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Last Month's Poll Results & This Month's Latest Poll!!

Before we preview TOMORROW NIGHT'S Airbourne concert (and cover some more recent updates), here's the results of last month's poll at the SMS, with our newest poll to follow! A month hit today for the voting period, in which we posed this question to you guys: What was your favourite Sault Ontario metal concert in the first half of 2013? Only 14 votes, which is lower than I'd have hoped (especially compared to some past years), but admittedly, the big July-August concerts weren't covered in it. The results are clear though, so here's the full breakdown!
What was your favourite Sault Ontario metal concert in the first half of 2013? - See more at:

The Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands from April 3rd-24th (4 votes, 29%)
Striker at The Roosevelt Hotel on June 25th (2 votes, 14.333...%)
Skeletonwitch at The Canadian Nightclub on June 3rd (2 votes, 14.333...%)
The Ripcordz at The Algonquin Pub on April 13th (2 votes, 14.333...%)
The Golers at The Roosevelt Hotel on June 20th (1 vote, 7%)
The Crusade at The Canadian Nightclub on May 20th (1 vote, 7%)
40 Sons at The Rockstar Bar on February 28th (1 vote, 7%)
Other (1 vote, 7%)
The Suicide Kings at The Nicolet Tavern on January 25th (0 votes)
Axed Theory Night at The Rosie on February 21st (0 votes)
Apocalypse: The Musical at The Canadian on March 1st (0 votes)
Lucky 13 at The Rockstar Bar on March 17th (0 votes)
Soul Killing Female at 180 Projects on March 24th (0 votes)
40 Sons at The Rockstar Bar on April 5th (0 votes)
The Rabid Whole at The Roosevelt Hotel on April 11th (0 votes)
Garden of Bedlam at The Rockstar Bar on April 26th (0 votes)
Royal Red Brigade at The Oddfellows Hall on May 10th (0 votes)
The Suicide Kings at The Roosevelt Hotel on May 17th (0 votes)
Greber at The Roosevelt Hotel on May 18th (0 votes)
Sleep When You're Dead at Oddfellows Hall on May 29th (0 votes)
For Those About To Rock at Rockstar Bar on June 21st (0 votes)

What do you guys think? In ascending order, I am somewhat surprised that of the 20 included concerts, only 7 got a vote in the poll, though some of the included shows weren't as high profile as others. I'm most surprised that Garden of Bedlam's April show and Apocalypse: The Musical didn't get any attention, but as I've said before, it's all in who votes. The first 40 Sons and Golers shows of the year, The Crusade cancer fundraiser, and "Other" tied for fifth with a vote each, all about where I expected given their respective successes compared to some other choices. A three-way tie for second went to the Striker, Skeletonwitch, and Ripcordz concerts this year, all of which I was in attendance for and can attest to their high entertainment and success levels, so it's good to see them get multiple votes! However, the winner (with 4 votes and 29% of the total) was the Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands in April, which definitely was a hit event that got the attention of local music lovers, and I was there to witness the rising local talent in action each week to know it was a success (especially for The Suicide Kings!)

Also to note, all shows that got a vote in the poll were at least co-organized by local musician/promoter J.D. "Johnny Pints" Pearce, which is a testament to his hard work getting big shows to the Soo this year, so thanks to him for sure for what he's been doing, and support one of his biggest shows yet by going to see Airbourne TOMORROW NIGHT! Thanks to everyone for voting, and stay tuned early next year for our poll on favourite metal/hard rock shows from July-December of this year!

With that poll now closed, we open another one, this time focusing on the topic of concert series (more specifically, a constant scheduled run of concerts from the same promoters at the same venue on a reliable schedule.) The biggest recent of these for metal/hard rock fans were the Roosevelt Hotel metal nights, which ran on Thursdays (usually weekly) for 47 official installments from November 2010 to July 2012. There are other citeable examples, like the short lived early-2011 Rosie punk nights and The Rockstar Bar's one-off attempt at Wednesday metal nights in 2009, but the Rosie metal nights got the most recent attention thanks to their lengthy run, big name bands, and local media coverage. Usually, local concert bookings happen whenever a workable day can be scheduled, but I know many people miss the reliable scheduling & focus on heavier genres that the Rosie metal nights got. With that said, this month's poll question is: "Would you like to see a regularly scheduled metal/hard rock concert series like the Roosevelt Hotel metal nights again at a local concert venue?"

I've picked seven choices to cover hopefully all ground for this poll, which I have a feeling will get some good responses from fans, so read on below for more info on each choice, s we flesh out whether a regular run of metal/hard rock shows like the Rosie metal nights would be welcomed again locally!

Absolutely, I miss them!: Some fans lamented the slowdown of Rosie metal nights under later promoters after Dismembertainment left the series in October 2011, but the series' descent into inactivity in late 2012 happened without much fanfare. Are you among the fans who wish there was a regular and reliable series of concert at a local venue to attend again, or perhaps want more than just one?

Depends on the included bands/genres: Not everyone will agree on their preferred metal/hard rock subgenres, but death metal fans sure enjoyed the Rosie metal nights during their run, especially if you liked regularly appearing bands like The Bear Hunters & Shit Liver! Would your enthusiasm and attendance of a new regular metal concert series depend on the variance and genres of involved bands?

Depends on the venue/location: The Rosie metal nights helped make The Roosevelt Hotel a top destination for heavier original concerts, but everyone has their preferred venues (even The Rockstar Bar briefly tried a Wednesday metal night series in 2009), while some prefer all ages venues, or just prefer to stray close to home/work. Would a new metal night series only pique your interest based on location?

Depends on the scheduling: Sure, Thursday nights became an important date on local metalheads' calendars for over a year & a half, but Thursday is still a school/work night, with many local bars reserving weekends for cover bands, karaoke, and dance parties. Is a new regular heavier concert series only something you'd sign off on if they were booked on a day that worked with your personal schedule?

Depends on the promoter: With Rich Moreland, Stephane Vincent, and Mitch Sirie successively promoting the metal nights, things were in good hands for that series, but be it for musical or personal preferences, some people have local concert promoters that they prefer over others. Would the identity of a hypothetical metal series' promoters increase your regular attendance odds?

I just want more concerts in general: Thanks to Johnny Pints and Jamie Vincent (among others), we've had a solid amount of high profile metal/punk concerts in recent months in Sault Ontario, and though the only regular scheduling has been with Tym Morrison's current Road House arrangement, many recent concerts have been well promoted and recieved regardless of day. Do you just want more shows overall?

No, rigid scheduling can hurt shows: Though reliable at it's peak, some could argue that a regularly scheduled run of concerts like the Rosie metal nights would feel watered down, too restrictive, or too predictable. Admittedly, some were prone to repetitive lineups, late notice announcements, and minimal promotion, though there were peaks and valleys within. Do you want your concerts to not fall into a firm schedule?

VOTE TODAY!! You guys have until September 18th to cast your votes, so hopefully we'll get a firm grasp on what SMS readers are thinking! I will say that this poll is NOT to directly assist a local promoter to gauge interest in a new metal concert series, I'm just curious to see what people think over a year after the Rosie metal nights ended in terms of if such a concept should be done again by any promoter. That's all for now, but stay tuned for our Airbourne concert preview and more later today! Thanks everyone!

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