August 17, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Walk To Rock), Pop Evil Concert Videos, And More From Sault Michigan!!

(Updated at 1:33 AM) For this Saturday morning post, we were gonna focus 100% on the Sault Michigan area, but we have a late notice venue change to note for TONIGHT'S Haggith/Mike Haggith & The Din concert in Sault Ontario, as it's been moved from The New American Pub to The Rockstar Bar. A reason wasn't announced beyond singer Curtis McKenzie saying that it was "no longer scheduled" for The New A on it's Facebook event page this morning, but this doesn't affect Haggith's fall dates there. I'm not sure what happened, but now we'll see Haggith's first Rockstar Bar show since their second place battle run in April, and this will be The Din's debut at this venue as well, so don't miss it TONIGHT! 19+, 9:00 PM, $5 cover!

Now, this otherwise-Sault Michigan based post is mostly video centric, as we have a new teaser for a band's upcoming filmmaking projects, a video of a newer band covering a metal song, and the first public videos from the latest Dreammaker's Theater hard rock show, but first, here's an important LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for next month!

Five bands will take the stage on Saturday, September 14th outside of City Hall in Sault Michigan (225 East Portage Avenue) as part of the first annual Walk To Rock Against Bullying, a fundraising/family event to raise funds to promote work to help end bullying in schools and raise awareness for this important issue. There will be a mile long walk starting and ending at City Hall at around 10:00 AM, with food, 50/50 draws, awareness booths, and face painting among the entertainment, so click here for all non-musical details about this event! The five bands (who'll be playing at 12:00 PM and on) include three heavier bands, and in listed order, they are local cover rock quartet Chump Change, young local metal band Tantrym Tyme, local indie rockers The London Gentlemen, newer local hard rock quintet RamWagon, and (in their first Sault Michigan appearance in over a year) Munising metal quartet Infathom! Last seen locally at the 2012 LemmaFest, it's great to see Dillion Semasky bring his band back to the region, and hopefully they impress like they did at their other recent shows! The other bands are all popular recent acts in their own rights, so don't miss this talented lineup of rock bands on the 14th!

No admission prices are announced for this event beyond possible donations against bullying, while this is definitely an all ages event. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be a great event to help put an end to bullying, and it's great to see these bands taking the stage to help promote the cause and entertain local fans, so keep it in mind for September 14th, and stay tuned for potential updates!

Next up, here's the first videos that I've found from the Pop Evil-headlined Team Jessica benefit concert at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino on Wednesday (and there's a lot more than their last local show had!) These were uploaded by YouTube user Dan Reck, who posted 5 videos from the concert onto his YouTube channel on Thursday, and they're of Pop Evil playing their singles "Hero", "100 In A 55", "Boss's Daughter", "Monster You Made", and "Last Man Standing", so click each link to check them out! Oddly filmed at a similar angle to his clips from last month's Shinedown show (albeit a bit closer), the recording quality adn the band's performance on these is solid, with a good camera angle & nice audio (if slightly muffled at times), and if these end up being our only videos from the show, they'll work well! However, I still find that YouTube auto-stability effect to be odd looking. I've embedded "Boss's Daughter" below, but check out more at the above links, and hopefully lots of money was raised to help Jessica Jorgensen and her family!

Also, here's our first look at (as best as I can tell) a new local band named Train Wreck! Note that they're not to be confused with the Banned predecessors TraynWreck, that was a completely different project. I have no idea if this new band was a one-off or will be seen live again, but they're an acoustic rock cover band, and they feature Half A Man frontman Erik Rintamaki on vocals & guitar alongside bassist Mitchell Willis and percussionist Rafe Rosini, who plays a box shaped instrument named the cajon in this video (no, that's not a speaker.) Two videos were filmed at an employee festival in nearby Bay Mills, Michigan on July 28th (but only just posted on Erik's YouTube channel on Thursday), including covers of Hellyeah's "Alcohaulin' Ass" and (as embedded below) White Zombie's "Thunder Kiss '65", which is effectively converted into an unplugged format here! Erik's vocals are paced well to fit the tones, and the guys have talent from what I can see, but the very nice recording quality (on a stationary camera) helps here!

If they're a new continuing project, we'll have to see if they continue to skew more to an acoustic Half A Man sound, or will take more influences from Erik's old Set To Random work, but check out Train Wreck's White Zombie cover below, see more at the above links, and stay tuned in case we hear more in the way of hard rock performances from them!

Finally for today, here's a short teaser trailer for local metal quartet The Highest of Fives' planned "short film/TV pilot" with local "Twitter personality" Crusty Puck that they recently previewed in this video last month! Uploaded to guitarist Devin Anderson's YouTube channel on Wednesday, this is just a 19 second teaser with the text "Things are about to get out of hand" preceding a short clip of Crusty and a band member rocking out to Nickelback's "Animals" while driving. We don't learn a lot (other than the film will share the name "Bang!" with The Highest of Fives' upcoming album), but check out the 18 second clip below and see if you can read into anything!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our Airbourne preview and more TOMORROW! Thanks everyone!

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