Thursday, August 15, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The Suicide Kings & Haggith), This Weekend's Concert Previews, And A Cancellation!!

Before we get into the concert previews for this weekend, I wanted to note that the previously announced Sir Charge shows at the St. Ignace Kewadin Casino this weekend have been cancelled. A reason hasn't been announced, but talented local country duo The Perry Hatch Band are now listed for The Northern Pines Lounge in their place via Kewadin Casino's entertainment page. Disappointing, but Sir Charge will return to the Soo Kewadin next month, so keep that in mind! With that said, today's post previews concerts going down this weekend through Saturday (Airbourne's coming on Sunday, probably), starting with SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for the next two nights, so here's what you need to know!

After 4 weeks away from the local concert stage, local hard rockers The Suicide Kings will return to The Rockstar Bar TOMORROW NIGHT for the first time since their Battle of the Bands win there in April! Apologies for the short notice, they only just announced this show yesterday. After their packed Rotaryfest weekend, it'll be nice to see the guys rocking a local stage once again, especially for a solo headlining gig, a type of show they haven't played in 3 months! Note that their hyped bassist search has not concluded publically yet, so unless they're keeping things very secret, I'd assume Mitch Sirie will still handle bass on most songs tomorrow. An 11:00 PM-ish start time is hyped for this 19+ show, and bring $5 or so for a cover. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! The Suicide Kings' talented and hard edged sound should be welcomed back to the stage after a long break (for them), so don't miss their next live concert TOMORROW NIGHT! For a preview, here's their first two songs from the battle finals in April!

Also, and in adding to the recent emergence of hard rock shows at The New American Pub, local grunge/alternative quartet Haggith have struck a deal to play one show a month through November at this Bay Street venue, including dates on September 25th, October 20th, November 22nd, and THIS SATURDAY! Apologies for the short notice for the first show of the run, Haggith only just announced it on Tuesday. For reference, the shows are not on the same day of the week, with the fall dates coming on a Wednesday, Sunday, and Friday respectively. Each show will reportedly feature an opening band, with local acid jam/hard rock trio Mike Haggith & The Din opening on Saturday in their own New A debut, while guitarist Daniel Horton told me on Facebook that they, Stone Temple Pilots tribute Purple Core (who feature Mike & The Din in swapped roles), local solo rocker James Watterworth, and fellow PaperClip Productions artist Frank McGillvray are all opener possibilities for the other dates. All 4 shows have 19+ age limits and 9:00 PM start times, while Daniel also told me that the cover will be $4.

For more details, check the Facebook event pages linked above (through each show's listed date.) For a band known for originals, a regular run at the same venue like this is somewhat different, but it's great to see them playing some headlining dates, Mike & The Din playing more Sault Ontario shows, The New A booking more original bands, so don't miss these fast rising hard rock bands THIS SATURDAY at The New American! For a preview, here's Haggith playing an STP cover and "Rage Train" at The Rockstar Bar in April!

Now to previously announced weekend concerts, starting with Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison's third show of his "every Friday in August" concert arrangement with The Road House Bar & Grill TOMORROW NIGHT! Easily his favourite recent concert venue for his solo acoustic gigs, this will be his fifth Friday night show in the past 6 weeks at this Trunk Road tavern, and it sounds like things are going well so far! As usual, Tym should have a night full of metal and hard rock covers and renditions for fans and bar regulars to check out, so if you're up for a trip out east, The Road House will have you covered for some acoustic metal action tomorrow night! Admission should be free for this 10:00 PM show, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! Tym's solo gigs are always a good time full of familiar songs, so keep tomorrow's show in mind, and for a preview, here's Tym covering Heart live at The Service Grill!

Finally for today, Frightlight will bring some local metal flavour to what's being billed as a "Horrorween" concert THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at The Roosevelt Hotel featuring two out of town horror punk bands, including Oshawa horror punk quartet Black Cat Attack and Welland punk/psychobilly trio Chainsaw Lobotomy! The Black Cat Attack (featuring Sum 41 alum Dave Baksh) have a unique female-voiced blend of horror punk and rockabilly that local fans should take to, while Chainsaw Lobotomy's hard to define mix of genres (everything from hardcore to bluegrass) should find an enthusiastic audience of their own! As for Frightlight, this will be their second show with James "Slim Cadaver" White filling in for Eddie Fright on bass, and he should fit in well again for their high impact originals and Misfits covers on Saturday, so if you crave metal, they'll have the majority of it! Note that the Facebook event page still lists a band to be announced, but recent press for the show has treated the show as having only 3 bands.

Originally scheduled for The Algonquin Pub before being relocated, this show (which is promoted by Frightlight frontman Johnny Pints) has a 10:00 PM start time, 19+ age limit, and a $10 entry fee, but it can be halved to $5 if you bring your Airbourne concert ticket, or it'll be FREE if you show your Airbourne & BFGs tickets! Also, there will be a prize package going to the winner of a Halloween costume contest on Saturday, and costume wearers get in for $5 too, so keep that in mind as well! For more info, visit the Facebook event page, and if you love punk, rockabilly, horror, and a dash of metal, be at The Rosie THIS SATURDAY (and have your costumes!) For a preview, here's Frightlight (and Slim) live at The Rosie in June!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news likely tomorrow, including hopefully some Pop Evil fallout, and yes, short notice show alerts if they come in! Thanks everyone!

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