Monday, December 16, 2013

Bam Margera/Fuckface Unstoppable Video Showcase!!

For today's post, we're focusing 100% on videos from Saturday night's Fuckface Unstoppable concert at The Canadian Nightclub, as attendee Christopher Paci (a frequent filmer of Kewadin Casino concert footage) was there and shot videos of 4 of the 5 bands, as posted onto his YouTube channel yesterday! Only openers The Bear Hunters were left out (unless their video's coming late), but what we do have is more than worth checking out today, so let's begin this showcase! We'll start with Bam Margera himself and his band Fuckface Unstoppable, who were the subject of two videos that Chris shot, including their cover of The Bloodhound Gang's "The Ballad of Chasey Lain" (complete with female attendees dancing on stage), and as embedded below, their original rap/rock song "Bend My Dick" (they titled it, not me!) Chris shot these from behind many people on the floor, and the angle is a bit shaky, so the view's not as great as it could be, but we get a good view of the chaos and very fun crowd reaction!

I will say that like on F.F.U.'s other originals, this song comes across better and heavier live than it does in studio, and it's a nice alternate look at this very fun set, so check out Bam and company live in the Soo below and at the above links!

Also in new videos, Detroit hard rock quintet Wilson were filmed by Chris on Saturday night, and their video is of their fan favourite cover of AC/DC's "Back In Black"! Despite being slightly cut off at the beginning, the fun chaos and crowd engagement comes through well, and I like that Chad Nicefield's vocals are easier to hear! Must have been easier to hear if you weren't close. The camera angle is the same as on the Bam videos though, so it will look similar aside from the band on stage. Still, great video, so check out this new Wilson clip below!

For the local bands, Christopher also filmed the new quintet lineup of Jack Spades covering The Misfits' "We Are 138" at the show as well! Despite being a very short original (and extra familiar from frequent live versions with Frightlight), the performance works well, and the lesser amount of fans on the floor helps the video quality and shakiness somewhat! If you recognize two singers here, you're not wrong, as Destroilet guitarist Christian Foisy joined in on impromptu guest vocals mid-song (he's on the far right), and he added to the intensity, as you can see below!

Finally for today, Christian and Destroilet's original "Eternal Fire" was also filmed by Chris Paci at the show! The lighting's darker than on the later bands, but the closest angle yet of these videos is here, so you take the good with the bad. Destroilet's old school hardcore punk intensity comes through well (though Mike Hull's vocals still come across quietly), so check out their clip below, and see much more from this concert at the above links!

If any more videos pop up from Saturday night's awesome show, we'll have them here, but regardless, tomorrow's post will also be all-videos, so watch out for it then! Thanks everyone!

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