Monday, February 26, 2018

YouTube Channel Profile Series: gunghoguy & bummer2112

Here's this month's YouTube Channel Profiles for you guys to check out! As usual, this monthly feature series looks at 1-3 randomly selected YouTube channels (2 this month) whose content is at least half devoted to local metal, hard rock, and/or punk bands or concerts, in order to spotlight their uploads and encourage readers to check them our and/or subscribe to them! This month's random choices are our first double dip of 2018, due to the first only having 4 videos from 2 distinct events, so a single video channel was added to fill things out. Punk fans should find something to like here, so here's what you should know for this month's YouTube Channel Profiles!
james whalen (

Owner: Former Polly Pockets Melting In A Microwave drummer and Motion Carried bassist Jamie (or James) Whalen

Channel Timeline: Launched on January 1st, 2008; Videos posted from August 2010 through March 2015

Channel Summary: This personal use channel is mostly devoted to videos of Jamie's local punk band Polly Pockets Melting In The Microwave (a.k.a. PPMM, PPM², or Polly) playing live in the early 2000s, but his final upload there was of a Modern Minds song with no direct local ties.

Why You Should Watch: As a slice of the local punk scene from a decade and a half ago, this is well worth a watch, whether you're familiar with Polly or not, and it captures some young and energetic performances well for the era! However, note that Jamie has not visibly updated this channel in almost three years, nor has he included material from later bands of his.

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out

Polly Pocket's Meltin' In the Microwave - talk to me summer (screeching weasel cover): Two of Jamie's P.P.M.M. videos come from a 2001 concert at The Elks Hall opening for Operation Makeout, where they covered D.B.S.' "Sunday" (featuring Operation Makeout & D.B.S. singer Jesse Gander on guest vocals!), and as featured here, The Screeching Weasels' instrumental "Talk To Me Summer", the most viewed of the four Polly clips. Featuring Jamie alongside future Stripped Of His Wings singer Matt Parent, guitarist Steve Mogg, and bassist Ivan St. Jules, the video isn't an optimal look at the guys due to Matt's lack of vocals, the (intentionally?!) low framerate of the video and fans obscuring view of the band, but this is a solid rendition! Though less popular, the D.B.S. cover is better quality.

polly - look back and laugh (minor threat cover): James' other PPM² videos are from a show at an unclear venue on February 24th, 2002, where they covered Face to Face's "Blind" and, as featured here, Minor Threat's "Look Back & Laugh", both filmed by "Kerry & Fluff". These side-stage videos are by far the best look at Polly Pockets Melting In The Microwave on the channel, thanks to vocal presence, angle, and normal framerate, and they deliver nicely for fans of fast paced modern punk rock! Hopefully the guys will turn up in new bands when the time is right!

Joe Bumbacco (

Owner: Former RedD Monkey, The Fury, and Devastation of the Heavens drummer Joe Bumbacco, most recent seen with the Toronto grind/sludge metal band Theriac

Channel Timeline: Launched on July 12th, 2006; Video posted on November 22nd, 2010

Channel Summary: Joe's only video comes from defunct local/Toronto/Kelowna classical/hardcore punk trio RedD Monkey's November 2010 concert at The Oddfellows Hall where they opened for Total Chaos, with attendee Darcie Piche filming this clip of their song "Monkey's Paw (5th Wish of the Swamp Donkey)", which was on their debut EP "Thought Control Tower" from earlier that year. The incomplete clip captures one of Joe's earlier live gigs with RedD Monkey, alongside singer/guitarist Steve Mozarowski and his brother Pete on the cello. Though the inconsistent and largely dark lighting doesn't help matters, this is a vibrant performance of one of RedD Monkey's earlier songs from their more experimental punk beginnings! Though Joe still uses this channel for personal use here and there, no videos followed, but other channels have far more from their run.

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! Next month in this series, our new random selection will be defunct all-female hard rock quartet The Danger Cats' YouTube channel, featuring 13 videos from their local heyday, so look for that on or around March 26th, and stay tuned for more news and notes in the coming days, including this month's CD review! Thanks everyone!

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